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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by VelvetGypsy, May 17, 2004.

  1. VelvetGypsy

    VelvetGypsy Member

    Just Joined and thought I'd say Hey ! This place is really great , One of the only places I've found were I don't feel like a total outcast lol :)
  2. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Hey you :)

    Welcome to these forums! Weird thing is... I found your thread by clicking on 'your posts' in the upperright corner (white letters, blueish background..).. strange.. maybe because your name starts with 'velvet'? Shouldn't happen though... can you see my posts as well in 'your posts'?

    Ah well.. if it causes any real problems, we'll let someone fix it ;)

    Welcome again!

  3. VelvetGypsy

    VelvetGypsy Member

    Thanks for the welcome, That is really weird cause your posts don't show up in my "Your Post" thing......Hopefully we won't have a problem....But like you said if we do I'm sure someone can fix it lol :)
  4. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Hehe.. yeah.. it's weird, 'cause it only seems to do it with this thread.. that's how I found this thread in the first place, 'cause it showed up in my 'your posts'.. ah well.. nice meeting you! :)

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