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Discussion in 'Hashish' started by gunnarx, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. gunnarx

    gunnarx Member

    I was remodeling my house and found about 5lbs. of cut and wrapped hashish. Very beautiful, dark color with a quarter sized gold stamp, looking very eastern. It must be 40 years old! Anybody have any idea if it 's any good???
  2. 420MAN

    420MAN Member

    smoke some of it and tell us if it's any good . if your scare about trying it sent some here and I'll give it a try .
  3. swazo

    swazo i am amazing.

    you lucky bastard. you can eat a small amount too and get the effects.

    smoke it and let us know whether its okay. (you SHOULDENT die ;))
  4. Although I find you story highly unlikely.... If your telling the truth I would suggest you smoke a certain amount like a gram of it and see. I know thc breaks down by about 50% (read it on Erowid Drug Facts or something like that) for every year in a reasonable container like air tight bag or something. I would assume this applys to hash but either way I would sell some!!!!!!!!!

    Are you a smoker or did you create this account just to ask this? Why do you think that is there?

    Edit-HAHA I was just thinking what if this person didnt weigh it and figured an pound was like the size of like a Oz like back when I was 14 and I figured an Oz was like the size of a dub. Not calling you stupid.... Did you weight it though or are you experienced enought to tel?
  5. gunnarx

    gunnarx Member

    No longer a dedicated smoker, but do still partake on occasion. Certainly not too stoned to understand how much a pound is! and Yes I did open this account just get feedback. The story is no joke- don't hate! I smoked a bit with little effect. Most likely I'll make a big batch of butter and keep the brownies rollin'. Thanks for playing.

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