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    [​IMG]I don't come here often but I thought I'd pop in and say hello from little old Kaiapoi and Happy Easter! :)

    I been reading through the threads although wasn't sure what to reply with and all the photos are awesome I'll have to post one of me sometime up here, I chopped the mullet off end of last year and have a sensible toyota now no bogan car anymore {insurance wernt too happy about me rear ending that near new BMW end of last year (laughs) }. Anyway Cosmic Corner celebrated 10 years at Al's Bar recently {I love this place I sometimes get a free drink or cover charge waved if theres one hee hee} and had to dress up in one of the cosmic corner colours so I made up lyk a purple suit kinda with red t shirt and kiwi cowboy hat :) , all these bands the place was packed 4 or 500 ppl which was lyk everyone moshed in such a funny night . I thought I'd share that :)
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    What the hell is up with this Cynthia person telling us to go to this website?? Fucking spam
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    Pretty lame. Not a very ideal forum to spam in even! lol

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