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Discussion in 'Processing Marijuana' started by Trader, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Trader

    Trader Member

    I'm sure this issue has been addressed before...but I'm not sure I could sit here that long to find answer....so...

    What are the issues when letting buds possibly over-ripen?....as in, passed the "perfect timing" date?

    In general, it is better to let a bud over-ripen rather than pick early, correct?
    I've got some product that has awesome characteristics but the last two inches or so on each bud is still producing white pistels...while the rest of the bud is flocked with resin, yellow pistels, and rich color hues coming into the leaves. In fact, some of the yellowing leaves are easily yanked off...but they're covered in trichromes too!

    I'm sure different strains have different results...but just a general idea would be great.

  2. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    There is a window my man. I have seen that it is the middle which ripens first and the top still throws out those runner buds - they will taper off. Some people like to let them ripen a little longer as it gives more of a sedation high (body) vs earlier which gives more of a up head high. It is personal preference. The rule of thumb is "when you think they are ready, wait a week". The 60-75% red hair rule should bring you into the ballpark.

    A lil microscope can help in observing the trichomes and yes it is a bitch trying to keep the thing steady or you can clip a lil :) Full clear heads with a few turning cloudy and a few amber ones scatterred in, to me, is ready to go.

  3. Trader

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    Thanks Budbill. Yes, I have one of those little microscopes. It's darn tricky to turn the little leaves sideways so you can see thru (vs. overhead) the trichromes.

    I was looking at one this morning...still mostly clear...but plentiful. I'm thinking I might harvest some now...and wait a bit for others.

    This plant happens to be so 'pretty' that I'm going to try and regenerate it (because I didn't know what I had and didn't clone). Hopefully I'll get suitable leaf/stems to clone correctly.

    TKS again!
  4. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Just be sure to give her a good dose of veg nutes when you begin the regen process. Leave some leaf for light (energy and all that) and be patient. :)

    I am smiling here for you!
  5. Trader

    Trader Member

    Good...I always can use a smile!

    Poor plant isn't going to know what hit it when I chop the top 3' off. I plan to leave the lower buds branches as the actual "leaves" have long gone. Now only periodic yellowing leaves that pull off easily. The upper buds are swollen, purplish leaves, and practically glistening with tri's.
    Hope this works..!!


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