has anyone smoked DMT on an acid trip?

Discussion in 'DMT' started by 3xi, May 31, 2007.

  1. TryptaNice

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    Smoking DMT on other psychedelics... is the only way to do it, in my opinion! :p What I mean by that is:
    1. It's easier to break through on less DMT if you're already coming from a higher space (conserve!)
    2. DMT seems to synergize so wonderfully with other tryptamines! (I've tried it with phenethylamines as well, such as 3 different 2c's -b, c and i, and MDMA... MDMA went wonderfully and induced a beautiful and more real than real out of body experience, but the 2cs all gave me very confusing, non-visual, pure 'mindfuck' type trips where I was 'tricked' and nothing more)
    3. The transition to hyperspace is more comfortable this way for myself and many I've known. I agree with a previous poster that it somehow feels more 'natural'.
    I think that someone should only attempt to do DMT on another psychedelic if they are already well-familiar with the psychedelic (in your case, acid), and DMT each on their own first. Among my favorite psychedelics to do DMT with are: LSD, mushrooms, 4-ho-MiPT, DPT (I must say that smoking DMT on a DPT peak if you can find yourself able to function well enough to take the hits correctly, IMO, has produced the most amazingly blissful egoless, dreamlike and transcendent experiences I have ever had.. not to mention the most visual) and LSD with 4-ACO-DiPT and then some DMT on top. In fact, I have a trip report I'd like to share for this last combination... Hang on, let me retrieve it... :)
  2. TryptaNice

    TryptaNice Member

    Okay, here is the pre-written trip report I had for my DMT experience that I had on LSD and 4-AcO-DMT:

    I had a really interesting DMT experience on DMT (with LSD and 4-AcO-DMT). This is one of the only experiences where I actually kept my eyes open for the beginning of it (well, mostly my eyes were open just so I could have more DMT, but during this time, I was so fascinated by what I saw that I just decided to explore a bit). It is noteworthy to state that I rarely EVER get open eye visuals on psychedelics-- sometimes even on DMT I don't get them. I get them a little more often than I used to nowadays, but still not as much as some seem to.
    Earlier on in the experience when I'd only taken LSD so far, I had been working on artwork the entire time. I had added the 4-AcO-DiPT on about 45 minutes before, so I was still coming up on that when I decided to have some DMT with my friend in her room (that had a very strange energy, I must note), so I used my newly made "Machine" device to do so. I'd already had 2 big hits, and as I added more of the DMT to the pipe to take a third hit of, I was forced to look at the photo album that the pile of DMT was on top of. I found myself looking at some embossed fractalized patterns on the photo album. They were static, so I looked at them more closely so as to discern whether or not they were a hallucination, or actually part of the photo album. I ran my fingers over the album only to actually *feel* the embossment, so I concluded somewhere in my working mind that the fractals were actually part of the design of the photo album. Not too far off, right?
    As I tried to light the third hit of DMT, my spatial sense was so off that it took a lot of effort to figure out where to hold the lighter. It didn't help my efforts that my eyes were darting around as if I were in REM sleep mode. I looked around the room as I managed to take the next big hit, and noticed that the room had turned into some sort of candy factory-like territory. Every piece of furniture and object in the room was static, intact and took on the exact same shape and form as it normally would, BUT each thing had its own special pattern that did not overlap with the patterns of other objects! For instance, my friend's walls (which were usually just plain white) were wallpapered in lime green and pink stripes. The plain wooden dresser was bright blue with bright pink flowers and teddy bears. I think that another piece of furniture had painted colorful candy canes on it. I was simply amazed that everything in the room could look exactly the same and be static; unmoving, yet literally looked like it was painted and wallpapered completely differently. It was so realistic and seemed like a dimension warp or something.
    After I closed my eyes, needless to say, things became even more interesting. The place I was taken to also reminded me of a candy factory or playroom; themes from childhood were constantly present. There was a rotating gear, a sort of mandala that dominated my vision in the center of a colorful, tasty room. The gears/sections of the mandala were rhythmically changing and transforming systematically like the second hand of a clock. Every second or so (or however much time that really was), a section of it would develop into something else, and so on. Everything I saw from that point on was so incredibly detailed and rhythmic. I felt like I was a little kid in an interactive, virtual reality candy shop; this space was very synesthetic even tasted like candy. I can't figure out, looking back, exactly what was going on (as in details at this point), but this experience was so whimsical, colorful and amazing.
    After I came down from the DMT, I looked at the photo album and realized that those fractals hadn't actually been there; they had been a visual and tactile hallucination. I was astonished at this because I've never experienced something like that before, as like I said I rarely ever get open eye visuals at all, let alone ones as bizarre and real as these.
  3. smh1117

    smh1117 Guest

    have none of you listened to terence mckenna talk about his experiences of smoking dmt while peaking on lsd?
  4. TryptaNice

    TryptaNice Member

    I definitely have listened to them... but hearing someone else's experience pales in comparison to having the experience yourself, rght? :D it can be fun to trip vicariously through others though
  5. peacegrow

    peacegrow Member

    I highly recommend it.
    LSD in particular seemed to work especially well with DMT.

    (Shrooms and DMT had a very strong impact on me, but was not easy.)
  6. Shamanix.

    Shamanix. Guest

    That was a great read, realy enjoyed this.

    Thanks for sharing, found myself visualizing everything you wrote, prob not as good as the actual trip, but this sounds like the real magic that i realy would like to experiance.

    Thanks again, i realy loved this. :daisy:
  7. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    The first time I tried DMT I was on acid. I was at a music festival, I think it was the 2nd night of a 4 day fest. It was inbetween bands and I was hanging out by the fire. I overheard someone say they were out of beer (the same guy I saw selling chocolates earlier), so I offered to trade him a few beers for some chocolates if he'd come to my camp with me to get them. When we got to my place, he offered me the DMT, and we sat in my tent and smoked. I took 3 huge hits as fast as I could.....all I really remember is jumping up and out of my tent with my fists in the air screaming "GLORIOUS!!!" I marched in circles like that around my camp site for a while, and may have howled at the moon a little... And when the DMT wore off we grabbed the beer and headed back to the stage.

    I wouldnt recommend it to everyone, but it worked pretty well for me. I've always taken well to psychadelics in high doses, and in settings that most would find unsettling.
  8. that mix is very intense. i enjoyed it though
  9. TryptaNice

    TryptaNice Member

    Aw thank you Shamanix :) I love to share all the magic I can! Hehehe..:thanks::thanks:

  10. thirdeye9

    thirdeye9 Guest

    First time I tried DMT was on a head full of LSD at All Good Music Festival. As soon as I exhaled my vision was distorted to the point that I was so blown away by what I was seeing that I literally was yelling, and screaming 9 (in a good way). I was asking the kids that gave it to me, "why the fuck has no one ever told me about this!!!". I was literally seeing grids from about 15 feet above us all the way up to the stars. I made the mistake of trying to walk around and see as much as I could, which almost sent me face-planting on the ground.

    I absolutely had the time of my life, and prefer to enjoy DMT on LSD. I've also tried it on molly and some other research chemicals. Needless to say, NOTHING has been like my first experience. Something about being in the mountains with the sky so close and so many stars to see. Quite magical.

    I've had quite a few DMT experiences since then, both good and bad. I went through a phase where I would just lay on the couch, play some tunes and go to some pretty wild places. I always found it amazing how the music magically synched with the visuals and vice versa.

    I've also had some "breakthrough" moments with DMT. These were times where after I had "come back" I literally cried. But I digress.

    LSD+DMT = amazeballs
  11. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    I've smoked dmt on moxie, and it was a different experience, hard to describe, I've smoked dmt on dxm before and it was like the dmt overpowerd it but when I hit the dmt I definitely felt it hit hard on the right side of my head, and I could feel it moving through my body, but the dxm seemed to block most of the visuals, but the mental and physical was still present
  12. deleted

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    I think the real question is.

    Has anyone smoke acid while on a DMT trip.. :D
  13. TryptaNice

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    Hey, I know that festival- my friends went last year and invited me, but I couldn't make it. And that experience sounds pretty fuckin wonderful! I've noticed that too, tripping in the mountains. Thanks for sharing such a picturesque and amazing moment; I enjoyed reading it. :D I've also been brought to tears at the beauty and awe of my experiences many times and there is nothing quite like it.. the astonishment, appreciation and reverence..<3.. The most mindblowing experiences I've had were particularly when I've done DMT with other psychedelics. It seems to just work a lot better that way, and also feel more smooth and natural somehow. *shrug*
  14. gendorf

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    i wanna do it but on a candyflip. maybe ill write a report.
  15. shermin

    shermin Bazooka Tooth

    i've never done dmt on acid [because i don't really like acid], but i've done it on top of just about everything else ;)

    do it!

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