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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Jezmund, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Jezmund

    Jezmund Member

    MiddleTennessee is the best state to start a commune in my opinion. We get all four seasons here in pretty much equal amounts. PLEASANT WINTERS. The country is beautiful. nice, green, rolling hills and great soil for growing. The land is also very cheap and its a liberal state. Law enforcement isnt rough at all and people tend to keep to themselves and mind their own business. This is a great state to settle down

    I think it would be great if about 20 or so families all put in an equal amount of money and bought a nice big peice of land in the highland rim area. Grundy County, TN would be a great place. All we would need is about 20 acres. It would be really easy and inexpensive to build our own shelters from the land. I already have the experience in this field and all the tools necessary. We wouldnt really need any form of government since there wouldnt be so many of us. It would be good if we had someone with experience in farming. It would be smart for about five of us to have simple jobs at places like mcdonalds, wal mart, etc. for a little extra income. A percentage of the money would definately have to go into a winter/emergency fund. the rest of us could tend to the crops. we could rotate the responsibilities from year to year or season to season. We could also have some sort of internet business centered at the community for a liitle more cash. All of us could come and go as we please. afterall it is not so hard to mantain such a simple peice of property. but it will take teamwork and some effort to set it all up. cooperation is key

    so is my idea plausible? did I miss anything?
  2. Jezmund

    Jezmund Member

    and is anyone interested in this idea?
  3. This commune would need a set of rules and it's own power supply and you have to hook up phones and all that for this internet thingy you spek of. It sounds like a great idea to me. My husband andi have always thought comunnal living would be great to do and we are always looking for a place to start it. What are your views on children marriage drugs and all that is also important to know because I am hippie and my honey is punk rock. We have a kid and she would need others to play with. For real are you?
  4. Man I'd love to go there. I wish I could. That sounds incredible.
  5. Alexandria

    Alexandria Member

    What part of TN are you from?
  6. I don't know if you're asking me Alexandria, but I'm from New York, however I've been looking for one of those communes to go to.

    If you're not talking to me, then ignore this message.
  7. Jezmund

    Jezmund Member

    rules yes. but why it's own power supply. My idea is more like a cooperative or a gated community than a full out commune. communes are like seperate countries. more freedom than a commune here and we would probably have more contact with the outside world than a regular commune.

    Manchester, TN
  8. Smojke

    Smojke Member

    I see that most people who want a commune are short on cash and that is the reason most want the commune, I for one would like that. But being short on cash is what keeps a commune from forming. To buy land, cheap land will be about $1000 and acre, each family will need a couple acres if they are going to make a living off the land. The problem I see is who would own the land, of course then there are the legal fees to make sure that if one person defaults that everyone will not lose what they worked so hard to achieve. Another thing is most people need a job to have an income till they get on their own, so location would make a big deal. I would entertain the idea of one here in Ohio close to my job, or some other location that would be workable.
  9. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    The Farm is in TN
  10. teepi

    teepi living my dream

    When i lived at EPP in Vermont, there was a corporation set up to oversee the bylaws, land taxes,mission statement etc.

    And although we grew pot there for 20 years it finally came down to one woman getting pissed and coming into possesion of a wild hair in her ass to set off the beginning of the end.

    Thus the Feds. showed up,found some weed growing, searched the homes and found a few guns (this was after,WAY AFTER my time there) and seizing the land.
    People who had built homes there and made a way of life there lost EVERYTHING.
    The house my husband built in 1970-'71 was burned down with the other homes and the whole place is now a state forrest.

    So please if you do this, make sure you look into setting up bylaws and EVERYONE understands that legally what they choose to do can and will effect the rest.

    It sucks that you would have to bring legalities into it and for 20 years the park worked.....
    But as time went on more and more assholes showed up who didn't respect what had been built there.

    I loved living that life, we had a communal area we called "stump meadow",there was a free kitchen there and you could bring whatever you had and whoever was cooking would throw it all in a pot and it was always a strange brew....but it was always delicious.
    The area had been set aside for treecutting purposes,we cut no trees we didn't have to.
    Thus resulting in a meadow of stumps. Handy for sittin' although we usually were on the ground. Many a night after a meal we would all build a fire and sit around it, drink, smoke and Larry would play for us and man, we would SING.
    There were always drums around and the sounds were beautiful.

    There was a small river running through the park and thats where we bathed, we built a sauna and there was a mud bank on the other side.
    We would build a fire and heat rocks all day then transfer them into a pit in the sauna, get nekkid, and sprinkle water on the rocks creating our steam, then when you couldn't stand it anymore run out and jump in that cold ass river....what a RUSH!!!
    Or you could go sit on the mud bank and cover each other with mud, sit in the sun and dry then jump in and scrub.
    Some days there would be 20 of us out there at a time.

    Larry and I built a sauna here last year, but damn it, its just not the same....

  11. Midget

    Midget Senior Member

    teepi...that sounds really kewl. :D Sucks that someone messed it up. :(

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