have you ever felt like the following

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by gulfwinds, Aug 27, 2005.

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    i mean the following all together:
    -an acute cotton feeling in your head as if cat's paws were walking all over your skull and you haven't even had that much to drink at the party?
    -pain in the eyes as if something's in them, but still you cannot see what?
    -your hair's all messed up beyond any control and you freak out when you see it in the mirror and it's so messed up that only a little trip to the hairdresser's next door will help?
    -and having to peel and cook potatoes because your parents are out of town leaving you with no food whatsoever, you are hungry beyond reason ?
    -and finally this feeling that there would be so much to do, but who the heck cares?
    And Fuzzy Lumpkins is like [​IMG][​IMG]

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