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    so i was recently stuck between a rock and a hard place in my life... well, more like a freakin boulder and a hard place. for a few months i have been in this absolutely dreary and miserable depression phase.. i have no idea what braught it on but i have been stuck in it and really negative and really self destructive and sad. im sort of coming out of it now but really i avoided like everyone and all i did was write and smoke and what not... so this is a poem sort of to myself but a couple lines are towards this person in my life who really likes to see others fail and played a huge role in this state i've been in... if anyone else is going thru this same sort of inner battle that im slwly beating i will gladly help and tell me if you can relate to this poem.. its kinda cheesey tho lol dont mind that

    Why do you feel the need to torture me with a plague of hurtful words
    ...But why do i feel the need to take them
    Why is it so hard to be nice to people who offer their love
    Why do i reject them indifferently and in return feel pain weighing down my heart
    Why do you drag me down so low and force me to question myself
    Every judgmental comment you give kills me a little more
    Why is it so hard for me to genuinely smile at people and love.... myself
    Does it make you happy to see me in silent misery
    Even with my lasting pain, i'm glad one of us is happy.

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