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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by emohohkaywhy, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. emohohkaywhy

    emohohkaywhy Member

    hey I'm looking to buy a new bong for a price of $100 or less. Can experienced people please post links to bongs that yo think work really well for that price? I have looked on so far and a lot of them look really cool. My internet is EXTREMELY slow so It is very hard for me to browse. Thanks a lot guys! and Happy easter etc =D.

  2. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    I've never understood how someone can purchase such a wonderful piece as a nice new Glass bong online. That is something I have to feel in my hand and examine before buying. Support your local headshop
  3. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    theshow, im all up for that but:

    a. im underage, so they wont let me in
    b. my nearest headshop is about 50miles away, and not having a car is pretty fucked up to topp it.
    c. this time last year i was dreaming about abong knowing i will not have one till i was 18. and then, probably the best post ive ever read, 40ozandchronic posted an owl pick saying cant we all just get a bong (along ) lol, and wonka said about money orders. muahaha a few hours of questions and next week i ordered my first bong. internet, unnonimity and money orders are the best thing ever, like i ebay man, i can buy anything and they wont know its a 15yr old ;)

    this forum has taught me soooo much
    i love you guys :)
  4. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    hahaha i remember the whole money order discussions. Obviously, there are circumstances when it may be necessary to order from an online head shop. but a 19 year old male living is MA should have no problem accessing a head shop.. If a person does live a distance from a shop, I'd advise them to wait until there's a reason to make a trip to say the big city for a day.
  5. emohohkaywhy

    emohohkaywhy Member

    Ya, I've just never been to a headshop before and the chances that I will drive to boston - an hour and a half from me is highly unlikely. I like to look through a lot of things before I decide on something to buy and there are so many to choose from online. I allready have 2 bowls. Maybe I'll just wait till summer when I'l have more free time.
  6. Nitrusx

    Nitrusx Banned

    I've always been able to buy stuff from my local headshop, and I'm 16.
  7. short-man420

    short-man420 Member

    yeah man, it's the papers they won't let you buy, cuz they're a "tobacco product"
    i've never had a problem buying glassware, but as soon as you ask for some papers they ask for I.D.
  8. 420everyday

    420everyday Member

    There's gotta be a headshop closer. The tobacco stores around here sell glass pipes/bongs, digi scales, & even little baggies for small shit. Search around, it's better to see the bong in person rather than buying it online. I've made that mistake of buying online once & never again.
  9. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    they'll card you if your buying glass at least they're supposed too.
  10. emohohkaywhy

    emohohkaywhy Member

    thank you for the responses. I'll have to ask around to see where the closest one is.
  11. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    at my head shop I get carded every time when I check out.- im 18 tho so no biggie
  12. vactom

    vactom Fire on the Mountain

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