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Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by naughtymonkey, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    For a few years now I've been interested in anally stimulating myself. When the wife has been out, I break out her dildo and grab the lube and get playing.

    In the last 6 months or so I established that if I push the dildo in a certain way and at a certain speed I would experience, what I thought to be, an orgasm.

    However, I don't think it is. I is very pleasurable but I want to cum!

    I've done some reading and have played with my prostate gland with my fingers and whilst it's pleasurable, I just don't feel it will get me there and by the time I'm evening thinking it's fairly nice my hand starts aching.

    A while back I managed to get what I thought was some pre-cum from playing and this then turned into some dribbles and then into a very small stream of 'something'. After checking it really seems to be just urine.

    When playing I get a massive urge to push and this can often push the didlo out of my ass so I start over and get the nice feelings and then 'pee' a little again, but I really want to cum.

    I'm currently working on assignment for the next few months and have purchased monster of a Dildo... something like 14inches long and 2 inches wide and am having lots of fun squeezing it in, but again.... I can not cum.

    You can probably imagine my question.... how the bloody hell do I cum?


  2. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Try masturbating at the same time - thats possibly your only way to cum during anal play. How far in can you get the dildo before it either starts hurting or cant go any further past the lower part of the bowel?
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  3. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    It's really a matter of finding the Prostate. Once you get an orgasm from stimulating that you won't mistake it for anything else. I remember the first time I had Anal Sex & was penetrated, as soon as his penis hit my Prostate, despite being totally flaccid (something which curiously happens during Anal Sex), I suddenly experienced a mind blowing orgasm without having any contact with my own penis whatsoever. However, despite having attempted to repeat this sensation through Anal Masturbation on many occasions, the only time I've had any success is when being penetrated by a real penis. Perhaps it's the angle of penetration. Perhaps it's the shape. Who knows? But for me, only the real thing can do the trick.

    As for the drips released from your penis, that probably was precum - it can be very similar in taste & texture to urine.
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  4. Solano Jones

    Solano Jones Guest

    I find that my pleasure spot moves around. Sometimes I like it much deeper than the prostate. I'm sure all kinds of nerve clusters and glands and other tissues in the rectum and even the lower colon are capable of being sexually responsive. It's really never the same twice. But I will say that soft things don't do much for me. A good glass dildo, or some other smooth, hard item, will do the job for me though!

    Anyhow, sometimes I want it deep (beyond the sigmoid sphincter) and sometimes not, usually right at the sigmoid sphincter and just shy of it, aimed toward the bladder. For me, it really helps to have a half-full bladder (or a little more than--just not so full it distracts). Urinary nerves really play a major role in a man's orgasm!

    I like to use a hitachi magic wand on my penis while my wife fucks my hole. When she finds the spot, I make sure she knows it, and honestly I usually come like a slut until she wears out or until I give up. And I don't mean some vague "whole body" experience, although I feel it everywhere. I mean honest-to-goodness ejaculatory orgasms, often back-to-back, like waves, and anywhere from three to seven to no way to count. Frankly, I love it when I think I'm done, and another one rocks my world out of the blue.

    OFF-TOPIC: I love my wife for letting me discover this about myself! She's the only person in the world I have ever trusted enough to share this desire with, and she made sure I explored it to the hilt. She has made me her slut for life! She used to have a very low libido, and our sex life was frustrating for us both. She didn't want it that often, and didn't enjoy it most of the time, because it involved fucking her, and she just wasn't interested.

    But once she discovered I like being fucked, it revolutionized our love life! Now she wants to fuck all the time (fuck me, that is), and she won't take no for an answer, and since I've learned to cum like a slut, I don't try to say no! Actually, I do kind of play at not liking it, just so she can pretend to force me. That game turns us both on too. She always wants to borrow the vibrator after she fucks me, and she lets me hold her and manipulate her breasts and talk dirty to her while she cums her brains out. Once in awhile she wants cock, but not very often. And you know what? If that's all we ever have from now on, guess who's not going to complain? Well, neither of us will, actually!

    Back on topic: My ejaculations aren't always forceful when I cum this way, often after the first orgasm, during subsequent orgasms, the cum just drools and dribbles out while I shiver and buck like a girl, but it's not precum. It's copious semen, and they're real genital orgasms. Believe me, you'll know it when you feel it.

    Actually, my very first orgasm was from a wooden pencil that I inserted eraser-end first, while I lay on my stomach. Serisouly -- before I ever orgasmed from wanking! It scared me. It felt great and strange, and I wondered if there was something wrong with me. [That same day, I learned to masturbate with my cock, and didn't think about anal stimulation again until much later.] Also, the first time I ejaculated, I had no idea what had happened. I didn't talk about it to anybody. For the longest time, I thought cumming was something that only I could do, something weird that only happened to me. I was a strange mixture of relieved and saddened when I found out everybody can do it.

    Anyhow, sometime after college, I read about gay sex, and it reminded me of the prostate orgasm I felt as a pre-teen. I decided to try to cum that way again. I experimented with whatever I could find. I think the first thing that made me cum again anally was a hammer handle. I used oatmeal lotion for lubricant, and when I found the spot, I humped myself like a dog in heat until I came buckets! I couldn't orgasm reliably from anal stimulation alone, but it happened dozens of times. I don't bother having that as an objective any more. I know it's possible, but I'm not training for gay sex. I'm just trying to cum as long and as often as it's possible to do, and for me the combination of a Hitachi on my cock and my wife's hard cock pounding my ass with a hard dildo gets me off like nothing ever did in my life!

    You can call me gay or sissy or some other name, or disbelieve me, or whatever. I'm not those things, but I don't really care about any of that. I just care that I'm still happily married, and having the most intense and fun sex of my life! Both of us are!

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the detailed reply.

    I don't plan on having sex with another man, mainly because I'm not gay and because I'd consider it adultery and I'm not sure I could deal with that.

    I was playing around again today and managed to get this monster thing slipping in and out nicely.... damned tight, but it felt real good. But at NO point did I feel like it was going to amount to anything other than just feeling good.

  6. Swiggletree

    Swiggletree Members

  7. SMcDaniel001

    SMcDaniel001 Members

    I think the OP is gone. Shame, I really wanted to get this comment to him.

    I play a LOT anally. Enjoy anal masturbation at least once a week. And I have a variety of toys I accomplish this with. I have everything from a really big dildo to small little Aneros Syn prostate massager. They've all gotten me off. Bigger isn't always better. Sometimes the big toy is great for a stretch out session down there and I love to feel it plunge deep. But the work involved in getting it in there and the fact that it is in no way a hands free proposition make it hard to masturbate while doing so.

    I think naughtymonkey was hoping to achieve a hands free orgasm from anal play alone. Alas, I think this should be super cool and hot to have happen as well. But it's never happened for me with a LOT of practice. Maybe its the size of my prostate (I think it's rather small) but I have to do penis stimulation manually while I'm toying anally to ever orgasm. Trust me, it feels GREAT to cum as my ass muscles spasm and quiver with something inside. I think the OP's feeling or a need to push comes from the feeling of his cock getting super hard and the muscles clenching tighter. I know that as I get ready to cum my ass gets much tighter. I've had male lovers in me when this was happening and it makes them cum every time. They cum, I cum.......... cum is pretty much everywhere......
  8. Shermanator99

    Shermanator99 Members

    I remember the first time I came while analy masterbating. The thing is I wasn't even trying to. I was a teenager at the time to. I used an electrical tooth brush I was going to throw away. I just stuck it in and layed on my side and moved my body around a little. Then all of a sudden I ejacultated. It felt so much better than jacking off.
  9. as1st

    as1st Guest

    I experienced only once anal orgasm since my first anal masturbation at 17. Anal masturbation was never that pleasurable for me although sometimes I do it when feeling kinky. But there was one night after I stopped anal masturbation for a few years, I played it again and I got an amazing orgasm.

    I put a pillow under my hips and lifted my legs high. Slowly playing with my rectum, suddenly I touched a spot which felt so good. It was soft and a bit bumpy. As I was rubbing it, I could feel that my rectum was excited and enlarging. Then, my whole rectum got so excited and sore that I actually shook. I did not ejaculate, it was a pure anal orgasm. The sore sensation remained in my rectum for the next whole day. But I have yet to replicate that experience again. :bigcry:
  10. aboutMASTURBATE

    aboutMASTURBATE Members

    HMMM ... DO WANT TO BE AIDS MY man ? if u wnat it so much u can use condom when you fuck yourself.AND if u want get anal orgasm u can use dildo but if u r beginner use smaller dildo.THATS IT :) AND WATCH PORN :) :devil: :beatnik:

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