Happy (VW) campers overheat

Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by marisco, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. marisco

    marisco Member

  2. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    Awesome paint job on that bus. I have a 72 VW Camper. VW people rule [​IMG]
  3. busboy5447

    busboy5447 Member

    vw people do rock, I have a 71 bus. awesome cars
  4. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    I have a little 5 inch model of a VW bus. Does that count? I've always wanted one.

  5. marisco

    marisco Member

    I`ve never owned one myself, mores the pity, although I haven`t given up hope. However, there are other ways to live the dream:

  6. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    You bet that counts :rolleyes:

  7. submariner

    submariner Member

    I can say from personal exp that the vw craze is more of a cult thing than an aspect of being practical, Ive had in the past a wonderful air cooled and also a newer water cooled bus but past the v dub name and a bit of good gas mil. thier a pain in the ass......parts can not be found everywhere, esp with the water cooled ones....I was getting a outstanding 21 mpg with my watercooled but it was a dog in anything other than flatland driving.....now if you drive a 200 dollar pos bus more power to ya, the boneyards are full of parts rigs but mine were nice but the upkeep was unreal if your a serious traveler as I am.

    No I have a 30 year old one ton campervan that could pull a tank and yes the 10 mpg sucks ass but the trade off is great, endless power and when I do need parts thier everywhere....this is just my thoughts so dont be offended.....
  8. Apple Annie

    Apple Annie Member

    We've had two and loved them, except for one small thing---NO HEAT in a Midwest winter with small children is a world-class drag. There's the time we got blown off the road in western Nebraska in a whiteout blizzard---that sled got us back on the road and to the next town where the snow drifted over the TOP of it (while we were toasty warm in a motel)---great car! I did get to the point where I said no more cars with no heat, but I'd love to have a van that I could fix up like our old one---we camped in it and it was a blast!
  9. ...there's pictures of my van & me on my site at


    the VW scene is alive & well in the UK, come down to Santa Pod 23rd - 25th of this month, chill with the other 25,000 folk & see me cook pigs ears on the start-line...
  10. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    Yeah...well Joe's VW had to tow the Toadmobile in. They are putting in a tranny and clutch. Ughhhhhhhhhh........man, would it be nice to be rich right now. So many dreams for the vw. One day....one day :p
  11. marisco

    marisco Member

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