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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by hahaha04, Apr 13, 2013.

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    I have made some great friends here over the last few years, some met in person, some sadly not yet....

    Many of you know I like to explore psychedelics, in the past quite frequently, but last 6 months or so not much at all. I have what Id consider a good deal of knowledge and experience with such chems as LSD,2ce,mxe,4aco dmt, various strains of mushrooms, quite a few other RCs and of course non psychedelic drugs.

    Anyway, so I am trying to build on all my wonderful experiences with psychs as I have not been recently and incredibly fortunately I was gifted a tab of LSD from a great friend.

    • ]Dropped last night @10:00pm, i could tell about 30 mins in pretty heavy onset effects.
    • Around 11:00pm i was starting to really peak which was a very wonderful and even rushing come up.

    Had a great solo trip watching a couple films, in parts, spending some nice time outside periodically pack a bowl, and smoking cigarettes.

    Thing that struck me about this trip was that I was very humbled at the strength of L that someone I had forgotten to some degree. At points I was in the area of fighting against just letting go fully and some of the small time fear and anticipation that often arises. One of the most blissfull parts of the trip was laying outside in the 60 degree weather which was actually great. Chest heaving as I started up into the night sky. I had a bowl packed and smoked it lying on my back and practiced a little meditation that I have being learning for a while, and i really fell into lysergic bliss, utterly and totally for a while until I came to and had been outside for a while.

    This what about 4 hours in. After came inside relaxed, watched part of 'The Wall" which I haven't seen in ages, then took a walk around my area for a while came back inside after the final bud smoking for the night and lay down letting go with a couple live dead shows i listed to through headphones in the dark with a couple candles burning. Fell into easy sleep sometime after. Very nice comedown indeed.

    This trip humbled me a lot, got me to actually resolve and set plans, and to stick with them. Great affirmation of positive trip. Woke up around 10am this morning, a little groggy but a quick wake and bake, cigarette, and a fat bowl of dank helped that all out. Been writing, doing school work and unwinding rest of the day.

    Just thought Id thrown this up there and also does anyone else after having not tripped in a long time get blown back by the positive effects of psychs. I haven't forgotten at all, they are a passion of mine, but just taken down a peg I suppose
  2. Voyage

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    It's good to pull the curtain back every so often and get reminded that it's not all about you. :)
  3. TopNotchStoner

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    Sounds like an awesome night. I dosed a single tab of L that night too, and it was surprisingly potent. I watched "Enter The Void" during my trip, while occasionally taking breaks to listen to music and also venture outside to look at the stars. That was my first trip in more than a year, and my first experience with LSD since 2010, so it was a nice re-introduction to psychedelia.
  4. It's been awhile for me now too, a lot of my confusion is getting highs on weed that feel psychedelic, and mistaking that for a trip. Last time I tripped acid, I think in the fall/winter i had a couple months break and decided to trip with a friend in a tent.

    It blew me away again How much stronger it was than I remembered. I feel similar today, right now, 5gs of caps or 10 hits of L doesn't sound like so much, but I know it would be!

    I found I love that reintroduction to psychedelia too! :) kind of has a strange underworld vibe you keep visiting.

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