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    I Write A Poem Nearly Everyday To Express My Feelings, Sorta Like A Diary... I Wrote This Poem Last Night...

    Love Brings Us Together,
    Hate Tears Us Apart,
    Hate Has No Shape Or Form,
    It See's Us Face To Face,
    Hate Fuels The Heart and Soul,
    It Makes Us Wanna Lose Control,
    Hate Has No Barrier,
    Look What Its Done To Me,
    Looks And Words Can Be Decieving,
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    You're a happy person -
    Had a happy day?
    Don't be tempted to poison
    The one who made you this way...
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    Where the blood? You want to give them passion but this was luke warm, you wanna talk about hate don't start with love. Love juxtaposes hate so anything you say about hate we know that love is its opposite. The last three lines I got questions

    1. What has hate done to you? It you don't tell us we won't see.

    2. Looks and words can be deceiving but in what way does that relate to hate?

    3. Third line same as second, why?

    It seems that you have been deceived, and now you hate that person. But fail to tell us how, give us the story. I want to read you poem and end up hating the person that you do. I want to relive the times I've been deceived. I want to you take me on a ride that starts at one place and leaves me somewhere else.


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