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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Eavesdrop, May 27, 2007.

  1. Eavesdrop

    Eavesdrop Member

    For those who remove the hair on your bikini area, what is the best way to remove it? Out of your experience, what have you found to work the best?

    I shave, but I find it difficult, and I have problems with the red bumps afterwards. Doesn't look too attractive to me with that. Whats your advice?
  2. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    It's a jungle, baby, shave it, and it grows right back. I don't know who you could ask about that, doll. Hell, I don't know.. maybe your gyno?
  3. _jane_

    _jane_ Member

    I just don't use bikini, but if I wear them I let my curlies get out on the sides... :)
  4. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    The best is to dont remove them.
    Let it be.
    If you begin to shave it grows back 10 times thats not a good idea to begin with.
    Use wax only. But it is best to dont touch anything in this area. >You got bumps isnt it prove enough that it is a bad idea to do so?
    And what do you want to do it for anyway?
    >Men dont shave, why should we????
  5. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    lol Thanks for telling me.
  6. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    hahaha! that was cool, i do that too!
  7. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    Really now. Is there anything you girls won't talk about? lol
  8. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    Baby, it seems to interest you a lot since you go in all forums and thread smade for girls and enjoy so much reading girls stuff and secrets..
    must be because thats things you always wanted to know but never dared to ask them about... and soem times what you say is so funny! just because of it!


    and I love you for that!
  9. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    What can I say? I'm a have to know type of guy. Ok, so I'm nosey. Big deal. lol
  10. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    I found that really cool, love.
    it is good to want to know.
    just ask, and you will be answered.
  11. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    Ok, is it safe to be around a girl when she goes through "The Change"?
    You know.. Aunt Flow never stops by for a visit again.
  12. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    What do you mean by "save".
    You think she is going to eat you?
    And dont say aunt flow it sounds discriminating.

    It is definitly alright. We feel pain not every month, and not all the time.
    Rest we do as usual, things have to be done, and thats all.
    Most women just keep it for themselves and oyu will never notice if they have their period or not.
    Call it menstruations or period, thats the word for it.
    No need to hide it as if it was the weirdes thing in the world, or like you were talking about aliens.
  13. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    thats bs. there is a disease otu there that does literally make peoples hair grow back much thicker/coarser, but for most women any change (if there is one, never has been one for me) is nominal - certainly not "10 times more"

    personally i just shave, and use an unscented soap bar made for sensitive skin to lather up first.

    oh, and, fyi to the other two in this thread... there is a pm function on the forums instead of taking over someone elses thread and derailing it
  14. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    HEY! cut down on the agression sister!

    how it grows back you dont have patent on it, adn it differ from a woman to another.
    as for people talking to one another in threads thats what all are doing so what is your problem??
    if you dont like talking to people nor people talking together, what are you doing in a forum???????

    and when you say "those 2" precise whom you are talking about and why, i think you are derailing the thrread by being so fcking agressive when people were talking so nicely to each others and having such a good itme.
    be cool
  15. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    Oh, please don't keep me in pm too long. Riggs will go nuts.
  16. kjhippielove88

    kjhippielove88 color + rhyme

    to get this thread back on topic...

    shaving is a pain in the ass. id suggest either waxing yourself or going somewhere to get it done. its more expensive than shaving but the hair wont grow back as fast
  17. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    cheapest easiest way..let it grow
  18. Poem~Girl

    Poem~Girl Member

    I'm a manicurist pedicurist and i wax. if you use the Green wax it removes a lot better. eye brows, legs , etc. Smoother. Honey wax i find a lot messier. But seriously if you constantly keep on waxing eventually hair will not be where you were waxing. I personally don't wax. But i have waxed clients before. I have heard of horrow stories that turned into nice ones because of waxing. Depends on the type of person and also the skin tone as well as the type of hair too.
  19. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    To get this back on are so right. Shaving is a real pain in the azz, love.
  20. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    lol Right on, cool dude. That's a shit load of hair you go there. WOW !

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