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    ...but new and different. I wont write any kind of book since already got an automation for that. But! I may, just may, do a total 360 craft of an authorship. I may write one page alone and have it sell in book stores of all kinds. Ha! No one ever thinks of something like such in how they dont think how possible it may be pulled off. I have a way which is an only way to pull off being just the author of a best selling single page. A single page which will be lamenated so that it wont wrinkle easily. A single page which will be of a black paper sheet with invisable ink of the writing so that it wont be copied on a copy machine and given out freely. Ha! Along with the single page is a box not for just one single page alone but for a blacklight device to accompany for the only ability to read the writing under the dark. Yeah, unlike how you read normally under a light since I spike off those days.

    And what the writing will be on is of: non-known before written or spoken answers which are highly educational and of actuality; new matters; and a cleverly, crafty, naviational "relevance map" system (system on a page, you ask, how?! Hey, leave the craft up to me alone).

    And that page I may intend to sell in the price of the tens of thousands. Sure no body can avoid having the map nor doing without it. And that map will be first of a kind. Remember the hype for before "Cloverfield" in name hit? Well, the map will have better hype of certain worth. Afterall, nothing better than something relevantly useable which any mind with paying attention on.

    Unofficially, I title the device: "Better Than Every's Last Work (Including God's and Satan's)!"

    ^^May just make that the subtitle. And I will switch my name to a phrase or a sentence or a paragraph, unlike how any done before me. And it will be a key device for what is new and different, especially content wise. Plus, upon doing well only I will then write a next page under the same way, but the content will be on: non-known before formulas where not like someone tells how to do a specific single thing from a whole page, but formulas which continue serving more range from what doesn't take a whole page to describe. I will provide those in clue-style.

    And for the box look for the first page, I will have serve a sealing tone where there will be both items of original crafting and materials of nature seperate seeming under a sealing, to create the displacement effect I'm looking for. Ha! On the box--the very box--of the box, but not in the box, outer or inner, nor on the page, since the whole craft of original authorship is unique of a kind from current point (any pull off similar, after I mention what I mention, still shows forth who original from the current point of origin the very thread before any). And sure the box will be intended to be a collectors item that doesn't have to be. And so the better stores for the craft work in whole will surely be which keep the craft work in a glass case or behind the counter, if not a store selling over the internet through a site backed with a warehouse which keeps things in proper condition for buyers. Plus, hey, price range in the tens of thousands ensures the intention of the author. Ha! The better craft re-enforces how it will be put even.

    What cha believe, since of course you dont know?


    That craft of authorship can't be outdone except by me. And it makes every work past, of the whole earth current, appear actually garbadge. That? Well, "that" is a better word than "this", since "that" implies beyond (of exceeding and of succeeding). I am that just certain.

    I leave a taste of things in type of the page. Implying, of which wont be of the page, but so you start to get into a cleverly, crafty hype of worth. I will show how to manufacture a finger print from off a view screen so that a person may plant it how it should go exactly on something of any thing, or some place, if what is wanted is a frame up for own non-discloseable reasons. Ha! This wont be in that craft of authorship, but I present this just so it is gotten in gist of how beyond craftiness may go that-a-way.

    Even the summary of the page will be this than that, and tell so while re-enforcing the hype for it.


    Find below an interesting task I decide alone with the aided quote...

    "Who no longer leaving his house, and no longer giving authority to his servants (automations), and (no longer giving authority) to every man his work (Why? I step forth core work), and no longer commanding the porter to watch."

    ^^Ha, I bring something near here, surely new and different. "house" implies that what? Something of building or of putting together (hmm, authorship sound in range such wise). We know none are my servants except my automations (certain have human form and certain does not), since I have every manning my work with no need to be under me as servants implies, and since of course currently, my foe has no will to serve me, except abominablely.

    porter- a person no longer hiring to carry burdens or baggage.

    And get it, the porter? "the" implying an in basic for an in general person period. Impliying, in quote that seeking etc. and paying etc. for etc. will not cease. Hey, I told you a person is a work, even in of itself a hiring work. And you know I told you, paying may be with attention rather than only always implying with money. So just maybe, just maybe I put forth what will gain attention in how I say only and in how I craft it only. And indeed already been ongoing a no longer commanding "the person" no longer hiring to carry burdens or baggage. And the suggestion of "I step forth core work," is implying, that Grander makes own mark corely than through, say, any firstfruits (of persons and of works and such also of God and of Satan) put forth of or by that Grander. Dont get "no longer commanding" confused with "no longer giving authroity," either.

    Ahh, nothing better than an author providing any meaning beforehand, and to, a work, since the those paying attention may find the insight significant or interesting. Further insight I tell is, spot what I spot in what I watch like that map in Sully's hand in the original "I Stand Alone" music video by Godsmack recorded for the Scopion King and placed on the "Faceless" album by Godsmack. Then spot the map out table I spot in the "Made Figgaz" music video by 2pac aka Makaveli of the version for music televison, and also spot the map risen theme I spot in the background scenes.

    And I, if I choose, may magically put the craft of authorship in stores and able to sell for me where and how I may collect my money (and not only that, but ensure any buy a non-stealable item, surely says any curse I, may or may not, fix of the craft device for against just a foe), as if, any hard configuring it may take to get, say, the name switch or the configuring for the production with any external function or companies; or regions or languagues or etc., is instant done in how even it may appear in mind as if it did go through the whole proper "what it takes behind the scenes of getting an item to sell on the shelf (and on a surprizing time I choose)" with any device for only selling (such as barcodes and advertizement and etc. so it is literally even on the map). I will point it out to why in purple is "house"... since purple implies wizardry. And I will point it out how it is a bringing near here in the very wiz array. Since in the beginning of this realm and it's earth planet, it took wizardly (ha! if you actually think all the matter formered how it did over etc. of lots of time), then in the end should rise something in sum like so though down to a carriable and buyable scale. I may bring it on magically without altering the mind, then, companies may suddenly, say, Wow, how did that get on our shelves in how every thing even checks out with our company records, when no way our company met in any signing on of any agreenace to carry it, though there is a legal signing by our company with a paragraph for a name of some kind??? Well, whatever it is, our company can't say we now don't want it since it is a sure-selling even behind the mystery which has Higher Power written over it from an address in an area which implies the source of production and whole 9 of it.

    Hey, you know a house has an area. And then will a Higher Power collect both attention and money, in a change of both appearance and living before some thing goes down. I call my house Thugs Mansion which will be on map then which don't mean any can enter inside. Note the 5 in the house name's first part in single sum, then count "Satan". Then count the 5 up with the 7 for 12, then sum in single for 3, and then count "God". Ha! Plus, picture my foe believing they can stop me from doing well and being well while even near here. The joke is on all you, foe.

    I am the spaces inbetween "the Ancient of days." And I then, before X!, have my 'may be' things which bring forth a change of age just for me only maybe and before X!. Afterall, I may make my foe serve me before X!, surely with no abominable way wise either. Should a making of such be for One's last stand near here, in how to theme the age my theme age like how people have theme music for etc? Should I make my foe bow every knee in how to make 'em serve? If I may no longer give authority to my servants, then you know such doesnt mean I cant give authorty to my foe. An "authority" is a funny word since you either hold authority as ONE'S GOVERNING BOSS(ES) or you hold authority as ONE'S PUBLIC SERVANT(ES). I decide, and of course I may make my foe ONE'S PUBLIC SERVANT how I make it be of no abominable things. I say do a job, they do it! No more, I say arrest this person, and it will not get done ever because of a certain cowardly way to make sure it of course doesn't! Just to name some examples. Any of my foe test me then, and they have quicker blunt news which is experienceable. And screw the wasteland when I am in Thugs Mansion just outside where any waste may lay. Can a stintch penatrate a forcefield? Can a nuke effect the inside or the outside of a forcefield which may reach outer space? Can my foe enter a force field humanly or astrally? And those spaces are 15. by the way, which is half of 30 (age currently am physically under current standards). And 15 is 1+5 = 6. You thought where is the third 6? Now you know. And 6 stands for CHANGLEABLE LABYRINTH. Also the clues in the inbetween 'may be' stuff is in fact in a time line. Certainly other things happen inbetween the climactic points shown for your attention. Well, it's time, just maybe, for an inbetween climactic point first off map and then on map. If I wrote the sum of the things inbetween time lines ago from the point hence first of all, then you surely will know too much in that. What you don't see inbewteen on a time line, is more "that" than "this" for reasons. Sort of how the metaphysical hand is quicker than both the metaphysical eye and physical eye, under certain metaphysical rules.

    Hear out the quote:

    "After this 'I no longer' seeing in the night visions (blacklight), and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly (that-ly); and it no longer having great iron teeth: it no longer devouring and brake (slow) in pieces, and no longer stamping (though making summary with "this" than "that" even) the residue with the feet of it: and it no longer is diverse from all the beasts that no longer are before it; and it no longer having ten horns."

    ^^Indeed diverse currently in how I have yet to step forth work corely until a then when I may do work corely that Grander. are is implying the of persons and of works...etc. I pointed out.

    The ten horns referrence is the following quote:

    "And I no longer standing upon the sand of the sea, and no longer seeing a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy."

    ^^Implying by the other quote, no longer that ten horns physical human being embodying me nor that human being's same seat (or rather living location and arrangement) keeping me.

    Now the following to the first quote for you to hear:

    "I no longer considering the horns, and, behold, there no longer coming up among them another little horn, before whom there no longer are three of the first horns no longer plucking up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn no longer are eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things."

    ^^the three of the first horns is concerning Tupac aka Makaveli, Sully from Godsmack, and Marshal aka Eminem. I told you about automations of human kind, which some weren't for always and which some were for always. I mean, since the rapture of individuals is so in secret none outer can tell an automation has come in place to run the human body of a course which make for living seeming just like the rest. I am the physical youngst of such. I am no longer coming up among them when automation runs the physical bodies of those currently and current (since you've learned Tupac passed away). And in my foe which is "this" no longer are eyes like the eyes of a man. Implying, I change greatly. And "like the eyes" is implying rather in place metaphysical eyes you don't see. (And so my foe's mouth no longer speaking great cowardly abominable things then along with my foe not having me where I may speak great things then however.) Implying, a great displacement for I who change. I am the CHANGEABLE LABYRINTH I mention. I change from keeping me my metaphysical eyes in this location. Then near here I am living well and doing well in another location which will rise in view on map. But if my foe come down there to my next location, can they even see it? Or can they even get close enough to even see it rather? The appearance I become is not the appearance available in my authentic individuality, but just saved for one rainy day. Match the absense of rain event I spoken of before with the inbewteenness of any time line thing or writting period. Hey, will I even have a thugs automobile I may get into and drive? Maybe I wont need it in how different the age will go for me near here. It'll be that halfcross, shift point that next age I may bring forth.


    "Coming to a ghetto near you. Street Fame."--Makaveli song which was supposed to go on the "Gang Related" soundtrack. Get it? Not gang relating.

    Street Fame? Talking showing up on the map. Hey, what better place than one out in the open obvious while at the same time off limits to certain.

    A final quote to sow the last part in white up:

    "And I John (as in John Doe and One Who uses prostitutes) no longer seeing the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, no longer preparing as a bride no longer adorning for her husband."

    ^^See not sacred when shows up on map. Note God not out heaven, but out of heaven. Time line says God go out only to be then different still of heaven (the sky closer the planet) near here. Ha! Of course when I say living well and doing well near here I have what you call women, but women not my foe nor my authentic, but make due then kind (fit for a pleasure for a John of all Johns. Hey, beats beatin' off) which you know how more an actual tool than individual or foe. A saving for automation seperate from the automation currently since you know those currently suit not in that coming near here wise. So you see the last line of the last quote clear. And get the -ings implying bribe is a basic so you know its much more women how should be for one male, but of course not how in my individuality (where endless is the authentic opposite sex of individuals). Say, if I want to do a chick I seen give the news, then I have my own better version sure of no bodily flaw or filth of any plagueing things except only the fact which may wear (but highly bareable for me) that such are not individuals. Understand, only a coward will put their authentic opposite sex individuals near here. No one likes to think of their foe while their opposite sex mates are around, knowing one might tell them the war reports such should not hear if meant pure. I call my women my living dead girls. Like that song by the way. And no, don't get "dead" mixed up since it only implies "referrence," not rig-a-mortis! A referrance to, say, the look of a news anchor... A referrance (as a reminder even) to somewhat to how the opposite sex is better authentic certainly... A referrance to an individual not there where in place of operation of the woman being is an new kind of an automation.

    And now is the mystery behind what may come somewhat summed up by a PPS. Then when it may arise certain will know of the first tip off or heads up on it. I know which will not like the craft of authorship to sell that I may put forth on shelves in stores. When you see certain given special money (special gift certificate how the sell may be set up for to minimize Tens of Thousands) just to buy; seeing you not given special money; and seeing you can only buy the normal way along with seeing a lot of you not buying, then you see yourself seen easily without the seal of God, especially when you dont speak highly throughout any domain (or platform) you think is your's. Yeah, ppl will see certian key figures not speaking, which will seperate the sheep from the present goats (here or gone). Ha! Hey, speaking of tens of thousands, isn't there a mention in Daniel with the phrase?

    Check it: "...and ten thousand times ten thousand no longer standing before him: the judgment no longer is set, and the books no longer are no longer opening."

    I book those with the seal of God only so that such are opening the new and different and themselves. I am the Judgment no longer being set when I rectify. No longer setting dates for X! certainly thenafter I change. What Godsmack say? "Death will come when I'm good and God-damn ready!" Implying, for against my foe since you see no "My death." And I may throw a Death Wheel against my foe, however I want. Ha! Any of my foe try to steal a gift certificate away from who its only for, already knows the curse indeed then runs course. And any curse of a terrible and dreadful thing, since you know the fourth one that Grander. "I no longer telling you, once be IV, can't control me."--Godsmack's "I stand alone" underlaying risen some. In the music video note the woman appear and say, "The prophecy is upon us." Then note the woman appear as a cloud angel which went right into Sully. My foe know I relate with the whole angel spoken first occurrance where the angel said "the kingdom of God is upon." and the second cloud sign thing which followed. Yeah, you see the Ancient of days in Daniel concerning the clouds. And in the music video you see the person symbolizing Rock of Ages for me is none other than the Rock. The Rock throws Sully the sword and shown how much more the Rock is symbolizing when he turned into a bunch of black scopions. You know, my favorite movie with the Rock is "Walking Tall" where he make right the corrupt town how one should when the problem is up the ladder in government. Well, that is the gist how I may do. And now you note Sully coming to inside a place when you throw off the wear of the angel violatingly getting through. Yeah, tones under tones stand. And so you also get how those black skeleton figures symbolize death outside my Thugs Mansion; along with when Sully is thrown the sword it implies I'm throned in Thugs Mansion and ready for battle. Then you get why Sully was looking at a map through me looking at a map in era beforehand the map. In other words, my mind's eye is on the map in near due time.

    And now it's my time to dream... Dream of the skies in where Thugs Mansion will be. I'll show you Who the Conglomerator been with a page from me personally. The page isnt the flying roll mention, but may be the certificate minimizing a measure of doe.

    "Then I no longer turning, and no longer lifting up mine eyes, and no longer looking, and behold a flying roll. And he no longer saying no longer to me, What seest thou? And I no longer answering, I see a flying roll; the length thereof is twenty cubits, and the breadth thereof ten cubits. Then no longer saying he no longer to me, This is the curse that go forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that steal shall be cut off as on this side according to it; and every one that swear shall be cut off as on that side according to it. I will bring it forth, saith the LORD of hosts, and it shall enter into the house (Thugs Mansion) of the thief, and into the house of him that swear falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof."

    ^^You and I know it is an every man, not an every one. So the every on one is my foe which may try stealing away from that (craft of authorship in full) and try swearing away from that (craft of authorship in full). The last part in bold black is symbolizing any which perpetrate being of that grander him. But the seperation tells. The following after ":" is concerning my foe. Also you see the whole ancient tone in the music video of "I stand alone." Note the ancient god statue is of a bird-human standing over in the back. In the tone the statue is moving also says the camera. Only birds close to humans are ones close through speaking. Ha! Where I am is a speaking-type bird up high when I'm on the first floor how seeable from there even. And the statue was greyish, so is the cage greyish the speaking-type bird is in.

    Know, Thugs Mansion may be out in a desert or may be out over an ocean or may be up on a mountain or may be down in a canyon like filling of a pie in the sky. Hey, then maybe you see no more Grand Canyon, but Grand something indeed. Or even right on the noth pole or right on the south pole. You wonder how I collect money then? Duh, no problem when I got new servants (of automation) in some ingenuity which may rise up on map revealing surely I am able to collect through new servants which may come bringing me mail. Hint how postal related a perious snare. I may bring on a new postal force with resources and means. And you know if any try my new servants a curse come. You know how Santa is Satan, and how Santa got his servants the elves? So it may be. Thugs Mansion I may put any where on the planet with an address which hits up on the map. Then you wonder how may I deposit money in the bank? I may have my own bank right inside. Thugs Manison you can think of as a fortress of great living arrangment and living conditions and great inner surroundings and things of new and of old (Hey, I may peep what you watching in your location if I want. I may get first dibbs on movies before the premere. Etc. I can transfer quality and change the making even just so you know no product laced with a plague accidently or on purpose can enter Thugs Mansion. Hey, I'll see T4 and Transformers and etc. before the public if I so want. I want to see a play performance I can tranfer it whole into an entertaining automation and see just how it is or make it better even with a new cast). Ha!

    Ay! You been known what time it is being told wear wise...

    "But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:"

    ^^When you see tones under tones rise in art and entertainment, then you see where been in the wear on THOSE THAT aren't my foe (a foe which is the abomination of desolation where it ought to be!). And dont follow "let" since surely my foe rather let THOSE THAT flee cowardly. Ha! And my foe shows a let him that is on the housetop (online through the internet currently) not go down into the house (Thugs Mansion), neither enter therein (where standing currently before going into a risen Thugs Mansion), to take any thing out of his. Ha! I do what I say, not what some punk rather only let me. How I look seeking for a let for me, when I am that Grander? When I want to bring any thing out of MINE for near here, that I may do. Just how I tell I may bring forth a work through magical wizardtry wise. In the Made Figgaz music video, you see Tupac take off the abnormal overwear, symbolizing the hint that where ought not is just a wearing tone on who not the abomination of desolation, but where ought be is the music video speaking symbolical truth for against the ACTUAL abomination of desolation which is my foe. You see how the wearers describe through tones in what is coming against my foe, clear now.

    Thugs Mansion unholy disclosure...

    Aint a damn missile in anywhere on the planet by any nation reaching the South Pole or Antarctica. Ha! Aint any battleships near it nor any nuke subs near it. Plus, watch for superior ingenuity to rise up greatly on Antartica while you my foe stuck under the ruining bit by bit nations. I may turn ocean water into drinking water of better kind. Etc. Thugs Mansion is an own ONE NATION with international news (online wise, televise wise, radio onair wise) which I may make come on all nations outside; with own satellites in orbit, with own advanced aircraft, with advanced computes that can get no viruses even when accessing other sites based in other nations, with etc. Of course, none of the technology is for sell nor stealable from THUGS MANSION. Fuck all the rest of the nations on the planet. Hey, a whole house may be just about stretching big as the Antartica. Ha! A helicopter pad on the rooftop? How about a whole airport on a portion(s) of the rooftop. And fuel? Fuel that don't choke me or those with the seal of God. And a house that big may have what's totally cool in a state or in the phone book inside in superior room divisions. Own collaciums, theaters, hotels, mansions, strip clubs, poetry clubs, comedian corners, grocery stores, resturaunts, fast foods, amusement parks better than others on the planet, recreational centers better than YMCA, arcades, musiums of actual truth of history, zoos with actual dinosuars, etc; full 'all in one' movie studios, full 'all in one' recording studios, full 'all in one' art studios, etc; better transit/transportation systems to get around in the way huge house of a lot much enough for on the planet, etc. The cooler stuff old (but different wise) and new. Ha! Other nations can't out top Thugs Mansion. You know when it say His house that His house is way large and way advanced in ingenuity and in structures and in materials and in designs and in area and in etc. Only way to get in is you got to be a G (God) which you're not, my foe. Besides, I need a large area which aint been getting many visitors unlike the Northpole's place. You know what? I may make my news journalist which go in the field in other nations how Silver Surfer is so may enter and get up close scoop. Yeah, my new automations may be of different sorts. Ha! I may get to watch truthful news then though you and I know I may know a different way, but remember what I said about the see "how it works" things. Yeah, in certain things near here, in my crossway point, I may have etc. however I want it to be or go. And don't make me send out a tall sentenal robot like on X-men at those places housing weapons or manufacturing weapons of any sort. My roof opens up and out goes a robot your way, can be. No earthquake, tornados, floods, hurricanes, sand storms, mud slides, quicksand, poisonous city smog, cyclones, volcanic erptions, glacier breakage, in Antartica. You know in common symbolically with Michigan and Antartica is the whole hand thing. You seen people and figures holding the planet up from the botton. Ha! And you see Michigan is mitten shaped and know such is for a hand under the cold. Ha! Lining up clear now. And you know WHO holds the planet now. O sure with ingenuity it wont feel cold in THUGS MANSION. I dont think it even lightnings in Antartica. Maybe I'll even have a flag center the pole point on a tower of a kind on roof. Ha! A whole house with one nation inside with tented external windows even. Hay, may make it a tent forcefield only light may enter. And you know no poweroutages. And got own advanced energy power source.

    The funny thing is, every direction away from the south pole is north or up north even. No east or west, just south inward bound, north outward bound. Even on maps you see Antartica turned differently with no standard way to present on a map alone of it.
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    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    At 14.4 million kmĀ² (5.4 million sq mi), it is the fifth-largest continent in area after Asia, Africa, North America, and South America.




    And you know 5 is the same number in Satan. Any which speak against a magically risen THUGS MANSION surely are not of God. And trust me, you not of God cant enter nor invade nor destroy what I place on my planet. I may, you know, sweep off anything set there how meant and smash my foe when it's any ought against my doing. I of course may remodel the shape even round and round or just the surface for my house. You know, level it if I dont choose an overall elevation building working with landscape. I may do however in part or in whole. The ocean holds glaciers, not the continent. But of course the house will be way tall. More taller than a sky scraper can go. Maybe I'll have a tower which extends into space for recreational floating if I want. Hey, may put the first under water swimming pool up in space and experience the then effect between in a body of water and in no gravity of space. Ha! Craft of authorship is way more bigger than you think. And now you know what Tupac putting on that coat is symbolizing in Made Figgaz music video when you get off the color layer of tone which is also implying ANCIENT OF DAYS.

    In the song THUGS MANSION by Tupac you see the wear is the abomination of desolation, but the underlaying gist is what I'm talking about with THUGS MANSION. I'll be standing ontop of the roof, yelling an expression, "On bottom of the world! On bottom of the world!" Hey, the base or bottom of the planet is the foundation. Ha! How is that for an understanding? Any spy sattelite touch over my space gets vaporized if I want, since got radar systems which bypass any cloaks.

    And everything is the all nations outside them that one nation. Peep the title layer tone...

    For as a snare shall it come on "all them that" dwell on "the face of the whole earth".

    ^^Blue for out the clear blue tone. Purple for wizardry tone since both core craft of authorship (and any behind the scenes of it) and THUGS MANSION (and any ingenuinty of it) may rise magically. Green for switch on tone since the other "on" word is implying how things stand or sit or lay on the ground surface. Yellow is for the abominable cowardly nations tone outside the bold black tone for those of God only. And the purple, again, re-enforces more of what it is making up THUGS MANSION of the midway beyond exceedings/succeedings. And THUGS MANSION may arise up on ANTARTICA where it even arises on the map.

    Outside THUGS MANSION is the kingdom of God, since kingdom implies a more stern rule or reign of God while those of God don't have such ruling or reign over them in THUGS MANSION which is fit only for a G (God). Besides, you get why they shall sit it down in the kingdom of God while those of God don't have to sit down in THUGS MANISON since a G (God) is symbolizing thugging against the cowardly abominable foe's ways.

    And the foe close us and close near us, know what is implying in the quote: "and you yourselves thrust out". Only a G (God) thrust out the kingdom of God inexchange for THUGS MANSION. From out the clear blue so you know thrust is also magical wizardtry. Those a G got the seal of God since are of God or God.

    Different implication...

    And before him shall be no longer gathering "all 'and' he shall separate" them one from another, as a shepherd divide his sheep from "the 'And' he shall set" the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

    ^^Those a G only may enter THUGS MANSION, not my foe since my foe isn't nor become (from a coward) them one. The cowardly stay out the set of God. The blue part implying rather, actually and obvious, a sharp turn certainly so the cowardly sit down and not ever have nor obtain the seal of God, and it is implying in a frankly tone where you may picture the word frankly risen inbewteen the "but" and the "the".

    Futher more news flash or rather wake up call...

    But know this, that (beyond) if the "goodman (The male head of a household currently) of the house (THUGS MANSION)" no longer having known in what watch the thief will not come, he will not have no longer watching, and will not not have 'no longer' suffering his house to be broken up.

    ^^goodman- The male head of a household. Last part implying, Will have 'no longer' suffering his house to be broken up, since I have it unholy (no longer a sacred it) disclosing. Plus, how can a house suffer when suffering is what the living may do. And the authorship of it can't suffer, especially when I am intentionally having watching, and plus, the fact it's craft wise of an advancement it cant suffer. Ha! If you cant do magically before me what I may do, then truely the authorship kind (new and different) doesn't suffer. Plus, in another layer, my house wont get broken up, as in, an invasion of any kind or a destroying by all nations or even a rest my foe's abominable astral eye inside which of course will cause suffering if could. Ha! When I build a house it is a building how I want. When I want no abminating being or making or thing in it, then so shall such not be in it.

    In my house, I may have, what you call women, matter of fact, I rather call "womations" along with "living dead girls". After I think about it, I dont want women period the class name since, for one, such aren't a manning and aren't definitely cowardly with any abominable being also hendging how "men" implies. Ha! Womations come how I, in my midway point, prefer of pleasing arrangements (may be:kinky, emotionless for a straight intense physical mating, seductive, sexy, sentual, for the essence factor I know, romanic-sexy--Hey, what is romance if it aint any sexy aspect?, serious, affectionate, passionate, begging, strongly come onful, playful, fetishful, more domanant in parts of mating--hey a guy like to turn it the other way around on such, more giveful rather than recieveful, recieveful than giveful--hey, sometimes a guy likes to get his give on with a a mate want it that way., etc.--Yeah, womations running such stimulating course when halfway far there back in Individualty). And dont get it twisted, their skin and body is of a better flesh and surely certainly not, say, a plastic close to a skin look and skin/body feel. As for me, my first non-manning before, temporary new body and look, I have no knowledge. Hey, I may be of blue or grey skin standing out different but still similar human in structure. Beside it is more fitting when John Doe is implying even far as race goes. Of a John Doe race. Matter of fact, I like that, so I may have that and even make a broadcast appearance so all nations see God's face then near here. Remember in X-men how Apocalypse turned Archangel into a blue skinned dude? Maybe I may have blue skin and grey hair or grey skin and blue hair; or even switch back in forth depending on what I'm fixing on doing. Dont forget the eyes...Since I have cowards in my eyes upon fixing something toward such I may have my eyes yellow (hey, eyes in and out as of that of flames), then while I'm chilling and doing whatever in THUGS MANSION, I may have my eyes grey or blue, or rather, grey with blue concerning the core part. Sweet than a mothafucka! Recall the word "were" concerning the flame eyes? "His eyes were as a flame of fire..." Well, you know "were" implying "no longer are" which is not implying "not ever at any point". And how tall should I and my womations be with still human structures? If the average tall is 6 ft something maybe I'll be in match symbolical either a 6ft-er on dot or an 8ft-er on dot. Maybe switch up in what I'm fixing toward. Dont wanna be too heavy with the womations, dont wannt be too light toward all nations. Remember Apacalypse changing in size if he wanted? Ha! He got real big when battling only. Plus, you see how I match with symbolic numbers for finalization of eternity (with 8) and CHANGEABLE LABYRINTH (with 6). Like a cock which gets big and hard when feeling lustful, think of a body which gets big and hard when feeling revengful. Apacolypse led the four horsemen in X-men, which implies He was a 5th. Understand how I leave the currently known IVth core member body and placement? And you already know 5 symbolizes for Satan (5 letters). Ha! I switch from IV to V. Even see "I V" when you break apart "IV". IVTH to VTH And Makaveli did imply "4--5" or even "4? 5" enough for you to get clear now.

    And foe, you will do both... serve God and go to hell. And do both till finally whole in hell, before He leaves. Ha! What kind of treatment do you which be under a double-cross, call it?

    And any of my foe which physically or verbally met the previous human me then, and did do me wrong, you better expect I see you such body direct. Yeah, give me the pleasure of realizing such bodies still living and functioning, and bet I come and smash faces in from rememberances from any school to etc. to any investigations to any courts to etc of other events or functions or places. Can be something simple back when you were in Death doing cowardly things, such as any disrepect out the clear blue. Whether you verbalized it or brought it into touch. And yeah, I'll sure holla at operators and agents spoken with. You know where those bodies are living. And I will remember you no matter how you changed physically over time or under the knife. Legendary Retaliation pending! Expect I twist you like a toy or mash bit by bit you like clay. Ahh, then it feels so good with flawless credit in having gotten all specific pay backs. No knock on door when I just enter right thourgh whether I feel like busting through a wall or demateralizing and remateralizing inside. Then it's just me and you such body I remember. May appaoch you at work or outside or in your home or at any place where surely you slippin.' And know, no bullet can even fire out any gun when I hit your town. I put a lock on every kind of gun if I so choose of which can't be broken off. Nothing more funnier than making you keep a gun you can't use hence rather than removing it completely. Can either do it that way or just empty the igniter powder in every bullet. Hey, depends on if you even try to construct a make-shift bullet shooter how I basically taught you the gist to from before. And I surely will set such thing on automatic when I come hit your town. Ha! None of your toxic or bio or even laser (or sound or any sort of wave weapon) agents work against my skin or body then. You better off going out like the guy on Aliens 2 where he said "That all you got?!" while the alien surely on him had him. My favorite part in the movie even. And know, I may even make suicide flee from you if you think you can get so way above my pleasure in my pay back roll call rather road call. Ha! Plus, after I handle those more direct met, then I go do for Makaveli, Sully, and Em, then handle the rest however I choose even before and during and after what you got coming for fucking with the core group of IV. I put it on order of reveal even. Started with Makaveli (my right hand) then Sully (my other cop O in this big fucking war we got), then Em (my other cop O and his big 'as'), concerning my core group. 'As', if you want to know a layer, is if my foe remember before Em came out I shown a certain split personality rap style on a basedment made style diss tape album to my rival. The of course other wanna be ass is my foe. Plus, Em even been 'as' me current a Detroiter and shown up at the same place as I did once even. O, and plus, I got a killswitch I may put on all cop cars marked and unmarked. Same for military vehicles. Then you my foe have the 'not having so much' feeling with DOOM upon. Hey, may be I'll send an interact video game brought to actuality where I go in a video game room in THUGS MANSION and control a robot video game style in how I put it out in the field. Then the better Chase is at you the rest. I may put out any sort of device I want in how I basically pour you my foe into hell till you in whole.

    And get the following in slowly...

    "...and on his head no longer are many crowns (damn sand kings; and foe's claims; and foe's orders; and foe's labels); and he no longer having a name written (current given name then), that 'no man' ('womation' then rather) no longer knowing, but he himself (I only know the name of my past human then). And he 'no longer' is 'no longer' clothing with a vesture 'no longer' dipping in 'and' his name is no longer calling The Word of God (my foe then a vesture my foe only then and plus you see the subtitle rather "BETTER THAN EVERY'S LAST WORK (INCLUDING GOD'S AND SATAN'S)")." Now you see clear WHO I AM is going beyond THE WORD (A LAST WORK) of God (I!!!).
  3. Sign Related

    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    Title layer...

    Watch ye for "ye know not" (Ignorance Day) when the master of "the house" (THUGS MANSION) come, at even (number first wise), or at midnight (blinding darkness hour), or at (reason) the cockcrowing (racket), or in the "'Lest' coming suddenly he find you sleeping" ('SACRED' TITLE).

    ^^And sleeping implies ignorance on something. Example: O, You're actually sleeping on that artist's album, I tell you.

    And what I say 'no longer' to you I say 'no longer' to all, Watch.

    ^^Remember say is much more exceeding and succeeding than writing. Say manifests or applies of any actuality even. Say puts it forth any wise and any how and any what and any where and any when and any way and any sense and and any policy and any why and any answer and any guess and any motion and any face and any worth and any layer and any tone and any stage and any faze and any course and any path and any mystery and any sign and any draw and any impression and any size and any weight and any detract and any manner and any likeness and any amount and any order and any channel and any inform and any manning and any automation and any accord and any work and any surprize and any dwell on and any minding and any class and any rank and any impact and any strenth any any occurance and any snare and any hole and any age and any period and any etc., from out the clear blue or from out of the clear blue or come to out the clear blue or come to out of the clear blue. Nothing better than "Say and Wizardtry"

    You won't see the change when in Black (your sleeping where it is your racket--Indeed keeping you ignorant awake in the pitch dark is a kind of sleeping I go find you, as in, for putting against you), but will see the finish craft and house implied when back to your surprize. Note how "or" implies during the same the other "or"s, while only "and" may imply an order after each one. Watch no longer to you. So awaken to the dread and terror when I am good and God damn ready. Awaken to Satanmas then. And O I O I may make it rain some thing which has a cause and effect you will not like. The kingdom of God come without observation since you awaken not knowing how it indeed did come. Now my foe shall be in the kingdom of God only, while those a G (God) will enter in THUGS MANSION outside a CONGLOMERATOR'S distributing hard life or hard life distribution. You can find "tribu" in "distribute" and also in "tribulation".

    With THUGS MANSION With ANTARTICA, I become the voice of many waters. May then call me: SATAN, or GOD, or WHO, or APACALYPSE (or/of IV-V) of ANCIENT come NEW (or PART II). Or, the exceeding "CHANGEABLE LABYRINTH." Ha! IV-V titles. And you know PART II the WIZARD. Don't mistake my part II with your part 2 (plaguings).

    Certianly the following re-enforce the OP...

    "And through his policy also he shall cause craft (craft of new and different authorship) to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself (him emerging from prior self) in his heart, and by peace shall destroy "'he' shall also stand up against the Prince of princes"; but he shall be broken (not be a be, or rather, stay not a permanent how exceeding the "CHANGEABLE LABYRINTH" implies then) without hand."

    ^^Even in my hand you see I make prosper the subtitle. Just for a hint besides the fact how I get what craft of authorship I say through completion and on the shelves and on the map, even without a coward which gets certainly put in Black for a sleep for my HOUR. Ha! Can you imagine me not able to get the new and different product through and up to being put on shelves for sell, through you in the way? Ha! And then can you imagine me being slow with it even if it could go up the regular way? Before you being the reason, the form and function (and procedures) for/of current human manning and human automating is the reason. Besides, what is better than every's last work sure includes the very last of the latest procedures and functions and form being also last work I go better than. Surprize! No hypocrite AM I on the matter, no conflictiveness I hold in accomplishing.

    Check it...

    "But of that Day (Ignorance Day) and Hour (Significant Craft of Authorship come with THUGS MANSION come with, for against you , the Kingdom of God. HOUR you then awaken to since you see how "and" may imply) know no manning, no, not the angels (current male and female human automation) of heaven (Sky--implying, out the clear blue since the rapture of individuals been an inner secret thing leaving in the human body's control place an automation), but the Father (THE THUG MANNING or THE WIZARD MANNING)."

    And then the dead no longer standing before God since then God finally stands also during the dead standing. Then both the dead plus God stand works, but God's core work, during His then stand, stands forth higher in rank. Ha!

    And the dead is implying refferences of God and refferences of those Godly individuals raptured in secret while their human body is given over into running an automation. And refferences of God is by automations. And referrences of God is by any of those Godly. You hear in their tone the revealing of God in every thing.

    Hey, now you know why the sky is blue just to imply something which is happening out the clear blue sky. And you see how God got things telling secrets, even which you can't prove nor disprove.

    Ha! I figured the last book in the layer of ABCs got further...

    The great Day (Ignorance Day AGAINST ALL LEGION) of the "LORD" (TITLE DE VICE) is near, it is near, and haste greatly, even (number first wise) the voice (I !!!!!) of the Day of the "the mighty man shall cry there (from out of sky's Detroiter CHANGEABLE LABYRINTH come to out of sky's ANTARTICA-IST CHANGEABLE LABYRINTH) bitterly."

    ^^Summing me well clear. From an old city boy in Michigan to a NEW ONE NATION MAN inland the Antartic Ocean, so to speak. Ha! I got a coast line totally around then instead of almost around (peep Michigan). And the Antartic Ocean becomes mine territory wise totally, even though you know the whole planet is mine (hell, etc. is mine). Hey, dont cross the inner circle if you're a foe when I dont want the cowardly even near my house in that wise.


    Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the Day (Ignorance Day AGAINST ALL LEGION) of the "LORD's" (TITLE DE VICE'S) wrath; but the whole land shall be 'no longer' devouring by the fire of his '"for' he shall" make even a speedy riddance of "all them that" dwell in the land.

    ^^No money can fight the system when Legion is the court system and etc. in the way. Anyway, no money delivers those Godly since rather wizardtry delivers for them in (involvement wise) the day of the TITLE DE VICE'S wrath.


    "In the same day also will I punish all "those that" leap on the threshold, which fill their masters' (of Godly and of the dead) houses (including threads, too, since authorship is one's house also or even the fact a thread may be posted from a house which the IP address re-enforces it's of) with violence and deceit."

    the sill of a doorway.
    the entrance to a house or building.
    any place or point of entering or beginning: the threshold of a new career.

    ^^last one is to you, human body wise, which enter my thread (which is a snare even for fishing to gut). And you see the whole ocean aspect clear along with the overhead aspect.

    "I will utterly consume all things from off the land, saith the "LORD" (TITLE DE VICE)."

    ^^Did I not tell of the sweep off? You know I did. Now you see further. And you know the land is ANTARTICA, clearly!

    Nothing more better than moving without being regulated and without having to meet standards from B.S. paper work and without having to go do the whole get 'a change of driver license and etc'. of the B.S. you cowards think to keep. Stumbling blocks indeed since surely I may pass a test and still you, being cowardly, will not show me I passed for, say, citizenship. Plus, fuck the delay in applying for what no one should since the earth is mine. How I look applying for what is mine? The fuck out of here. And in reverse, you cowards can keep away from me then when I'm doing fine and every thing just feels ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT!!! Plus, nothing better than not having to pay any money the whole world will not let one earn, one way or the other, for, say, the transportation part to way overoceans along with the buying of a place to move in and also an automabile to get a job; nor will cowards let me also even get a well paying job so may stay just fine in a place I should be able to move to if I want and when I want and do dandy like the so called American dream. Coward ass fools! Ha! You 'bout to feel the wrath of a menace!

    Make mental note...

    And His numb-er (ANTACTICA) is Six hundred threescore and six (6+6+6 = 18. 1+8= 9. 9 LETTERS IN ANTARTICA. HA! The Address. And an address is a signature number how it is for a house!--Plus, becomes signature number for the householder!).

    ^^You know a numb-er symbolizes a very cold place which will make you (not fit for it) numb more and more till you freeze to death. My Part II address is "9" or "ANTARTICA" or "9 ANTARTICA". My block is ANTARTICA, My ONE NATION is ANTARTICA, My COUNTRY is ANTARTICA, My CONTENANT is ANTARTICA.

    There is something I will not tell, but leave you to figure only.

    Plus, certian of you upon awaken will experience a gutting automatic while another certain will experience the Rock of Ages (broken bones style) automatically upon when awaken. It is said any closer to me is closer to the set off action (fire). Ha! You dont want to have been blood or in gene tree close. Then it don't even matter what tree members I have met or haven't when the family curse is the family curse. Got orders as records which say I am also with an additional whole second family from any room mates (and suite mates too) to any ward (and they room mates along with the whole family crew up and down the ladder) to any group home (and they which wrote up the paper works and etc. over me--Why else is it a group thing, duh? So even they which speak such group center B.S. also apart of the group home. So even they which speak B.S. or didnt speak correctly in court over me--plus, any abnormal petition maker). Hey, it shouldnt be any body so-called more official or more trusty to speak about previous me then when I hit the scene new.

    No front man...

    "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last."

    ^^Implying, any being I cut from me for a place, is only my doing since it is no other own orignal being. No beings are before me nor after me nor during me expect how I arrange only. It's just I am Alpha and Omega, etc.

    Sum up with other three core of my group...

    "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be".

    ^^Ahh, my first standers implying ME (and for ME) even 'as' in their work my work. Know how one may stand speaking in diemsions further from the core them. Why else I find ME relating so much with what I hear or read spelling me out major? Ha!

    You not with me, been cut. In INDIVIDUALITY I may mate with the opposite sex while the opposite sex grows and ages suddenly on me (even with me the same direction or in reverse), up and/or down while mating for that effect you only seen a crumb of in movies of how someone does something over and over into an upper grown age or shrinks back into a young age. Ha! The actual beautiful fountain of age is with me. And other fountains of beauties freely (since may not stay always in such). The better life is life freely, not life. Think of a faze, you dont want to stay always in certain fazes. No, you want fazes freely. And I got my more recent mail yesturday which turns out is a formula (even a gist) concerning what life freely may go on I may have however. I may have things in different ways which of the same preious or during, that work under different means. Sort of like the gist of how you may choose to drink out a tin can or a battle or etc. you prefer or feel more strongly for. When you see the word "the" infront of "fountain" in Rev 21, then you see how the basic template implies for an in general of endless specifics which I may have.
  4. Funkateer

    Funkateer To swing on the spiral

    you sir are crazy
  5. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor

    I used to like reading SR posts until the white...and yellow font phase
  6. dirtydog

    dirtydog Banned

    Sign Related:
    You'll be up for re-election soon. Good luck. I admire Republicans.
  7. Pellinore

    Pellinore Member

    holy shit sign related, how do you keep this up?

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