gym steamroom

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by Luke1956, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. bibearman

    bibearman Member

    Sounds like you could have gotten quite the good time, but then, yes there is the possibility of being caught.
  2. Tiger1991

    Tiger1991 Guest

    I had a simular situation once but for sure I joined in! The way they acted was teasing and checking me out. They had succes! and so did I! :)
  3. bi_for_fun

    bi_for_fun Member

    basically all I've learned from this thread is that the floor of the steamroom at my gym is most likely completely covered in sperm...great. :eek:
  4. Tiger1991

    Tiger1991 Guest

    Most likely, yes!
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  5. Monqo

    Monqo Guest

    Not something one should do at gym. I can see the papers... Men found having sex at local gym, two arrested for indecent exposure....
  6. davdaw21

    davdaw21 Guest

    I got a hardon just from reading, but hot as it sounds its pretty much dangerous too.
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  7. Never have had an experience like that I definitely woulda joined in have had quite a few gays hit on me problem is I always have someone else with me at the time so really don't know how to just discreetly approach them maybe get their number to hook up sometime or something but yeah love to be put in a situation like that
  8. LOL you're not the only one that got hard
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  9. awkwardly the most turned on I've ever been by a guy was watching my exes brother walk around naked
  10. TBDM Miasma

    TBDM Miasma Member

    Lately ive been showeing for the hell of it just so guys see me naked. i might get a little hard but no playing and no signs mades otherwise. I thought that was kinky and crazy. haha
  11. stoat69

    stoat69 Member

    I've only been in any situation with another guy in a gym once. It was a public gym and I was in the sauna with a few other guys, chatting away. I got up to go into the steam room next door and one of the other guys came with me. We sat opposite each other and just looked at each others cocks. He was cut but nice, and as we watched each other, he started getting hard. I was nervous as I hadn't been in this situation before, so I didn't get hard straight away. Gradually though, I got more confident with the situation and my cock started to grow. There was no stroking, each other or ourselves, just watching each other get hard. I had the urge to reach over to him, and wank him, or better suck him, but just as I was about to make a move, another guy walked in and the moment was lost. Shame really, as I didn't get to see him at the gym again.
  12. whazcooking

    whazcooking Member

    Would've should've could've. Yes I would've, what a great opportunity you let slip away.
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  13. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    I was in a sauna about fifteen years ago where there were three cabins as it were and two men started masturbating. I felt I was intruding and so left them to it.
  14. stoat69

    stoat69 Member

    I know, but nowadays i'm much more confident and comfortable with it all, so if the same situation occured, i'd definately end up with a nice mouthful of cock. . . at least.
  15. 75grams

    75grams Member

    Sometimes two is company and three is a crowd,but in that situation i would have dropped my towel and got busy masturbating while watching them. Then if they invited you to lend a hand, thats another story.
  16. Profezzor X

    Profezzor X Guest

    As a black man, I'd get looks all the time from some of the older white guys in the gym back when I was in my twenties. I never thought of hooking up with the guys that would regularly stare at me and wait for the opportunity for me to accidentally drop my towel or show more than me in my boxer briefs. But these days, I find myself in their shoes, wanting to be in a situation at my gym where guys are more open to playing around. Had I known back then what I know now, I would have certainly hooked up a lot more. Getting laid by women wasn't a problem. It was those times in between getting laid that I should have thought "outside of the box". I guess back then I was somewhat of a homophobe, because my older cousin from New York was gay and ended up contracting AIDS when he visited San Francisco. I was only 8 years old back then, but I too thought I'd die if I hooked up with a guy... But, I was young, dumb, and full of cum back then. Now, I welcome the opportunity to suck on a nice looking cock. It's just finding someone local that's the challenge.
  17. Mewsbw

    Mewsbw Members

    Reading this thread makes me really hard
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  18. sean15666

    sean15666 Nuts and Bolts

    i got involved in a foursome in the steam room omg so intense.
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  19. flasexwriter

    flasexwriter Members

    I tripped into getting a hand job and blow job by a guy this weekend on a cruise ship steam room. Was not looking for it at all.
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  20. Instead of getting banned or arrested for indecent exposure, go to a gay bath or men's sauna. Most have gym equipment, saunas and steam rooms. And everybody is there for the same reason -- have sex with other men. Most have one-day memberships for $10 to $25 with extras for lockers or changing rooms.

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