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  1. freedbypeace

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    I'm lazy, I can't excercise. I make myself and hate it and I eat very healthily and control my weight and have low blood pressure, but I'm getting the chub people get when they don't excercise. Any ideas of either fun excercising or motivational ideas? :confused:
  2. Earthy Mama

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    hello! ur 15! Go outside and play! Have fun while you still can! Be freeeeeeeeeeee be a kiddy! play softball, maybe play with/watch some younger kids outside for their parents and run after 'em!
  3. cutelildeadbear

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    have you tried any sports that you might like. For example biking, jogging, rollerblading, if you want to go at it alone or with one friend. Or you could look for team sports in your area like volleyball or basketball or softball. I find when you are playing a sport you don't really feel like you are exercising. And it is a great way to meet new people and have a good time.

    Or you could think about finding an exercise buddy. If you are a member of a gym maybe ask them if they have a buddy program, or if not, just post a note somewhere with your email and see if you can find someone to work out with. It makes the time fly. Another good way to stick with it is to sign up for a marathon or something that you would have to train for, and then make a schedule every week and follow it. That way you have a goal at the end (to finish the marathon).

    Most importantly, you need to incorporate exercise as a part of your life, not just a way to control or lose weight. That way you don't fall off the wagon so to speak. If it is something you do all of the time without thinking about it, it becomes so much easier. Just a part of your life.

    Good Luck! :)
  4. sugrmag

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    The buddy system works wonders! My roommate and I went to the gym together everyday. We kept each other motivated and it was kinda like we wanted to do better than each other, but we always stayed about the same. Then, she moved like 30 min. away. I eventually quit the gym. i still do a little on my own, but it is not nearly as fun.

    Eryn is right, too. have fun being 15!!!
  5. Sunburst

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    *Take a dance class

    *Go swimming! It's summer now, outdoor pools, rivers, and lakes kick ass!

    *Do yoga, man! Yoga is soooo great, it's relaxing AND helps tone your body. Take a class or buy a video.

    *Go hiking. This is soo fun! Grab a friend, hike through the trails in the woods, pack a picnic (preferabely healthy stuff like fruits and stuff, but you can get low-fat potato chips and stuff like that, too. Make a Greek salad or pasta salad, have fun!). It'll be great, I promise:)
  6. Tiny dancer

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    Take a dance class or buy a dance video! There are so many forms of dance out there..ballet, jazz, tap, modern/hip-hop, swing..etc. I am a dance theater minor, though, so, naturally dancing is fun and wonderful to me. Dance might just not be your thing, but, its great exercise. There are many forms of exercise that can be more than just a grueling workout. You just have to find out what you like to do. Go rollerblading or skateboarding. Maybe find an exercise buddy, someone to keep you motivated. Play some basket ball or tennis with friends...make it a group thing..maybe?? Make a fun upbeat cd to exercise to keep you distracted. Take a kickboxing or martial arts class can literally learn how to kick butt! Join a gym, (if your parents are willing to pay) many gyms offer different classes and have lots of machines to choose from. Do u live near or own a pool..close to the beach?...swimming is refreshing (u dont feel all sweaty) and great for your whole body. Theres soooo much you can do. Mix it up. Exersice CAN be fun, honest..u just need to find something you enjoy.
  7. monosphere

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    This was going to be my suggestion. Go for a nature walk or hike. Go somewhere scenic. That way you're getting plenty of exercise while enjoying the wonders of nature. Once you get used to the walks, go climb a mountain. WE've got this one mountainside that took me about 3 hours to climb, but when I finally got to the top and collapsed, I found that the view was worth whatever hell I endured on the way up. After that, the other hikes didn't seem too bad and I started looking a little better. Then winter and the holidays came and screwed that all up.
  8. drumminmama

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    hula hoop, pop in some tunes and dance your cares away, get a hand drum (it really works out your arms)

    find something that challenges you: distance running, rock climbing, swimming, and get up and do it.
    join a mail list for support or a physical club in your area and shake off the inertia and DO it.
  9. Enonemouse

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    Dancing is great exercise and it is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put on some of your fav music a dance around your room and really put some effort into it. Shake the booty girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love & Laughter
  10. Rar1013

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    I like to go to the state park and hike....or play frisbee....I also take long walks and do pylaties ¥ Not sure how to spell it correctly......but it kickes my ass and is a good work out...☻

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