Having a really tough time Any inisight would be GREAT!

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    If you dont wanna read the long ass story that lead up to my current situation skip down to the waving smiley guy :hooray:

    Ok so exactly a month ago I got home from my first day of summer school (Im forced to go to a private all guys school with priests for teachers with a 70 minimum passing grade, I got a 68 haha) and so when I got home my parents had my safe open in the kitchen which had a little over an oz of weed, my scale, and all of my other stuff, bowl, grinder etc. They had searched my room to a t and found the old combination card in a harry potter book in my closet.

    Well anyways by the end of the night I had been trying to bring the weed to my friend to sell so he would have free weed and I could get my money back. (I had the weed jars hidden at the end of my street but going through the events of me getting them there would be wayy to long of a story) But Im pretty sure my dad had set me up with the cops, he had been acting pretty sketchy and he had already brought them over once that day to yell at me. I didnt sneak out or anything that night, surprisingly my dad let me go out that night with what he thought was the last gram of my pot. So yeah I ended up getting stopped and searched by the cops when I was walking down my street with the rest of it, little over an oz (I know my rights but couldnt avoid it, it was a legal search though) It sucks cuz I could see my friends car parked right down the street and would have been safe there.

    So yeah the cop said he could charge me for a felony for "selling" just cuz it was in three seperate jars (I know he was problly just trying to scare me) but he let me go to my parents saying he had 30 days to still be able to come arrest me (that 30 days is up today!!)

    My parents made me go to a drug counselor who had me fill out a drug evaluation sheet and he said they should just have me arrested right away because i wouldnt be able to quit smoking weed even if I tried, because he said im "chemically dependent on marijuana to the point that I have brain disease" he said this based off of three questions that "raised a red flag" (I honestly only smoked like a blunt a day, not quite every day. I did quit smoking weed the day I got caught though and am not going to until I move out atleast

    So now my parents havent sent me away cuz theyve just been threatening me with having me arrested if I do anything against them or dont do what they say, pull the weeds mow the lawn etc. (not that I think its bad to have me do chores but they blackmail me sortof.
    and also my dad says that all of my friends are bad people except for the private school kids Im sortof friends with but they arent really my good friends (theyre all fake little swagfags)
    My parents took the 4 grand that I saved up (half from lifeguarding, half from selling pot for the past year) and they are saying that they wont give it back even when I turn 18 in a halfyear to "make it impossible for me to move out" which Im going to be able to do anyways because my cousin is going to let me move in with him rent free until I get a job and make more money.
    Im already working on getting a job now even though my parents said theyll take any money that I make (my dads signed onto my bank account and i cant open a different one without parental signature until Im 18. But yeah I just wanna work to get outta the house honestly.
    So my dad also always tells me I "need a plan for the future" and I told him I already had a plan of having 5 grand saved by my 18th birthday(this january) and then I would only need a part time job to pay rent so that I can finish highschool and then start working full time after.
    But I wont be able to do that since he took my money and wont give it to me when I turn 18 so I told him sarcastically that "there was no point of me going to highschool this semester since Im gonna have to drop out to work full time to pay rent" and he responded that he'll send me to somewhere that keeps you for a minimum of a year if I try to move out (ive heard him talk on the phone before saying he's gonna try and wait until the day before I turn 18 and do that)
    i told him that there is nowhere that can keep you legally if your over 18 he responded "you'd be surprised, these places get along well with law enforcement so they don't care about that"
    I dont even think he was talking about rehab because no.1 im not a drug addict, and no.2 I wont have any THC in my body after 3 months and hes talking about sending me away in winter.
    So yeah its not even about the weed now he just is threatening that if I seem like Im gonna move out to try and make it as long as possible for me to live on my own, hes basically blackmailing me and treating me like shit just because he can because in everyone elses eyes Im a drug addict/dealer (only pot though!) so anybody I could try to go to he just pulls that out and I look like the bad person.

    (the rest of this is basically in defense of me not just being the typical teenager who thinks they know everything and is trying to rebel)

    My brother whos 20 knows how bad it is dealing with my dad (he moved out to a different state) and though he wants to help theres nothing he can really do.My dads always tried to make us the sons he always wish he had saying he messsed up raising us and that my brothers a fuck up so he wants to change me "before its too late" My dad used to tell us to be "chameleons and change depending on our environment, changing our personalities around different types of people", my brother and I would respond "no its better to just be yourself around everyone and never act like someone your not" (my dads the fakest perosn I know.)
    My dad says my brother and my cousin are the worst people to have been in my life though they both helped make me happy, I used to go to my cousins all the time just to be away from home because my dad always makes me miserable because hes never happy with anything including himself, he just sits around the house all day designing websites and yelling at me.
    My mom had actually talked about seperating from him before since hes always mad and makes everyone unhappy, but now she just went back to trying to stay out of it.
    So yeah now Im not allowed to see my cousin again until I move out, my brothers in a different state so cant see him, and I can barely get out of the house to get away from all of this shit from my dad. Its so depressing and miserable and the only thing that I really care about much at this point is getting out of the house since there is a light at the end of the tunnel butr its a halfyear away. So yeah any advice on maneuvering through this tunnel for the next halfyear would be great! Thanks to whoever read any of this and trys to help! Sorry this was such a long ass post guys :b
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    if your description is accurate, it sounds like your dad is psycho.

    I guess you could struggle through the next six months, then move out.

    Maybe you could stay with a relative?

    Legally, I don't think your dad can keep you from leaving once you turn 18. If you get any hassles from him, you might be able to get help from legal aid. http://www.lasroc.org/ don't know about this particular org, just what I found online

    I don't recommend smoking weed daily to anyone, and especially not anyone under 18. However, I think that parents need to realize that their psycho controlling behavior is what makes a lot of kids want to do drugs in the first place.

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