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    Hi! My name's Gibson, or just Gib. Some of you may know me from quite a while back as --love--. Don't know if any of you were around then. so ya that's my introduction now here's a poem.

    I have interesting
    things to say
    I guess anyway, I mean
    how do you know?
    if anything is interesting?
    If four people like is it interesting?
    Would scientific
    polling be necessary?
    See what I mean?
    no, maybe you don't.

    I went into the bathroom
    of Charley's
    mall-side restaurant.
    I wasn't a patron, i was one of those
    restroom hoppers,
    you know.
    Got pissy at the bank,
    you might say.
    I'm in the bathroom,
    and i notice the guy
    beside me
    is a handwasher,
    you know, a handwasher.
    He doesn't just
    wash his
    he gets them damp
    then soaps
    then he rubs the soap in,
    for like 30 seconds,
    then he lets it sit another 10.
    Then he turns the water on
    and scrubs
    under the running water
    until his hands must be raw.
    I tried to throw
    my wet, dirty towel
    in the wrong bucket.
    We both laugh,
    he says he would
    do the same thing.
    He's a friendly handwasher, I

    I pick the lemonade
    from the freezer.
    one pink.
    They cost a dollar each.
    That's pretty
    if you think about it,
    really really think about it.
    A pitcher of lemonade for one dollar
    and a bottle for $1.25
    And besides,
    $1.00 is so even.
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