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  1. Strange Days

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    I’m a fourteen-year-old girl and definitely a hippie, minus the drug usage…but that just might be because I don’t know where to get any. ;) I was born into the wrong era—I am obsessed with the 1960s and what I especially love about it besides the music and the free-spiritedness of the times was how the youth were trying to promote peace & end the war. What happened? It’s a shame that not enough people are protesting the Iraq War.

    I’m really interested in The Doors & Jim Morrison, Jane Fonda, Patti Smith, MLK, Che Guevara, (I was born in Argentina—my mom is Argentinean and my dad teaches Latin American History) the Kennedys, etc, etc.

    I guess that’s a long enough introduction…anywho, I’m looking forward to posting more here!

  2. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    The hall clock, is grinning :) Love that song! And welcome :)
  3. farmout

    farmout All who wander arent lost Lifetime Supporter

    Hello Nadine & Welcome to the forums.
    Your in the right place, you will meet lots of folks from the 60's and cool people of all ages.
    Stay away from the chemical products, they don't make you a hippie. Keep your mind sharp, and focus on your education. Protest the war all you want, we need that. We protest regularly here in my state. We gotta get the ..... out of Iraq, bring our troops home.
    Have fun here on the forums.
    Peaceful thoughts your way... Farmout :)
  4. What he said (well said, farmout!)

    Welcome aboard from another oldster who also stays chemical free. They're not requirements to be a "real" hippie.
  5. Strange Days

    Strange Days Member

    Thanks, farmount. I was kidding about the drugs. :) They don't sound like a lot of fun--they messed up and killed a lot of great people. Thanks for all of the welcomes. It's nice to be somewhere where there are people like me.
  6. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Hey there, and welcome to the forum! I'm Lauren :)
  7. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    hi, I am also a 14 year old girl. my hobbies are roller blading and harmonica.
  8. The_Walrus

    The_Walrus Sgt. Pepper

    Hey, welcome! We're close in age and have a lot in common, so that's pretty cool.
    Anyway, welcome to the boards. I'm Brie.
    Have fun here.
  9. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    welcome to the forums :)

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