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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by peacelovebarefeet, May 31, 2007.

  1. peacelovebarefeet

    peacelovebarefeet BuRniN oNe...

    hey, everyone. i feel like i hardly know anyone in this forum anymore, i haven't been here in SO long. i've been going all all around all over the place, and im having a blast. so i dont get on the computer that much anymore. but i'm gonna try and be better about posting here.

    so yeah. just thought i'd post a couple pics, let you all know how the little snakes on my head are doing....

    the very beginning!


    yeah, me with s traight hair. weird. it took me a really long time to find a pic without my dreads.

    This is a couple of months into it...



    And here's a couple more recent ones...


    its been a journey,... and its nowhere close to stopping yet! sorry if some of the pictures are kinda large.. hate resizing it takes forever.
    have a beautiful day. mamas and papas!@

    okay dammit, i can only have a few pics for each thread so here are just thel inks i guess! ch-ch-ch-check em out!



  2. HippieAdrien

    HippieAdrien Member

  3. you remind me hugely of one of my buddies :) gorgeous
  4. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    lookin gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!

    & i missed ya!
  5. lovely! you look a lot like my cousin lol
  6. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    looking awesome!
  7. sped

    sped Member

    wow, how old are they?
  8. gonephishin77

    gonephishin77 Member

    just starting my dread and your pics are great for some motivation :)
  9. pixeewinged

    pixeewinged Visitor

  10. pixeewinged

    pixeewinged Visitor

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