Hello and advice please help an ozzie in trouble

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by zebry, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Good evening my fellow spiritual adventures,I have found my self in an awful lot of trouble as of late , Id like to take this opportunity to reach out to the community for some help and guidance along my journey as it has taken a bit of a rough turn down the bumpy road of legislation, politics , and law* and also share a friendly warning to fellow travelers to be aware.

    I have been arrested and charged with an* attempt to manufacture a schedule A drug DMT*

    I was wondering if there was any enlightened members of society out there that can help me help my lawyer or indeed replace my lawyer to deal with this as so far she seems to be just costting me thousands and I have a feeling they all think Iam a "meth head " (not that I personally have a problem with meth each to their own) however I dont know how to express to the court that I embarked on a spiritual enlightenment and it was hardley an attempt to become a crime Lord selling recreational drugs to teenie boppers

    Im not sure wat to do but go thru the motions at the moment but please for others out there especially if u live in australia be warned this has cost my job my home and my extended family not to mention the $5000 plus in legal fees thus far and still ongoing with 10 of thousands in fines awaiting or a potential prission sentance ahead

    remaining positive is becoming rather difficultAnd thru out it all all I can think as im interviewed interrogated and basically belittled by these lawyers prosecutors and policeman is you poor buggers if you could just open ur mind and ur acceptance you would all understand and I would nt have to be trying to explain myself sounding like a looney im sure they wanna put in the asylum
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    so you basically just admitted on a public forum that you did in fact "* attempt to manufacture a schedule A drug DMT*"

    not too swift are ya?

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