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    hey everyone, Im a guy, 34 an currently live in Fruita Colorado. Let's see, a little about myself. Im a father of 2 beautiful girls. Lived in Colorado my whole life. Lost both my leg's bellow the knee due to frostbite while snowshoeing on the Mesa last year. Using prostetics now. Anyway, Thats all I got. Looks like a cool site an a great place to meet people.
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    Welcome. There are some amazing prosthetics these days. Hope you can or have gotten the best you can for yourself. What are your kids ages??
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    Hi.....you will enjoy it here....lots to do..keep you busy

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    Thanks everyone ! There are a lot of new ones out there thease days. I just have a basic hikein pair. Thats what insurance will pay for. They are 8000.00 just for a basic set. An my girls are 5 and 6.
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    Ok. Well , I'm not really familiar with particular types, but have just seen some really advanced ones in passing on news/science shows. I hope we some day get to the point with our medical situation, that prosthetics will be free to all who need them.

    5 and 6. Really fun at that age, aren't they? I miss mine as kids ---they were loads of fun laced with a little scampish behavior. All and all---kids contribute to the overall quality of life. At least for me---see ''ya around.
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    Hi there Fruity :seeya:

    Douglas Baader did all his best stuff after losing his legs. I'm sure you've got a great future to look forward to :)

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    For thoes who don't know who Douglas Bader.......................Bader joined the RAF in 1928, and was commissioned in 1930. In December 1931, while attempting some aerobatics, he crashed and lost both his legs. Having been on the brink of death, he recovered, retook flight training, passed his check flights and then requested reactivation as a pilot. Although there were no regulations applicable to his situation, he was retired against his will on medical grounds.[3] After the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, however, Bader returned to the RAF and was accepted as a pilot. He scored his first victories over Dunkirk during the Battle of France in 1940. He then took part in the Battle of Britain and became a friend and supporter of Air Vice-Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory and his "Big Wing" experiments.
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    Hey Fruita! Colorado mountain mama in exile, here. Hoping to be home within the year.

    I've gotten mild frostbite while cross country skiing....into town for groceries!
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    Welcome to hipforums :)

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