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  1. Afew legal questions:

    A few months ago someone who isnt me made some marijuana brownies for a friend. Said marijuana brownies were all later found by cops in an accident. Said friend is a close friend, but is very gullable, and I know he has revealed his source of said brownies (someone who isnt me) to his lawyer, and his parents. He was charged with possesion of marijuana basically, and maby intent to distribute, I dont know really. Needless to say, his court date is on feb. 14th, which is coming up. Thus far, nothing bad of it has come on my end, but do you think they may offer him a lesser sentence or some shit if he reveals his source, then they may come after me?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. eat_some_LSD

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    More than likely the police asked him for the source when he was arrested; though it could still be up in the air...his parents may get him to rat you out in exchange for a lower sentence, so the best idea would be to just talk to him.
  3. Dazed4now

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    if u have the least bit of thought that hes gonna tell on you kill him
    its the only way

    its a harsh world out there man

    dont listen to me im talkin outta my ass
    just talk to him, or blackmale(sp?) him...
  4. problem solved...*silence*
  5. Dazed4now

    Dazed4now Member

  6. hay sup dudes

    hay sup dudes Member

    hey man this should help[​IMG]
  7. bodsy

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    This pic again? Oh man I 'm feeling queezy.
  8. nah, the pigs did ask him for his source, and he didnt give it to them, so all is good.
  9. oOflyeyesOo

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    hah you keept saying it wasnt you but by the end of it you said it was you :p

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