"heinous and illegal acts" of torture.?

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by soliloquy, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Pointbreak

    Pointbreak Banned

    I would call it torture too, although I sure wouldn't call it a concentration camp.

    Soliloquy still makes a point, however, in that there is a concerted attempt to draw equivalency between the US and Saddam, and to assume that any wrong by the US proves intrinsic evil, and to blur any distinction between what torture meant under Saddam and what it meant under US occupation. There are a lot of people who are extremely hostile to any attempt to point out these obvious differences.

    Lets keep in mind, 2004 was the best year for human rights at Abu Ghraib in decades. in 1984 alone, 4,000 people were executed there. In a normal year, dozens to hundreds were murdered. The torture was continuous, systematic, barbaric, and never resulted in any "show trials" of "scapegoats".

    Our job is not to do better than Saddam, but to abide by real standards. Howeverm, brain dead comparisons with Nazi death camps are not going to help.
  2. soliloquy

    soliloquy Banned

    How dare you presume that a Muslim being forced to compromise his religion or forced to perform disgusting and humiliating acts is worse for him because they take their religion more seriously ????? Being forced to eat out of toilets and sit in their own feces is just as disgusting for any one !!! sadly that comment goes a long way to explain the reason why he got a ten year sentence. He was not judged on the nature or the extent of his crime ,he was judged on whom he perpetrated his crime on... This is a damming indictment on the US's attempts to counter racism by being racist , If this guy was a prison warden in the US and was found guilty of such crimes against a US citizen he would probably lose his job, case closed ! Let me make this very clear ! I deplore his behaviour and I truly feel a sentence should be imposed on him, But that sentence should not be racially motivated, as this what we are trying to eliminate ..... """"" It's worse for them because they are Muslims ?????"""""

    Positive or negative discrimination is still discrimination.
  3. Sera Michele

    Sera Michele Senior Member

    I was talking about forcing them to drink alcohol and eat pork. We were doing this to them specifically because they knew it was against their religion. We also knew how seriously they take their religious beliefs. It has nothing to do with race or descrimination. Our soldiers were forcing them to violate their religious beliefs.

    And you think that if a US prison warden was forcing an inmate to eat out of toilets, beating them, made them masturbate in front of them, and forcing them to commit acts that are damnable by their religion they would only get fired?

    It really doesn't seem like you have a good grip on what you are trying to talk about.
  4. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    Are you meaning to speak as if the whole army is willing and is given orders to behave in such a manner ?


    oh lets have the same kind of story for our boys as well (it is only fair)..lets paint them all as sick fucks and thet the 'top brass' are 'giveing orders'.. though covering their backs by

    Oh but we shall still tarnish the whole darn army by continueing to plaster this all over our news ... for what purpose ? i don't know... It is completly iresponsible.. 'the right too know' well some things should be left to be dealt with behind closed doors for the good of the bigger picture..These organisations do more harm than good ..

    This pathetic 'just obeying orders' excuse by a small minority of sick individuals makes me sick... Even worse the credance the media are giving it ?.. Of course it harks back to the war... wich is the point of it being plastered all over the place in such a way as to make horrid comparisons ... and make people come to the same conclusions and have the same feelings as we have with the ol' Natzi party.. For articulate/politicaly aware/anylitcal minds these media outlets hold and are capable of showing.... Splashing crap like this and speaking within the third person that 'this may upset the people of the middle east' makes me want to vomit... because they are pepetuating and spreading this bullshit themselves in the ever sick need to shock and sell papers/make people watch etc etc
  5. Sera Michele

    Sera Michele Senior Member

    I wasn't speaking for the whole army.
  6. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    OK ... I just thought possibly using 'they' , may have been less all incompassing .. it was just the way i read it .. ? sorry.
  7. soliloquy

    soliloquy Banned

    Take a trip to the middle east and see for your self how tolerant they are of other religions .. That will open your eyes !!!! because if you haven't been there you know nothing.....
    For a moment there I thought you were implying that, all our soldiers were forcing the Muslim prisoners to deviate from their religious beliefs ? What I think you meant was, a very small group of our soldiers, were forcing the Muslim prisoners to veer further from their religious beliefs, because killing and oppressing your own people is not an act of religious dogma, forcing people to comply with ones religion is equal to repressing the right of others to follow their own ......
    Why do people feel it's OK to criticize the devout religious people of America whilst demanding that those same people respect the religions of others ?
    I respect every religious belief, but only as long as they respect my freedom to openly reject it , Which the Muslim faith doesn't ...
    Look at what your defending , and you think I don't have a clue what I'm talking about .....
  8. Sera Michele

    Sera Michele Senior Member

    American's should hold themselves to a higher standard then the muslim terrorists do.

    And BTW, who here in America are being forced by soldiers to violate their religious beliefs?

    And since when does the bad behavior of others give us license to act badly ourselves?

    And since the Red Cross reported that 70-90% of those in Abu Gharib are innocent then most the people in there are just regular old folks that have done nothing wrong to American's or the rest of the world and don't deserve that sort of retailiation just becuse they are muslim.
  9. Pointbreak

    Pointbreak Banned

    I agree, a lot of people are assuming that Abu Ghraib detainees were guilty of something, when actually most of them appear to be completely innocent.

    Although in the case of the UK, these guys were caught red handed looting. Not that that changes anything.

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