Have You Ever Been Threatened Or Attacked

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Eleven, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. Eleven

    Eleven Member

    Politely, I said something to someone not wearing a mask, in a situation where I had to be so close to them I could easily have been infected. They went apeshit all over the place. I could half understand some cursing, but I got threatened repeatedly.

    Obviously, Trumper's have been brainwashed to believe that their rights are infringed upon by masks, and that if anyone dare mention their bare face they should interpret that as harassment, and attack. They really believe we are on the verge of a civil war, with them against "liberals", and that THEY are the violated party.

    We've all read about waitresses and guards at retail stores being punched for mentioning masks to these people.

    But this isn't just about masks. I want it to include BLM, encounters with neighbors, relatives, coworkers, etc.

    Have you ever been treated as a traitor to the nation, and as an ogre, who is out to deny them freedom, merely for disagreeing with them? Have you merely expressed your opinion and been accused of harassment, as the other person harasses you? In person or online?
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  2. ~Zen~

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    I've been harrassed and insulted many times in my life for my opinions, my appearance, and what I may have said.

    But I haven't run into this yet, wearing masks here in Mexico is accepted. We don't have right wing conspiracy nuts down here spreading lies like the Trumpers...THANK GOD!

    People respect society here, and embrace all kinds of cultures. Something America has forgotten how to do.
  3. wilsjane

    wilsjane Members

    That must go with the job when moderating a website and banning the idiots. :)

    Here in the UK, most people in the areas that I frequent follow the advice.
    As you know, natural immunity is part of the key to beating any virus. So as long as only a few people leave their masks off, we will all benefit long-term.
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  4. erofant

    erofant Members

    What a sad commentary on how the U.S. - a country FOUNDED and BUILT BY IMMIGRANTS - has descended into this childish type of behavior. This country - the U.S. has become a haven for racist demagogues, Neo-Nazi's and white supremacists - largely encouraged by Trump. But he wasn't the first to start this shift. He just fertilized it with his own brand of sh*t. So now we have "tough guy geniuses" who want to do violence to anyone who disagrees with them and science. If someone tries to rip off MY mask, I see that as an attack on my life since I could then be exposed to Covid-19. I'll have to "stand my ground" by using certain means & methods to safeguard my life, since exposure to Covid-19 might cause my death. If someone were to be so bold - and stupid - to threaten my life or my wife's by ripping off our masks, or in any other way threaten us with bodily harm .......... I have the answer.

    How in the name of GOD do so many people believe Trump and his never-ending stream of lies about the Covid-19 pandemic and how to handle it???? But soooo many people have sucked down the Trump Covid-19 Kool-Ade that they believe HIM instead of REAL EXPERTS in infectious diseases. And because of that ..... what do we have happening???? 291,000+ people dead and our hospitals overflowing with "Trump believers" who refuse to wear masks. Trump's so-called" advice " on Covid-19 has cost our country millions of jobs because of all the sick and dying people.

    "It's only 1 person coming in from China. Don't worry - we have it all under control." - Donald Trump.

    How does that saying go .................... "United we stand .............. divided .............." Putin and Xi couldn't be happier.
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  5. NubbinsUp

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    You say that you "said something to someone not wearing a mask."

    You initiated a conversation with someone not wearing a mask. You were in close proximty to that person. You initiated a conversation and the person responded. That's how conversations work. You don't get to pick the response, and we humans can be unpredictable creatures.

    It didn't turn out the way you hoped or expected, did it? You actually increased your chances of receiving an airborne pathgen aspirated by that person, You increased the chances that anyone else standing nearby would also receive an airporne pathogen aspirated by that person.

    I'm a fan of masks, for the indefinite future anyway, but you acted contrary to your stated interest. As a general rule, if it isn't your job, don't engage the inebriated, mentally ill, or unmasked. You aren't going to like the result, and you probably aren't going to accomplish anything constructive.

    A person not wearing a mask is far less dangerous than that same person is with his mouth opening and closing and pointed directly at you. Do not initiate any conversation with another person, unless you really want to have a conversation with that person.

    Do no try to reason with anyone who is already projecting a lack of reason. If there are magic words, you probably don't know them, and guessing them is unlikely.
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