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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by smiley420, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. smiley420

    smiley420 Member

    Hey stoner's......... ok... now i have looked-up the best spot's in AMSTERDAM to score HASH........ anybody have any favorite's? any place's i should check out? i cant wait till i get to AMSTERDAM it's gonna be sooooo great hahhahhahahah peace all
  2. one of my ex's went to Amsterdam for a month and brought back the most amazing stuff I have ever smoked....to bad we broke up:p
  3. drugus666

    drugus666 Member

    I went to amsterdam last october and I'll recomend you this places:
    The Rokerij and Baba (best place for space cake whole GRAM of hash in each brownie 4 €).
    Take a look at this website : http://www.cannabiscup.com/ht/cancup/
    here you can find the last winners of the cannabis cup.
    Have a nice trip!!!!
  4. RandomJunkie

    RandomJunkie Member

    Nepal Haschich is good...i think they are selling some at Rokerij.
  5. Zafoa

    Zafoa Member

    I want some bud from Amsterdam like fuck.
    My friend from ohio was on a plane with a guy once who gave some to her (she was flirting). I didnt smoke it, but she and my best friend did. These two are regular stoners, and said it was amazing.
    With I were there...

    *gazez east*
  6. check out the amsterdam forum where i just posted on that subject

    Later Man

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