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Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by sleeping jiva, May 8, 2004.

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    Only 2? Yet both these are more or less selfish goals. We want a good job to get money and be secure, we want to know god to go off to heaven.
    How about the duty of care we have towards other humans? Animals? The earth itself?
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    Yes that comes with our moksha, it is said BBB , that trying to change the world without our moksha is like a blind man trying to lead other blind men BBB. I am much comfortable doing that once I get my sight.
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    What if that doesn't happen until you are an old man? Or if it never happens?
    Isn't it better to use our own best intelligence and do what we can?
    Maybe moshka only comes to those engaged in trying to work for something beyond their own interest.
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    yeah...I think just as you can both work to establish yourself (careerwise) AND be on the spiritual path...you can help others. Perhaps you need to be more towards the enlightened way of things to perform spiritual help to others...but corpreal works.. like volunteering and all that...we all can and SHOULD do. :) Every little bit, no matter how small...even if we smile at someone in the street...helps.
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    It occurs to me that my sig - the Buckminster Fuller quote is relevant here.

    In some extreme versions of various spiritual paths, I get the impression that they don't really care much about the future of humanity on this planet. The focus is more on simply getting out of the round of existence, and the world is seen as basically an bad place we've 'fallen' into.
    "the miserable and temporary material manifestation" to use a quote from HK literature.
    This is the type of philosophy I've come to despise and to reject.
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    Yes that might seem to be a problem, but who said that you can't change the world when you become old , or after you die?

    I don't mean that we cannot help the poor, join the peace corps or help the red cross without being enlightened, ofcourse we can do little things, but to make a big long lasting change for the betterment of all people can only happen when one is liberated. It is my personal opinion that if one tries to make a change in the world without gaining moksha when he can see clearly, he will mess the world up more than help it.
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    So who, having first attained moshka, has then gone on to help the world?

    By 'help the world' I don't mean help people get liberated, or come up with some new religious teaching, but actually done something concrete to change conditions here for the better.

    Marie Curie's work on x-rays for example, has no doubt helped improve conditions of life here for counteless millions. But Mme. Curie was no illuminati - just a well intentioned scientist.
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    It is called detachment BBB, we don't care because there is nothing to care about. Truth is pretty funny, but imagine if everyone was kind, generous, and loving to his fellow man, there wouldn't be wars and would not certainly be any famine, poverty or physical suffering in this world. Hence, without having these qualities in everyone, trying to "save" the world would simply mean that you will be fighting the people who are in power and abusing that power, but that is a never ending battle. There will always be someone else who comes into that power position and abuses it. Ha! it might even be that the one who fights for the freedom of people could be the one who later on abuses them later on. We need to understand that "changes" to this world too are simply illusory notions. We can make changes, but such changes can be undone by some one later on. The best way to stop these things ofcourse is trying to get them in contact with their real nature- the divine supreme lord. Then, everyone will stop all these atrocities, ofcourse all of this is MHO.
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    It is no use to say to a starving man 'I'd like to help, but maybe I shouldn't because I might just make things worse, being un-enlightened'.

    We have to guard against thinking that detachment is equivalent to coldness or an uncaring attitude - or even a kind of hatred of the world. There seems often to be confusion about this in the minds of some.
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    If I see a starving man, I will give him food, don't worry. What I mean by help and what you mean by help are two different things. You are talking about small things, like inventing things that improves modern medicine, or trying to end famine at a particular location in this world. yes, that can be done without being "enlightened" I agree.
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    And the sum of many such small improvements may be a massive improvement....perhaps.
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    perhaps, but it is going to take a long time to improve the world for one man if he takes this path BBB.... it is much better for him if he attains moksha and makes a big change.
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    I think you are right in a way. What I don't like, is what Nietzche reffered to as 'the other-worlds-men' - ie those who wish to abandon life on earth for a celestial paradise of some kind, or even to dissolve in an vacum of non differentiated being.
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    Hare Krishna

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    So where can I meet those devotees in the video?
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    Hare Krishna!

    From Nicole :

    My dearest friends who have dwelled on this thread (and in the Hinduism forum) since its creation,

    I indeed think (and can surely say) that it was the Lord's Divine Grace that lead me away from my studies for my midterm tonight and instead drew me to this thread (just when I was looking for something quickly on the forum)... I started to read it from the beginning...

    Lately I've been having a hard time with faith... I can't go into details its just that... well...I've been having a hard time and I have been praying so hard for help...and by the Lord's Divine Grace...I began to read through my own spiritual journey...through the workings of this thread and the devotees of Lord Krishna... most of you some of my closest friends on this spiritual journey...and how you had helped me to learn to Love Him more and carefully took me under your wings and showed me the path to opening my heart to His love. Each step re-taken in this archive of the past reminded me of all I Loved and the Glory of His Name, His Lotus Feet, His Lotus Eyes... His beautiful flute... and ever picture of His made me draw back...and cry... How I had missed Him! Though He just got hidden...I can't imagine how I let that happen...but there He was ...beautiful and real and whole within my being...and each sweet word of bhakti you each spoke brought me back to His Grace... a place I had been closing myself off to for some time... parrotting but not lost in its Intoxicating Bliss. So Jai Sri Krishna... if I do not sleep this night (for I still have to study)...it will be the longest most joyous night perhaps... for each waking moment will be accompanied by thoughts of Him... and I have a lot of catching up to do... But I just wanted to post here, my dear friends, to express my gratitude to all of you. For continuously helping me, for being patient with me, for taking my misunderstandings, and for giving me your love... I could not ever ask for more... I have been thus blessed by His Divine Grace... as Ma Indira Devi says, "Is it not wonderful?" Thank you all once again... I hope that I may give to you always all the support and love you have given me over these last three years in my journey... May I always serve you all as a humble servant and may we always serve His beautiful Lotus feet.

    Hari Om.

    Peace to you all always.

    Peace and Love,

    Giver of immortal gladness--fill us with the light of day

    Once you cry for Him is enough, He is never going to let you go away. He is crying for all of us all the time. His grace is already upon you. Dear girl, your sweet words have made so many of us cry for Him once again.
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    ^^ Thats beautiful.

    Me, i've also been having struggles with my religion. I'm a born and raised catholic, but ever since i was about 13/14, i just seemed to feel as if there was something missing for me in the catholic church, something i should feel when i pray, that i don't feel.

    Well as you all can see, i'm obviously a huge Beatles fan. And as i'm sure alot of you know, after the Beatles went to India, they begun to get very much into the Eastern religions, especially Hare Krishna. Well after reading about how they got very involved with him, of course, me being the Beatles fan that I am, i immediately started researching Kare Krishna to see what all the hype was about.

    I soon seemed to forget that the Beatles had anything to do with it (shock i know), because i became so interested in it. I found that everything they were for and believe in, seemed to, just..fit me.

    So i am technically still catholic, but i have a strong feeling that might change once i become legal, and i have an idea that Hare Krishna is in my future. Until then, i read about Hare Krishna every day, and feel very connected with him. :)
  18. SvgGrdnBeauty

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    Dear Lauren,

    Krishna's grace fell upon me through dear George Harrison when I was 17 (3 years ago) ... I also was raised Catholic and soon after my confirmation (13/14) I felt the absense of something deeper in my life and in my relationship with Lord Jesus (this was paired with the loss of my greatest spiritual guide...my grandmother...and fear from the attack on the World Trade Centre).

    I was very much at the same place where you are now. And I say go for it. Do not be afraid that you will lose your identity as a Catholic and the connection to your family that it gives you. Rather... learning of Krishna and Hinduism has instead deepened my understanding of Catholicism, mysticism, and my relationship with Lord Jesus. Also, it has given me a deeper love for God than I could ever, hope, want, ask for, or deserve. It is all His Grace. So, my dear friend, if Lord Krishna intrigues you so...please find all you can about him.... ask any of the people on this board...they helped me so much when I started out and continue to help me every day of my life.

    Welcome to this thread and the hipforums (I saw you at 32 posts). :)

    Hope this has been of help.

    Peace <3
  19. Jedi

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    Hare krishna is not a religion, it is a very small sect within another sect of gaudiya vaishnavism in a larger sect of vaishnavism which is only one part of Hinduism religion.

    It is great you are a beatles fan, but If I were you, I wouldn't go into something because I am a fan of a really great rock star/stars. I think it would be best that if you feel that something is missing from catholicism and you really want to change that, then include other religion's ideals into your daily practice- that is if you are into practicing catholicism, but I don't know why, I just get this strange hunch that if you were to ever convert , you will meet the wrong people and get hurt doing it. I would practice catholicism or won't practice that at all instead of planning to somehow convert into something just because I am a beatles fan.
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    the beatles slammed their finger with a car door so i am going to slam my finger with a car door

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