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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by mondi0924, May 9, 2004.

  1. mondi0924

    mondi0924 Member

    :( :(
    This is the first time I'm goin to post here at hipforums. Normally I would just browse on the topics . I haven't felt the need to respond or react or even ask help about anything until now. My gf is an accounting major. right now she's reviewing for her board exams. She told me about this before. That she would be busy and all. but I didn't expect it to be like this. I mean she doesn't talk to me anymore. We haven't seen each other for three weeks now. I miss her sooo much . I just don't know what to do. I try to call her up but she just tells me that shes tired and she wants to sleep well I thought its ok at least I get to talk to her everyday even if its less than a minute. the past few days though well.. I didn't get to talk to her. I would try to call her on her cell phone but she won't pick it up. I know her phones usually on silent mode. but she doesn't even bother to call me back even if she knows that I just called to say good night I mean is it too much to ask. 1 lousy minute . I really love her. I just don't know what to do anymore. Its affecting everything . My work , my mood , my life. I don't know how long I could stand this. I'm being torn apart . any help would be greatly appreciated ... thx...
  2. miabubble

    miabubble Member

    I know exams are important, but everybody needs a break. It sounds like there might be something not quite right going on, but its probably down to stress. Go round to her place, in the evening when you know she wont be studying, and just see her even if its only for a minute. bring her flowers and chocolates and a good luck card so that she can't get mad at you for disturbing your studies, and tell her that she does need to relax even for a few minutes every hour, and you would love to help her. Offer massages and cups of hot cocoa... things that will help her relax but are also really fun too. but remember her exams are really important, and you do need to just deal with it until they are over i'm afraid :(
  3. mondi0924

    mondi0924 Member

    Theres something else Im afraid... She asked me not to see her until the exams. She couldn't explain why. I already did that before. I used to pick her up from school almost everyday. The exams is next saturday so she's trying to catch up. my problem here is after this shes going to work . I know how busy accountants can be. specially when its tax season. my problem is that if this is how she handles stress then almost half of a year would be hell .... I tried telling her to give time for herself , us u know take a break but shes too tired to do anything else. I even tried asking if I could pick her up last week she told me not to .. I really don't understand why I mean I won't bother her I'd just pick her up and bring her home. I don't see anything that would stress her even more. I'm just sooo confused. thx for the tip though
  4. schatzi

    schatzi Member

    maybe you're such a great guy that you distract her too much. I don't know, I'm just trying to be positive!
  5. Cryptoman

    Cryptoman Member

    Everyone has an intuition or inner guidance. What does your heart tell you is going on. Do you really believe that she's just busy? Or is there something else. Whatever the outcome...it's right. Good luck, hope it works out.

    Peace and love to you!
  6. mondi0924

    mondi0924 Member

    I do believe that shes busy. I have no doubts in that. My intuition tells me that I might be a cause of distraction. but I don't know why. I want to know why so I could change. or atleast try to.
  7. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    Give her some time bro.I know it is hard and the last thing you want is to push her away when there is alot going on in her life.Just keep faith.
  8. Butterflygal

    Butterflygal Member

    Definitely give her some time but if she continues acting like this after her exams are done and the tax season is over then you could sit down and talk to her about what's the problem.

    If you are worried about her forgetting how you feel, then occisionaly send her some flowers and a card or something to remind that she has someone who loves her. She will most likely appreciate it.
  9. mondi0924

    mondi0924 Member

    Yeah she needs time. I am giving it to her. but isn't this extreme I mean a minute just to say goodnight? Its alright if we don't see each other , Its ok if we don't talk that much but 1 minute? what could that possibly do... Its not like I don't have work. I'm as busy as hell at work but I still give time to call her up just to ask her how she is and to say goodnight.. that would take less than a minute. I don't want to push her away. but I am afraid that one of these days I might just wake up and realize that I no longer want her in my life. I am trying hard to keep the feeling alive . I am a sentimental person when it comes to someone that I love. but the rational side of me is eating me up. everyday is a struggle. I've tried sending her gifts. it doesn't work she gets annoyed. I just can't understand how girls think. When you play around they get mad when you prioritize them they get mad.... I don't know anymore.
  10. i dont think its all girls, i know id love it if i got flowers from my love( im bisexual)

    i know that i cant study when my girlfriends around... see id start studing, then we'd start making out... but we'd do that whatever we were doing... but i dont see why she cant see you for a minute to say goodnight... try to tell her that you really love her, and love her, and need to just see or talk to her for a minute, even just to say goodnight.

    erm.. yeah i dont know..
  11. mondi0924

    mondi0924 Member

    just now I went to a nearby starbucks. We usually go there to hang out. I* figured it would be good for me if I stay there for a few minutes just so I could lessen the grief I'm feeling. unfortunately she was there. Her friends saw me. they were studying. The scene wasn't pleasant. When I saw her she was focusing on her studies then I went to the little boys room when I got out. she was leaning on the table. I don't know if shes crying. I left at that instant that I saw her. I don't know if its the right thing to do. but I felt that I had to leave. I don't understand why she would feel bad its not like I knew she was gonna be there. She didn't have the time to tell me. RIght now I don't know whats going to happen. She might be mad. she might break up with me... I don't know....ahhhh!!! my head's cracking up. why is life full of shit? right now just want to die and get it over with.
  12. lanalou

    lanalou Member

    Mondio, as much as you might not like what i have to say you might benifit lot from this...i know from experience when a girl says to giveher a break it means about a week ......she could at least take your calls if you know what i mean....perhaps she doesnt want to be with you and the more you call and try to talk to her the more trapped she feels....try this approach...dont calll her at all and when next she contacts you...be it tomorrow or next year...pretend like she was the farthest thing from ur mind....girls cant handle rejection....honey i know this is hard to swallow ...if i was in this position it would hurt like hell i know....but baby u deserve so much better than to be ingnored especially when you love her....please keep in contact with me if you ever need someone to talk to....hugzzz and kisses!!

  13. kier

    kier I R Baboon

    talk to her...ask her you need to see her on her own, and talk it all out
  14. ArtistofPeace

    ArtistofPeace Senior Member

    I'm sorry, but your girlfriend is acting like a huge bitch. I can understand that she needs to study, and being an accountant, it's a lot of work. Anyone can understand that. And I can also understand the fact that her boyfriend would be a distraction for her. But ok...isn't it JUST as much of a distraction to NOT talk to your boyfriend, and wonder to yourself how he's doing...and missing him so much? I'm sorry, but me personally...I like to talk to my boyfriend at least a little while each day. When I don't get to talk to him, the fact that I miss him distracts me even more than just talking to him would. Am I making sense?

    You seem like a really wonderful guy, and a really good boyfriend. I don't understand what her problem is. One fucking minute out of your day for someone you LOVE is not asking much at all. Tell her to get her goddamn priorities straight. Studying is one thing...but the fact that she's making her boyfriend feel like shit...shouldn't that mean something?! And, I can't believe she reacted the way she did when she saw you at Starbucks...god, tell her to grow up.

    Anyway, I'm sorry to sound so bitter...it's just that I can't stand shit like this. Studies are important...but so is love. A minute out of your day to let someone you love know you care...that's not asking much.

    I wish I had some advice. Maybe you could send her a card in the mail every week or so? You can tell her that you understand she's busy, and you respect that...but you just want her to know that you're thinking of her and love her. Sigh...I dunno, babe. I'm sorry about this shit. Just know...all girls' minds definitely don't work like this...:(. Good luck with everything.
  15. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    I don't know if this will help, but the CPA exam is THE hardest exam there is. Worse than the lawyer exam. Most people fail it the first time. One of my proffessors took 3 times to pass it! I am an acct. major also, and I have a husband and two kids! I either do my work at night, when they are all asleep, or I yell at them to leave me the hell alone. She is stressed to the max, I'm sure. Just let her be for a while, if you love her, give her some space until after the exam. THEN, talk to her. She may be acting bitchy, but it is the stress. don't give up on her just yet. Talk to her after her exam is over, and see where things stand. I hope it works out for you.

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