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Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by Chodpa, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Chodpa

    Chodpa -=Chop_Chop=-

    For those of you that still live in the decimated parts of Louisiana, are you having fun? Are you trying to, at least? It's seems many are going overboard with it. Myself included. Therapy I guess.
  2. baton rouge here. honestly i have not seen much decimation first hand.
  3. lazy grey

    lazy grey Member

    enjoying every minute of it,just gota remember to smile!
  4. bkcmar

    bkcmar keep those feet bare

    i did go overboard initially, since i reside in the french quarter, i did not evacuate. i was one of those shown sitting in "johnny white's sport's bar" getting drunk every day.

    i went on a 2 month non stop drinking binge. however after returning to work last november, life began returning to normal.

    additionally, i did not suffer any damage to my home, thus i was very fortunate.
  5. Chodpa

    Chodpa -=Chop_Chop=-

    Johnny White's. I used to be chef next door at Embers. That was a fun time fo sho. Jeez, after Katrina I was chef at a place and all their beer labels had soaked off so they made us drink their old beer during shift to get rid of it. We did. Between my pard and myself we drank a case a shift. I used to get so fuckfaced I fired the owners a few times. That started a bad trend of getting drunk on the job which lasted about five years for me. I finally got DWIs, jailed, totalled cars, watched friends OD on drugz, lost a few, tried to kill myself, went to rehab, got straight, and it was a total trip. Wow. Now I am living sober in New Orleans. That pretty much sucks. But this city still has a really good vibe. Unlike anywhere I believe.

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