has anyone smoked DMT on an acid trip?

Discussion in 'DMT' started by 3xi, May 31, 2007.

  1. uplink

    uplink Member

    DPT info:

  2. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    your source sucks. dude fucking get some dpt and take it.
  3. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

  4. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    those experiences are described off 100 to 200 mgs. I have read alot of exxperienced users take 750 mg and up.
  5. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    Do you have any site links of peoples experiences doing that? I would like to read about it. I assume that they took that much orally, which would be sorta a waste since it is not very active that way, like DMT, it is metabolized via maoi in the gut.
  6. FreekoutMcGee

    FreekoutMcGee Member

    why the hostility with eachother?

    its a fucking drug and you two are going at it like its a boxing match. blow after blow after blow...

    the truth is that you will never know if one or the the other is telling the truth with these expirences, and you are doing it on the internet....come on NUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    should we meet up and fuck?
  8. FreekoutMcGee

    FreekoutMcGee Member

    if thats how you guys settle an INTERNET squable!!!!
  9. tumbledownDNA

    tumbledownDNA Member

    i've smoked a small amount of lsd while high on a little acid. both were small doses so i didn't get totally raged. i ate about a hit of some decent L and smoked probly 10-15 mg on a bowl. the result was it took a relatively mild, giggly, kinda weird acid trip and brought it to an ecstatic, visual peak. also, the dmt effect lasted much longer than the usual 10 minutes, and coming down very gradually and gentle like a dmt imprint was made on the lsd trip. the visuals were different, i was seeing distinct patterns on the wall but with a aztec/mayan ancient theme, remember seeing the shadow of a face, like a tribal looking profile sort of bowing down to somethign and then seeing his head connect to a larger pattern and merge into it. very cool, and very clear minded, i was able to enjoy the visuals and body buzz. and on the ride home, i was listening to tea leaf green and was in a literal state of ecstasy. like seriously the body rushes i was getting actually felt like i took some really good molly or something, contentment with the world, all positive thoughts. i think that a small amount of dmt, and i say SMALL, is awesome on acid for bringing on a stronger peak. it also has the capability of breaking someone out of a negative headspace/thought loop by intensifying the trip so quickly that the mind changes gears. when all of the sudden you are bombarded by energy patterns and archetypal imagery, it takes your mind off of any external drama it has wrapped itself around. alot of psycedelic literature, such as tim leary's writing, will tell you that when a trip gets uncomfortable, it is best not to immediately tak something to come down, but to come to terms with and transcend it in the psychedelic state. when a person takes xanax or something else to come down, it may work but they'll be thrown back into their sober ego with the memory of something disturbing, and this can be hard to integrate. but by upping the psychedelic dose, especially with something so powerful and alien as dmt, one can be rocketed up smoothly past their anxious thinking, and into another realm with a wider view of the cosmos.
  10. tumbledownDNA

    tumbledownDNA Member

    sorry typo in first sentence - i've smoked a small amount of DMT while on acid.
  11. nismo

    nismo Member

    Dmt and lsd are a combination that must be respected not feared, and i wish luck to anyone who tries to "think positive" or try to have any conciouss control if this combo is taken at the peak of the lsd with atleast a good 40-50mg dmt, for first timers of course.;)
  12. uplink

    uplink Member

    Christ, that's alot. I'd bet that feels alot like DMT, just like high doses of many tryptamines will feel... ego loss. That doesn't mean that DMT and DPT feel similiar, just that they are both psychedelics ;).
  13. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    how did this turn into a thread about dpt? only a few good posts on the correct subject...lol.

    thankyou tumbledownDNA and others for answering my question.
  14. noosphere

    noosphere Member

    i do it all the time and it's fucking awesome
  15. peacegrow

    peacegrow Member

    I love DMT on acid. I've done it a few times. For some reason I feel more natural doing the DMT while tripping and it was very beautiful and intense. The visuals are much more ornate for me that other times. It could just be a coincidence I guess since my DMT experiences differ a lot.

    When I'm straight and getting ready to smoke DMT I'm usually really nervous about it, and sometimes chicken out before finishing the full dose. On Acid, I'm more ready for it, maybe because I'm tripping and already in the right state of mind.

    I have had some difficult times smoking DMT while tripping on mushrooms, and I'm not scared to do that....but that's a different story....maybe coincidence...maybe something to do with mushrooms being closer to DMT than acid chemically.

    I remember calm but very ornate times with LSD and DMT. I'd highly recommend it. Sometimes straight DMT is not calm and is a whirlwind of very fast visuals knocking me around, but I had some beautiful times while on acid.
  16. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    ^this.. :)

    ive done it. but not the during the highlight of the lsd trip, way later past peak. imo it overhauls the trip sensors and the dmt wears off then its over.. but the ride is OMGZ..
  17. pr0ne420

    pr0ne420 Senior Member

    I have combinded LSD with DMT, and DPT on a seperate occasion. It was great with the DMT, and did not synergize well with DPT.

    I have smoked it right after the peak on 10 hits, and during the peak on 5 hits on a seperate occaision. I tripped out harder on the 10 hits but I may have smoked a larger dose.
  18. Smitty25

    Smitty25 Senior Member

    Haha yeah, it's hard to measure out doses of DMT on a ten strip.
    But fuck it. At that point 20-30 mg. won't make a drastic difference.
  19. I smoked some 5-meo-dmt on mushrooms last night, it was fucking epic. I will try to get a TR out on Monday.

  20. Once before I ever brokethrough on dmt I took a hit of hoffman lsd. On the peak of that trip I decided to finally attempt to breakthreough on dmt . I took a giant in
    hale of a small mountain of dmt. As soon as I took it I became seeminglky sober for about 5 to 10 seconds. Then my vision slowly tuirned to black and I couldn't help but fall on my back on the bed with my eyes closed. What happened then can only be described as one of the most amazing trips ever encoiuntered by my brain. My mind visited this seemingly infinite black spacre where neon heads were appearing and flickering to sympathy for the devil by rolling stones. Every second passed it semed that hundreds more came out of nowhere and soon there were thousands of neon anaromy brains imy heads dancing to imo one of the greatest rock song ever created. Rainbows where everywehre and I was faced by these mystical heads who never stopped dancing it was unforgettable experience =]

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