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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by >>>--------, May 10, 2004.

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    Hey Old Crone, as you know this is the Old Reeferman. Just saying hi and wandering what you thoughts are on these new forums?

    Good Bye.
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    The challange is teaching this old dog new things. I have a tendency to get set in my ways.

    We always have change and this is a face of change that ask that we see ourselves with as much adventure and possability that this can offer us. If we never had to face change we would be lacking water in our well of existance. The stagnation would do us in long before the rain filled the well.

    So I am embracing the change and glad with a whole heart that someone had the vision and courage to stand in the center of their own path and not be afraid. Thanks Skip!
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    though we've never met, it's nice to see old friends.
    I have been away a long time. My name has changed, though I am still me. I hope all is well with you Ol Crone.

    something is stirring, about the same time as last year. I am full of questions but know not what to ask, or where to ask them. I feel as though fall awakens in me many areas of thirst, that need to be quenched. Why now? Why not summer, when things are lazy? Questions, always questions, I seem to answer questions with yet more....

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    "something is stirring"

    I thought I was the only one starting to get paranoid about this.. there really IS something strange going on in my opinion.. not just internationally (Bush reelected, Arafat dead), but also nationally (a muslim critic killed in broad daylight, as a result muslimschools and their temples are targeted and burned down.. people are starting to get weary and scared), and also personal (all kinds of relationships are shifting, fights, lot of people that feel lost and out of place)..


    Yeah.. questions..

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