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    These useless words you throw at me,

    are not so useless after all.

    May they shake, and I will awake,

    awakened to you.


    I am set free,

    my heart is lighter.

    You were tied to me,

    as I tryed to make you float,

    I weighed you down.

    But that was an illusion.

    Now I soar and for this,

    I thank you.


    My jar of water is almost full,

    I can become infinite,

    Permeable beyond all.

    Deep beyond all.

    Clear beyond all.


    As I walk, everything dwindles.

    All starts clear, a concrete road.

    The furthur I go, the path cracks,

    it becomes part of the earth.

    Until I don't know where I'm going,

    exept that there are footprints,

    of those who trod here before me.

    I carry on, and soon.

    There is no path at all.

    And yet I carry on,

    and realise.

    The sun doesn't shine,

    but I see things lucidly.

    Evil Eye

    The next time your evil eyes glint.

    I will poke them out.

    They are windows to the corrupt soul.

    Most think you are beautious.

    But I see through your illusion,

    I find a crack in it,

    and the spell shatters.

    7 Years

    Can a broken mirror be fixed?

    Of course!

    Will the seven unlucky years not pass?

    Of course!

    It cannot be fixed by any amount of glue,

    or any amount of wanting.

    But by melting it to the primal fluid.

    Am I talking about the luck or the mirror?


    I let the world crash down on me,

    I do not care,

    I will just bask in life's radience,

    and wait till the Titans sent after me,

    give up.


    Any time or place,

    doesn't change me.

    Because they do not reach my core.

    For I am you,

    and me,

    everywhere and nowhere.

    Fully and completely.

    Love and you'll know.


    10 million phantoms,

    come out of the black void,

    cold, caressing my numb skin,

    sucking it of all heat.

    All twisting and writhing,

    in and out of eachother.

    A huge, collective shape shifter.

    As you fall onto the white paper,

    you are indistinguishable,

    but you reveal, truer contours.

    At the time I wrote these, I was reading a lot of Haikus so if you don't like that style then I can see why you might think it's shit.

    I don't like quite a lot of this but I hope you do. Please pick out the lines that are hot.


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    I speak with words that mean nothing,

    And everything eventually will end,

    what is now what I think is me

    will be dust swept away.

    But I will still be me,

    still love,



    With tears that are not mine

    Don't dwell on the flower

    and not the fruit.

    For Isaac when you were upset

    I love you,

    no matter what you say,

    what you do,

    no matter how much pain you make.

    You may beat me,

    and my love will carry on,

    you may tear my insides out,

    and from beyond the grave

    my affections for you will continue,

    with the tenacity of an immortal lobster.

    I will not ask what is wrong,

    unless you wish to say.

    I wish only for your happiness,

    For you I would risk everything,

    as you have risked so much for me.


    All I know is that I am.

    Nothing else.

    we will ascend,



    The battlements crumble under the wind,

    the forces of nature engulf all that we lean on,

    soon we will be stronger in this vunerablilty,

    but we won't know it.



    I do not want to feel,

    the cold wind blowing me around.

    I just want to be aware of it

    and transend it,

    like you transend,

    all earthly things.


    The truth is a something that strengthens,

    yet it itself is as weak as sand,

    It can get ground up,

    people can have a whisper of it,

    but this is only a half truth,

    the rest is lost to the egos of the millstones,

    Yet the sand granuals are still strong,

    it is our job, to let whatever truth comes our way,

    radiate through us.

    Dissolving everything else.

    When we let the truth be,

    if we do not interfere,

    if we give ourselves up to truth,

    the truth refines itself.

    This is the absolute truth.

    For Becca when you were upset

    I can fly you to a distant star,

    or to the place that is always so near and far.

    When you cry my wings spread,

    So trust me my love,

    let me take you away

    from the grisly world of pain.

    You will be no burden,

    because you are a weight I choose to carry.

    Your beautious face,

    shines bright in my minds eye

    and it radiates, immortal, throughout my heart.
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    The stream arising,

    Falls back down -

    How about another.

    The leaf on my wall,

    So much pain -

    How boring.

    I miss the free form,

    They don't come to me so much,


    I will be the samurai.

    Wiping away that which isn't full


    Anytime now, I know it.

    No-one knows but I can smell,

    The reaper watching.

    Watching with love at heart.

    Taking life without hesitation,

    The tears come, when he sees the ripples,

    That spread from his kiss.

    And that kiss is so sweet.


    For every vain profanity,

    That echoes through this world,

    I take two steps back,

    One step too far.

    I don't know how I get to where I'm going,

    But I trust that my legs take me there,

    I know that all falls into place,

    As long as I let it.

    I drop everything I carry,

    Clarity will be mine,

    All the universal wisdom,

    Coexists with my stewing brain.

    The Imp

    The garden imp,

    Upon knowing his name -

    Vanishes into the eternal void,

    That is the fount of all beingness.


    All that I know, slips away,

    To be replaced with that I feel.

    The plane balances.

    The clouds disappear.

    Sinking through the timeful,

    Falling out into the timeless,

    Potentially latent impressions

    Make them selves known.

    The Butterfly

    As the butterfly lands,

    Its wing beat slows,

    But when will it stop?

    The Snail

    This eye is an eye that cannot be replaced,

    So please don't poke it out.

    I would rather it falls out,

    On its own accord.

    Like the ripe,

    Heavy fruit,

    Of a tree.

    It should let gravity,

    Take it, for a ride into the dark,

    Earthly abyss.

    Destining it for the sky,

    With leaves greener than its mother.

    I am a fool, a snail,

    Searching for the shell on its back.

    Paradise Lost

    As I saw the stars I knew,

    that although billions of miles away,

    it still makes me move.

    I saw a paradise lost,

    to the sodium lights.

    Glinting in my eye,

    it is not separate.

    It is the subtle monkey,

    clambering into my mind.

    It collects the lumps,

    and eats them.
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    This is punishment?

    I have time to sit with myself-



    Cave man talk funny.

    No grammar.

    Sit and breathe

    I think that I better just sit and breathe for a while.

    Spring Twigs

    Snapping the spring twigs,

    The garden regrows -

    Feeding off its dead brothers.

    Like a drunk

    I need to feel free,

    Since you came

    Everyone stopped talking.

    I am alone,

    Lost like a drunk,

    Finding his way home,

    I will arrive eventually.

    When I do,

    My walls and floors will be bare,

    I won't have anywhere to sleep.

    I will have to doze standing.

    I've forgotten how to smile.

    Please let me be held.

    I am no longer the cosmic forest,

    I am the refracted beam.

    Monkey Mind

    Their monkey minds,

    Jumped from branch to branch-

    But then they calmed down.

    A large field to wander in

    A large field to wander in,

    Is also a nice place to sit.

    I means that however far your mind runs off,

    It must always return.

    It resists the return.

    Don't stick your head in the sand.

    I shine my light on the monkey,

    And he burns up.

    The person over the road

    I think she is the person over the road.

    Metta Bhavana

    The spring leaves watch me-

    My frozen heart melts before me.

    I smile and my heart smiles back.

    So does the world.

    As the sun shines, love pours

    Out of every rotting pour.

    It refreshes me,

    Poison dissolves.

    Akusala dissipates.

    The Buddhas smile at me.

    I realise that they were smiling,

    All along.

    The glass is breaking,

    My broken wings,

    Are getting fixed.

    My creased face smoothes,

    I love all,

    The cruel and kind alike.


    I would rather carry on,

    I don't know what it might bring.

    I have fully empty,

    Yet full mind.

    I can feel it buzzing,

    With thought.

    I just have no idea,

    What they are.

    I try to think,

    Of something to say,

    But nothing comes.

    Like the bee comes to nectar.

    I am the nectar.

    It is there lurking.

    A magnet for the muse.

    That lady that strikes,

    With such unsuspecting force.

    I am asleep,

    Blissfully ignorant.


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