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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by ArieStarshines, May 30, 2004.

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    Hello Old Crone. How are things?

    I am interested in knowing about my past lifes ,if my soul mate exists and when we will ever find each other.
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    Hi AriesStar

    A soul mate is a term I dislike. It implies that there is only one love, and one love only, and without this love there is no completeness. This is co-dependent and unrealistic to expect someone to meet this aspect of making you whole. Wholeness comes from within, and until you are whole all loves seem lacking, and ever changing. Love is a choice. Thats why strangers can love each other, arranged marriages work, and childhood sweethearts can go both ways. Yes you will love when you choose to. Yes you only have this moment, and we have no promises that forever is in the cards so to speak. Love is a choice that reflects how, and why you choose the relationships you do. They are reflections to a greater whole in you.

    Past lives are varied and many. Some include a dancer, barber, beauty pagent contestant, dishwasher and a mother of 18 children. You tend to pick drama made lives that both demand your commitments, and or tear you apart. You are here to focus on emotional attachemnts and why they often do not work in light of your greater potential, believing in yourself, and inner growth. You are here to stop running away from yourself. This too is love. Its the beauty of the dance inside, growing whole, and true unto yourself.

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