Has anyone heard of a afterlife called Et?

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by REB?, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. REB?

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    From supposed pastlife memories I have a original being memory of someone that was trapped in a cellar. If the afterlife had a name I guess it would be Et? Anyone have any clue about this stuff?
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  2. storch

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    Past lives are timelines that are not subject to, or constrained by, chronology.
  3. Irminsul

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    Yes, once I get there it always makes me feel like Irm go home.
  4. Aerianne

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    Put down the pipe.
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  5. Irminsul

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    After years of HF I'm led to believe that drugs are the key ingredient to understanding all things related to the afterlife and reality of the world. :p
  6. themnax

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    my only clue is that if life isn't for ever, why should death have to be?

    i also have this, much as i appreciate paget's good intentions, i WASN'T born with a blank slate.
    inclinations, perspectives, preferences came with me, from unknown many past lives before.

    not memories as such, or at least, not many that i feel sure likely to be.
    and yet, i can remember dreaming higher technologies then earth had at the time,

    so i feel multiple past and future lives not at all unlikely.

    no i don't remember being locked in cellars.
    i 'remember' living in a forest and having a wife in at least one of those former lives.

    a wife who was a goddess more littlerally then figuratively.

    and a whole bunch of other things that may have even led to choosing to have this life i'm in now,
    for some reason having to do with this worlds future, and a galactic council understandably skeptical of trusting it.

    it occurs to me, what one remembers as being trapped in a cellar, just might have been a dismemberment long boring ride as a child in a space ship.
    as in deed one would be 'trapped' by there being no air to breathe, and nothing changing visibly enough to be interesting to them.
  7. desert-rat

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    I have a past life memory of being kept in a cellar . I was a kid with some major health problems . I dont think I lived to adulthood . To me the point in using any of the many diferent methods of past life regression is to let go of stuff from that life . An example used by Di ck Sutphen is of people that had been members of the Donner party that had turned to canableism to stay alive . In there present life they had eating problems . Both fat and skinny . I will post more if asked .

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