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Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by sleeping jiva, May 8, 2004.

  1. sleeping jiva

    sleeping jiva Member

    hare krishna is the eldest religion in the world. It came in the form of Vedas 5000 years ago. The goal is to love Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhea.d I mean not just saying that, but actually feeling that is the point. In fact, hare krishna isn't religion at all, because it doesn apply any dogmas on people. The only point is to find out by yourself, that you are not this material body and this world is temporary and full of threefold miseries :death, illness, old age.
    the best method how to obtain the state, where you can love Sri Krishna is to chant mahamantra. it goes like this:
  2. WeAreGod

    WeAreGod Member

    I find Hare Krishna-ness fastinating. I LOVE the chants. a lot. But i dunno it just sounds like there is more concentration on the miseries of living here. I, personally, decide to be joyous of life, its an honor to be here (even if its challenging as feck sometimes, but we came in being perfectly aware and willing of that).

    There are worse things than suffering in my opinion. Like stagnation.

    I wish i had some more Krishan chants though. Govinda Hare is my favorite.
  3. osiris

    osiris Senior Member


    two words that have whatever meaning with which you choose to imbue them.

    say nothing, and you will come to the same conclusions. don't give it a name, and it is still the same thing.

    and if death, illness, and old age are so horrible, why not just kill yourself now, and give it all back to "krishna". you enjoy life more than you like to admit friend.


    much love
  4. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    they gave me a free meal once... i was just walking down the street, saw an open door, looked in, and this family in robes and forehead dots asked me to have dinner. Says I: Cool! Thanks!
    They asked me to come to their farm the next day as they were worshipping their first cow. i had to work, so I politely declined.
    some people say they have no regrets. i think they're liers.
    if i'm gonna worship something, it might as well be a cow... er,
    maybe pig, I love bacon!
    i wish i had gone to the cow worshipping. :(
  5. sleeping jiva

    sleeping jiva Member

    To kill yourself is an offence to Lord Krishna, because it's like as though you were God yourself. We did lot of bad things -not because we wanted, just out of ignorance. If you think you're God, can you be beyond ignorance?

    Suffering ends in this world if you develop sincere love to Sri Krishna. That is to be, who you really are -without egotism. Instead of loving yourself, love Sri Krishna, The supreme Personality of Godhead, who is everything and in everyone.
    I know that this can be a great hook on desperate people to say that this is suffering and the only way is to be one of our religion. But as I said hare krishna is not a religion as we know it. The goal is to serve and think of Krishna, nothing more. We are all his parcels, therefore the divine or shall we say godish is contained in us, but as beams from the sun are not the sun itself, we are not God.

  6. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    suffering is ignored. this does not mean that it ends.

    a marked difference.

    much love :)
  7. WeAreGod

    WeAreGod Member

    whoa. I'm not a liar and i have not a single regret. I don't believe in regrets, what a strange use of energy, living in the past instead of living in the now. Every single thing, big or small, trivial or no, embarassing or painful or otherwise, its all made me the person i am right this second. And i am glad of that. I learn from everything i do, though.

    And to who said something about... Okay well i forget, but i also know that we are all part of the same thing. We are all part of, we all ARE all-that-is. We are all God. We are not the supreme god above everyone else, cuz we are ALL god.

    *nod* *love*
  8. gdkumar

    gdkumar Member

    Hare Krishna !

    Dear all,

    Krishna is the icon of unconditional love of highest degree. When love obtains that intensity it is known as 'prem'. This prem does not discriminate, it does not see good or bad, it does not see religion, race or creed, it can not be bound by boundaries or limits. It envelops everything like what a deluge does.

    Krishna tells us about that love and how to develop it. He never talked about any religion. He never criticizes us rather He gives us hopes and tells us that no matter how we are today we can definitely try and improve ourselves to get dissolved into the ocean of His divinity. He also tells us how we can do it.

    With love............kumar.
  9. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    so again even krishna seems to refute the necessity of his "krishna"-ness. he doesn;t seem to care what you call him, or seem to be a "he" at all, but just a feeling, and emanation, a spirit, flowing through. the questions, answers, representations are all written and discussed by and in the minds of humans.

    much love :)
  10. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    The fisrt is SANATANA DHARMA as being the fisrt and oldist.From this yes VASNAVAS SHIVITES And so for arise so i understand.
    Though to me it is not who is the oldist but how it leads us to the divine.
  11. ChiefCowpie

    ChiefCowpie hugs and bugs

    we are all Krishna...we are all God
  12. sleeping jiva

    sleeping jiva Member

    Yes, we are of a godly nature. As a humans we possess higher inteligence, but for the most -we have opportunity to love Krishna. That is very rare in the cycle of reincarnations. If we were Gods, how come we fail all the time? We do mistakes, posses imperfect senses, we are lured to cheat and we fall into illusion. PLease let me quote Bhagavadgita, where Krishna explains this:


    O scion of Bharata, you should understand that I am also the knower in all bodies, and to understand this body and its owner is called knowledge. That is My opinion.


    While discussing the subject of this body and the owner of the body, the soul and the Supersoul, we shall find three different topics of study: the Lord, the 1iving entity, and matter. In every field of activities, in every body, there are two souls: the individual soul and the Supersoul. Because the Supersoul is the plenary expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kåñëa, Kåñëa says, “I am also the knower, but I am not the individual owner of the body. I am the superknower. I am present in every body as the Paramätmä, or Supersoul.”

    One who studies the subject matter of the field of activity and the knower of the field very minutely, in terms of this Bhagavad-gétä, can attain to knowledge.
    The Lord says: “I am the knower of the field of activities in every individual body.” The individual may be the knower of his own body, but he is not in knowledge of other bodies. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is present as the Supersoul in all bodies, knows everything about all bodies. He knows all the different bodies of all the various species of life. A citizen may know everything about his patch of land, but the king knows not only his palace but all the properties possessed by the individual citizens. Similarly, one may be the proprietor of the body individually, but the Supreme Lord is the proprietor of all bodies. The king is the original proprietor of the kingdom, and the citizen is the secondary proprietor. Similarly, the Supreme Lord is the supreme proprietor of all bodies.
    The body consists of the senses. The Supreme Lord is Håñékeça, which means controller of the senses. He is the original controller of the senses, just as the king is the original controller of all the activities of the state, and the citizens are secondary controllers. The Lord also says: “I am also the knower.” This means that He is the superknower; the individual soul knows only his particular body. In the Vedic literature, it is stated as follows:
    kñeträëi hi çaréräëi béjaà cäpi çubhäçubhe
    täni vetti sa yogätmä tataù kñetrajïa ucyate.

    This body is called the kñetra, and within it dwells the owner of the body and the Supreme Lord who knows both the body and the owner of the body. Therefore He is called the knower of all fields. The distinction between the field of activities, the owner of activities and the supreme owner of activities is described as follows. Perfect knowledge of the constitution of the body, the constitution of the individual soul, and the constitution of the Supersoul is known in terms of Vedic literature as jïänam. That is the opinion of Kåñëa. To understand both the soul and the Supersoul as one yet distinct is knowledge. One who does not understand the field of activity and the knower of activity is not in perfect knowledge. One has to understand the position of prakåti, nature, and puruña, the enjoyer of the nature, and éçvara, the knower who dominates or controls nature and the individual soul. One should not confuse the three in their different capacities. One should not confuse the painter, the painting and the easel. This material world, which is the field of activities, is nature, and the enjoyer of nature is the living entity, and above them both is the supreme controller, the Personality of Godhead. It is stated in the Vedic language: “bhoktä bhogyaà preritäraà ca matvä sarvaà proktaà tri-vidhaà brahmam etat.” There are three Brahman conceptions: prakåti isBrahman as the field of activities, and the jéva (individual soul) is also Brahman and is trying to control material nature, and the controller of both of them is also Brahman, but He is the factual controller.

    In this chapter it will be also explained that out of the two knowers, one is fallible and the other is infallible. One is superior and the other is subordinate. One who understands the two knowers of the field to be one and the same contradicts the Supreme Personality of Godhead who states here very clearly that “I am also the knower of the field of activity.” One who misunderstands a rope to be a serpent is not in knowledge. There are different kinds of bodies, and there are different owners of the bodies. Because each individual soul has his individual capacity of lording it over material nature, there are different bodies. But the Supreme also is present in them as the controller. The word ca issignificant, for it indicates the total number of bodies. That is the opinion of Çréla Baladeva Vidyäbhüñaëa: Kåñëa is the Supersoul present in each and every body apart from the individual soul. And Kåñëa explicitly says here that the Supersoul is the controller of both the field of activities and the finite enjoyer.

  13. gdkumar

    gdkumar Member


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    we are all Krishna...we are all God
    Dear Chiefcowpie,

    It is so truly said, thanks. But you can say this only when you see Krishna in yourself and yourself in Krishna and all other beings. You can say this only when anybody's sorrows and happiness becomes your sorrows and happiness.

    That is total assimilation into Krishna, that is dissolving into Krishna's divinity. Can we really do it, feel it that way ? It is extremely difficult but not impossible.
    He himself tells us how we can do it and achieve oneness with Krishna.

    With lots of love..........Kumar.
  14. gdkumar

    gdkumar Member

    Dear Sleepingjiva(Pedromicho,right?),

    Thank you for your beautiful and enlightening post.

    I would only like to add that it is also very clearly mentioned by Him(Krishna) in the Gita that everyone's head is His head, legs and hands are His legs and hands, eyes are His eyes and so on.

    It is also said that nothing can have its existence without Him being into it.

    We are all Krishna alright but it is meaningless to say this without that realization and consciousness.

    With lots of love...........Kumar.
  15. ChiefCowpie

    ChiefCowpie hugs and bugs

    "you are that"
  16. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    "But you can say this only when you see Krishna in yourself and yourself in Krishna and all other beings."

    that's funny, all the other religions say the same thing about their gods.


    much love :)
  17. sleeping jiva

    sleeping jiva Member

    gdkumar: thanx, yes it's me pedromicho :) -sleeping soul, who is soaked in ignorance.Thank you for your great posts. You put it quite right. Please, find God in yourself, He's hidden under layers of material attachments.
    osiris: indeed, we are all the same, looking for the same thing. Materialism is another religion. Even materialists are seeking Krishna, but they falsely think it's in material wealth.
  18. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    are you saying that krishna is the real source and all the others are slight or gross misrepresentations?

    much love :)
  19. sleeping jiva

    sleeping jiva Member

    It is said in Bhagavadgita: everybody will return to Him. Some sooner, some later. Look at the people around -everybody's seeking happiness -that's what I'm saying. everybody's got this ideal -no one wants to suffer. Some say they like it, but it's only excuse, because they don't know what is their natural position. Passion brings suffering. If you're attached to this world you're gonna suffer, because material nature doesn't care about you -that's matter. Krishna cares. You think that material nature is Krishna, so you serve it, but the result is suffering, because mateiral nature is not Krishna. But if you surrender to Krishna you're in fact free from misery, because everything what is not related to Krishna is material nature. To surrender to Krishna isn't to go by some rules, it is more about your pure love to Him. that's the only way how to get rid of your egotism. You can't do it artificially -you need to substitute. By chanting His Holy Names you're with Him -just like that (I'm snapping with my fingers:) try it, then you have a right to say something about it. Forget the intelectual speculations for a while just sincerely chant these few words and be happy:

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
  20. gdkumar

    gdkumar Member

    "But you can say this only when you see Krishna in yourself and yourself in Krishna and all other beings."

    that's funny, all the other religions say the same thing about their gods.


    much love [​IMG]"........Osiris.
    Dear Osiris,

    Yes Osiris, it is not funny but is the beauty of all religions when read and understood properly.

    This is why a true lover of God respects all religions equally because he knows that it is the same God in other names for other religions. He loves and respects all different names and forms(Deities) knowing very well that it is the same God that he loves and worships.

    This is why nobody should leave or change his religion because it becomes an act of a man having good eyes but behaving like a blind man. It is an act of hurting your beloved God. He is in all religions but closest He is in your heart.
    There are thousands of advices in all religions, take the ones that suit you and you feel comfortable with.For that nobody needs to change his religion. Please remember, like "all roads lead to Rome", all these advice-paths lead to Him only.

    If you love Krishna you do not dislike or hate others, your true love for Krishna will make you see Krishna everywhere in every deity and being,living or dead.
    It should happen the same way if you are a lover of Jesus, Buddha or any other name.

    Chanting, as Sleeping jiva suggests, is a wonderful and sure way of developing the love-relationship between your God and yourself and in the process it automatically develops the same relationship with the whole world or universe or whatever you call it (Because your God is everywhere and in everything).

    With lots of love...........Kumar.

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