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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by cutelildeadbear, Sep 6, 2005.

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    hi all,
    i was hoping someone could help me figure these few dreams that i've been having out. i really wish i had written them down when i woke up because i'm having trouble recalling them at the moment, but they were so vivid in my mind that they are still bothering me.

    ok so for a few days i was dreaming about being pregnant and or having a baby. i chalked this up to meaning that something new will happen in my life (and i have been waiting on this new job to come through so i figure that is it). would this make most sense? i was thinking that it could also very well mean that i am now ready to settle down and have a family since jer and i have been talking a lot about that recently and we are planning on buying a house together. people have mentioned i seem like i'm nesting or something. (not my fault i like to cook and have a clean house!) anyway, could this also be a posibility of the meaning of these dreams or am i all wrong about it.

    next one has me a little more spooked. last night i dreamt all night long (i wake up and pee at least 3 or 4 times every night) that i was with someone else. that i was dating a different person than my current boyfriend. we've been together for 5 years now so it just seems strange to me. and in the dream i was so happy and i had the "in love feeling" if you know what i mean. every time i woke up i wanted to hurry up and get back into my dream with this new person. it wasn't a sexual dream by any means. it was like there was this guy who i had a crush on or something and there was a spark between us and we would flirt here and there, but we never got together because of his religion or some crazy stuff (i am not a fan of organized religion). so then one day i decided to just suck it up because i really wanted to be with this person, so i met him at an event that he had invited me to having to do with his religion, and i saw him, but he was with some other girl. and in the dream he was happy to see me but surprised and embarrassed that he had asked someone else. and to not be rude he spent the time with her, but as he walked away he was looking at me like he would rather be with me. and at some point in the dream, but i can't remember where it falls, he and i kissed, but more like a quick stealing kiss, not a long passionate one or anything. like one to "test the waters" between us so to speak. anyway, that was pretty much it. except it was a couple of different people not the same guy every time i fell back asleep. one of the times it was a woman that i work with son. (who in real life i don't really have any desire to date or have a crush on or anything, i rarely even see him).

    in any event, i felt super guilty this morning when i woke up. and i didn't even do anything. i guess it is the thought that i could fall in love with someone else. anyway, i've felt strange and out of place all day and it all keeps popping back into my mind driving me crazy.

    does anyone have any ideas so my brain can stop dwelling on this and move on? i would appreaciate greatly any help figuring these out.

    Jen :)
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    Wow .. Ive been having the same pregnant dreams , me an my fiancee also talk about getting a house together and having a daughter.. That might be the case.. you dream whats on your mind. Also though in these dreams i FEEL like a pregnant woman.. ive woken up with the feeling im about to piss in my bed.. =( thats happened like 3 times in the past month.. so I don't think its too much to worry about but dont be afraid to settle down an have a kid if that's what you want to do.

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