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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Glove333, May 16, 2004.

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    Hey, I am a mutimedia artist from Calgary, and I am into buddhism and books. I also love sports and mary jane and I am just graduating from the alberta college of art and design and I currently work at Organic Express :D, I have plans to travel as much as possible in the future as I am already almost 26 and time is not slowing down. :rolleyes:
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    Welcome Glove! :D

    Yeah, I have plans to travel too. I want to visit the UK, Austrailia, and Japan sometime before I leave this earth. lol I can't do it until I finish school, though, which won't be for another year. :(

    Anyway, that's off topic. lol Hope you enjoy it here!
  3. angelgodiva

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    Welcome, Glove--please feel free to visit my personal forum and get to know a few of the folks here in a smaller setting; we'd love to get to know you!
    You'll find a link below.
    We have a lovely Moderator in the Old Hippies forum, DarrellKitchen, who is also a Buddhist.
  4. environmental_junkie

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    :D Hey there, finally someone from Calgary!

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