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Discussion in 'Paranoid?' started by 0oScarletBegoniaso0, May 31, 2006.

  1. This is a conversation i had with a friend of mine on another friend of mine's screen name...

    atrophyaniee (10:21:15 PM): whats up
    slaporstick (10:23:10 PM): doing precalculus
    slaporstick (10:23:12 PM): umhm
    slaporstick (10:24:44 PM): what about you?
    atrophyaniee (10:26:00 PM): well beleive it or not this is actaully the US government and i've been watching you for a very long time...you have been our case-study for almost your entire life. Thank you for such quality information.
    slaporstick (10:27:04 PM): ......
    atrophyaniee (10:27:09 PM): would you care to comment on how this expeiriance has been for you? Have you ever felt suspicious of us around or is this a complete suprise to you now?
    slaporstick (10:27:12 PM): I think I just shit my pants
    atrophyaniee (10:27:37 PM): you see, we're a government that CARES and we want to know about how you feel.
    slaporstick (10:27:54 PM): ......Jessica....
    slaporstick (10:27:56 PM): dammit
    atrophyaniee (10:29:00 PM): No, you see Jessica no longer exists, my name is John, Johnathon Forrest and we all down here think you are the most valuable of our studies
    atrophyaniee (10:29:33 PM): We would like to send you immediately to our base and further studies there.
    atrophyaniee (10:30:38 PM): What time would be good to stop by and collect you? Would you like at least one more day at school with your friends or would you care to leave early in the morning? We are a government that is flexable, we work for you.

    I waited about ten minutes before calling her to tell her it was a joke, she had locked herself in her closet with a broom...ridiculousness
  2. OddOneOut

    OddOneOut Member

    ahhhhh that is just sweet....I've so gtta try that on someone.
  3. JCT+KNE4E

    JCT+KNE4E Member

  4. I would have fallen for it too. haha

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