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  1. i want to find a place where people live in the wilderness, kinda like a village, and no not a ecovillage, or if you guys have a place that i can join that is near some woods ill gladly work something out, do work, ect... i just want to live free

    i want to find a place where i can just bring tools some seeds and get to it.

    no more use of a bad concept called money no more wakeing up for the job i absolutely dispise no more bad thoughts in my head, just me maybe some peeps, and a lotta forest :2thumbsup:
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  2. FeralLunar

    FeralLunar Member

    if you find it, please let me know :)
  3. scottish1324

    scottish1324 Guest

    I love this idea, how can we find places like this?
  4. The only way to find something like you guys are talking about is to make it. Most people can't just go flop out on a piece of land and start living though. There are a lot of tricks to learn. It's a good idea to go out on short trips and try to forage, build shelter from natural materials, trap, hunt, and fish. You have to know the area, the weather, and what will grow where. It could take years to figure out the ins and outs of existing in harmony with nature but not as a victim to it.

    If you can find someone in the area with these skills, maybe you can learn from them? That would speed things up for sure!

    I'm hoping to help foster the growth of an international network of food forest campgrounds just for people that are ready to get out of the destructive system. I will be able to host a few interns soon but the first location isn't very remote or private. Just proving some concepts at the first one.

    Anyway, if you build it, you found it! So build it!
  5. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    i've been craving wilderness, forest, desert. need to get out of the city.

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill HipForums Supporter

    Freedom comes first in the mind - based on emotions from the soul - finding a location is a toil of endeavour - which is well worth it :)
  7. funguy01

    funguy01 Guest

    I have been wanting something similar. I have found some cool options on
  8. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    I've got a place... Beautiful woodland site, hidden enough to be peaceful serenity 90% of the time. But it's hardly "Free". Unless one is considering a hut in the woods on property you don't own, which would likely make you a trespasser subject to arrest or sudden eviction. Property taxes, liability insurance, maintenance, construction and repairs of dwelling... None of that comes free, unfortunately. Even all those places on have to take care of getting the $$$ to cover these basics from somewhere.

    It can be done cheaply, resourcing used and recycled materials with the willingness to do it all yourself, yes it can be very "low cost" but it's still not free. You will also run into things you can't do yourself and have to call in the guys with the equipment, like drilling a well (which by the way costs in electric in order to pump that water up out of the ground) or digging and setting a septic system... (Unless shitting in the stream you want to drink out of sounds like a good idea to you.) You can't just by-step these things or "do without". It's very unlikely anybody is going to find that mountain spring you can just tap into and run a bamboo pipe down to your hut... Those places are owned by someone. (Oh... and where do you get the bamboo pipe from unless it grows there)

    You can strive to go "off the grid" but have you looked into the cost of that equipment lately? Have you noticed that many local governments are making those who are using off grid technology, solar and or wind, pay higher taxes than those who are fully on the grid?

    Likely what many are getting confused with here is finding a place where someone else has taken care of all this already and you just get to hang out and reap the rewards of someone else's time and money going into setting it up. I'm not trying to be mean here, just pointing out something many who are looking to "get away from it all and be free" seem to overlook.

    Unfortunately we live in a world where even the basics cost something.

  9. It's up to us to change that. Living in a world where you must do the bidding of others to meet your most basic survival needs is called being a slave. Taxes are slavery too.

    As far as people owning land, that concept is total bullshit. We steward the land. No one owns it. The way western civilization lives, in semi permanent structures built from largely unsustainable materials, is totally unsustainable and largely the cause of the violence and suffering in the world. I'm pretty sure that the only way humanity will be around in a hundred years is if we transition back to a nomadic, tribal, hunter gatherer lifestyle. Instead of having to rely upon chance though, we can implement permaculture food forest techniques so if people are hungry, they walk towards some green stuff and find something to eat. Homes should be sustainably built and mobile, which will allow land to heal and communities to easily reorganize or relocate altogether.

    The old paradigm of possession, competition, and greed will have to be replaced by love and cooperation soon if humanity is going to make it.

    As to your reference about septic, composting toilets and outhouses can be built out of garbage. For water, it falls from the sky, so with some basic land management and or a structure, even a tarp on poles, it is very easy to collect enough water to survive.

    Anyway, there are options and I think my mission here on Gaia is to show people that there are viable alternatives to our destructive, unsustainable, unethical way of life.

    I'm building a solar/pedal camper trike out of sustainable materials and am planning to tour around and spread these thoughts in developing countries. It will cost a few grand to build, only because I want to use it to help convince people that they really don't need 3000 sq ft homes, but once it's done, my transportation, shelter, power, and water filtration needs will be met for a loooong time. I likely won't be able to escape money altogether but I've been living on less than $200/month for a long time now and I've been paying for gas,insurance, dog food, etc, so I think with the trike, I can get it down to $200/year.

    If I post up on some land and someone gets bent out of shape, I'll thank them for the time I spent there, and move on to the next piece of property, leaving whatever permaculture improvements I made to the previous spot behind for the owner to enjoy, and leaving nothing else but foot prints, paw prints, and tire tracks.

    Anyone want to join me or do you all just want to sit around on your computers postulating, waiting for the collapse?
  10. trndpage2006

    trndpage2006 Member

    you could try Homesteading
    will not get you totally away from money but the you should check out the lawful bank ,therre trying to get rid of fed ,"]Lawful Bank - YouTube
  11. SholeSteven

    SholeSteven Member

    This idea sounds so great and if you ever do find it please let me know :) the amount of times I have wanted to just up and leave and go to a place just me and a few other people with no worries or anything I have lost count of. What I would give for this.
  12. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    it seems more and more people are craving the forest, nature, to escape the city, the urban jungle. I know I'm crawling out of my skin. Went camping recent,y and nearly cried looking at the trees when we had to leave. wish i could live like that everyday; a morning hike, gather firewood, more hiking, sit around the fire, eat, hike, snuggle and sleep in our nest, repeat.

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