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    I'm Strawpuppy, I'm also NE (which is Shawnee for water)...
    I'm 47 years old and it took me a long time to find my real name.
    I'm here in the great US of A (got kicked out of my comfy council house by my kids in mid April), and right now I'm sitting in a rented shack on a desert plateau looking over a 20 mile desert landscape at some pretty awsome mountains. Got a beer in my hand and country music playing on the radio....
    Life kicks ass here, and I'm asking you for some advise.
    How do I get the GUTS to go into those mountains and live?
    That is what I really want to do. ....all the way from there to here..., and nothing right now between me and the life I want but me....!
    All I know is HOW to get a place in the city and get a job....

    You found the guts to be and tell what you are (if you really are that and not just "kicking up a dustshield" to block a lot of tears)

    So how do I get up from this chair and go and live in those mountains....

    PS: As an oldie, I have all the neccesary in place: Money, 4 wheel pick up, list of things I would need ect:

    Hope you can help

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    What Iean is one day you have to wake up and just do it. That is really all there is to it. What will you do for food, water, and shelter? Because it may be just the thing to do before the takeover. Heck I'm 27 and I'm in that place where I need to go somewhere that isn't here. Born and raised in NY. I am being called to travel but I have huge debts that keep me here. I should just take my own advice, Huh?

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