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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by stardust, Jan 21, 2005.

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    i am in a very happy place in my life right now and wanted to share it with you all!

    it seems to me that not a lot of people are really really happy and sometimes we dont apreciate the little things in life, but at the moment all the little things are conspiring to make me very happy so i wanted to share them with you, like the following......

    1) i just won some really cool glow-in-the-dark marbles off ebay

    2) i did a painting today and it turned out exactly how i wanted it to

    3) i went on a really long walk in the woods with a friend and his daughter(who's 10) and we spent the whole time pretending to be pirates and capturing ships that were really fallen down trees

    4) i had such a good shift at work that i didnt want to come home

    5) i got a really good insurance quote on my van, half of what i paid last year

    6) its been ages since i've had anything to worry about

    7) i got some new snow chains so my van only gets stuck in the really deep mud and not everywhere else

    8) i've worked out how to get my log burner to a perfect temperature and have stopped frying myself now

    9) the ducks and geese who live on the farm with me have started coming to my window for bread and to have a natter with me

    10) when i set fire to my hair last week i only burnt the underneath and so no-one can tell!

    these are all the little things that made me happy this week.

    it cheered me up thinking about them so i wanted to hear everyone elses little reasons to be happy so you can all be cheered up too!

    peace and love

    *edit* reason 11) some one put five stars on this post. i dont know where they came from or what they mean but they're very pretty!!
  2. Claire

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    Yay! A happy Stardust is a happy me!!! partly cos we are the same person!!! We are both Claires:p

    Am glad you are happy!!!!

    Hmm things that made me happy this weeks *ponders*​

    erm getting a warning at work for being completely unreliable....

    then my boss coming up to me and saying "we are still friends aren;t we?"

    "yes" i said.... "Am I a pain in the ass?"...

    he said "hahaha, sometimes:p "

    Creating (with Gary) an "Apple eating ritual" along with a specially designated meeting point (Gary's desk) and time (11:15am).... It's all the rage now you know:eek:

    The prospect of meeting some amazing people in 5 days time...

    My friends rocking like f**K:D

    The fact I've done the washing up!!!!!

    The fact I am spending most of Sunday in my bath with essential olis... a good book, candles and good music! *ME TIME*

    I know they are little things... but they made me very happykins this week....​

    Love Clairexxx​
  3. Jaz Delorean

    Jaz Delorean Senior Member

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    claire and claire that is so so good to hear... :D
    really warms the heart it do...
    stardust you made me laugh out loud... thanks :D
  4. Amanda's Shadow

    Amanda's Shadow Flower Child

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    My middle name is Claire. I'm not in a very good time right now, though. I'm optomistic, though. I'm getting ready to audition for all of my college theater departments, and I'm nervous. Also, I got, like, the Chicken Pox again. (Well, actually, 5th disease) But, anyway, I couldnt go to this protest that I wanted to go to. It made me happy to read your post. Hope that my life gets happier soon too! At least I've got my friends and family. (That was the cheesiest thing I ever said. hehe) But, keep the happy vibes going!
  5. tulip

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    i am happy, don't know why... maybe because of talking to friends online when i'm at work...

    all your posts made me even happier! and the owl impersonation thread made me laugh... especially the 'tuhwit tuhwoo' :D

    and jaz's post about the tree that invents music... hahah i'd love to read the whole story... :)

    hehehe i'm tired... and i have the hiccups... what more can you ask from life? :D
  6. Koolaid

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    Well if everyone else is happy so am I going to be...

    So here is why.....

    I am transferring jobs to be a paramedic in Berkshire but doesn't start till july now so can go to Glastonbury...

    The sun is shining right though my window and is making the whole room glow..

    There is a programme about hippo's on the discovery channel and I love hippo's

    My room is tidy cos I got off my arse and did it last night...

    I have quit smoking for 3 weeks today

    and cos life is pretty good at the moment.....
  7. Xiola

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    This weekend things have been happy for me too...

    I brought a ticket to Glasgow.

    One of my favouritest friends has got her visa for New Zealand and is therefore ecstatically happy. :D I'm going to miss her loads when she goes, but it's still a very happy thing.

    I have 3 weeks left at college until half-term, then 4 weeks after that it will be the Easter holidays. Then 6 weeks after that I leave college for study leave. My last exam is the 23rd June...and then I am completely FREE!

    I saw a shooting star for the first time last night! :D:p

    I am comfortable with the plans I have made for the future for possibly the first time ever.

    And on top of that…I’m going to see the Levellers soon:p
  8. Beautiful_Day

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    Hey Emma, I have a friend who is going to Australia to live, in 2 months...i'm gonna miss him too, he was my bestest drinking buddy! ahh well, onto more happy things....

    Ive just had the Wierdest but most awesome weekend ever in Amsterdam on my bod [​IMG], have met some amazing people and been to some scary and cool places at the same time hehe. I dont think ill ever forget this weekend. [​IMG] this makes me a very happy chappy at the moment! tis a shame i have to fly back home tonight...if your ever thinking of going to Amsterdam though, go for it! theres no way you cant have a good time in this place!

    Im happy because i won a substantial amount of money by beating this bar owner at snooker 4 times last night!! somewhere around 150 euros !! tis the first time ive ever won that sort of money heeheee, the man then proceeded to take me to lots of bars he has stakes in and he bought me and this other english couple drinks all night. I then got whisked away by some Dutch hippies to this underground rave thing the other side of the city, i had to pretend to be dutch to get in [​IMG], it was totally illegal lol. didnt get back to the hotel till 7am this morning

    So yeah anyway..holidays make me happy, because of the crazy people you meet, the great times you have, and the new places to explore

    Also going to see the Levellers soon, and see my groovy buddy Emma who i havnt seen in years! [​IMG] and Jaz and anyone else who is coming. Will be a happy time!

    Am also going to see a freind soon who i met at the 1st Beautiful Days festival and havnt seen in a long time! since the Levellers' Cheltenham gig last year!

    and generally im quite happy with life at the mo...financial stability is a big bonus. This is the first time i can afford to do things like go to Amsterdam on hol etc etc...

    And a nice man just gave me a free ticket to stay on the internet a bit longer! Ive noticed that people are a lot nicer over here than they are in the UK! theres no violence, no-ones tried to steal anything, everyone is really polite too.. this is a FAR better country than the UK...lets all do a mass migration to Amsterdam...Leave Tony to run his crap country on his own!

    Happy times!

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