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Discussion in 'Protest' started by White Scorpion, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    In the wake of what has happened at the campus yesterday, when will America realize that firearm law needs to be tightened up?

    The US government should be seeking to reduce the number of firearms by limiting gun licenses, perhaps even raising the minimum age requirement.

    To sit back and think that 33 lives is a small price to pay for the right to carry a gun like John Wayne is lunacy.

    What occured yesterday was something akin to terrorism.

    We must reduce the chances of events like these re occuring.

    No more guns!
  2. Flight From Ashiya

    Flight From Ashiya Senior Member

    I couldn't agree more.America what is happening to your country?.Why do you allow this to happen because the 2nd Amendment decrees: "The right to bear arms"?.Nowhere else in the world do people declare it a constitutional right to own a gun.
  3. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Gun control is largely what is responsible for yesterday's rampage. Virginia is a concealed carry state, and only months before this rampage, guns were banned from campus. If people were allowed to carry guns on campus, then this could have been twarted long before 33 people were killed.

    When will you realize that gun control doesn't make it any harder to get a gun illegally? It makes it easier, because when gun legislation is passed, the black market usually becomes flooded with guns. Check the statistics, people. The places with the strictest gun control see the most gun violence. The overwhelming majority of gun violence is caused by firearms which were obtained illegally. This should be common knowledge to most people.

    I think everyone should own a gun. It's the only thing keeping us free from total government enslavement. That's why they exploit tragedies like this to pass gun control legislation and turn this country even further into a police state. The corrupt government couldn't be happier with you wanting to turn your weapons over to them like the good peasants you are.

    The government poses the biggest threat to your safety, freedoms and civil liberties, and they're allowed to own all the guns they want. Yet you people are apparently so trusting of this murderous government that you think the public should be disarmed and only they should have the right to possess weapons.

  4. mynameiskc

    mynameiskc way to go noogs!

    guns are already here. everywhere, and easy to get illegally. it's like closing the barn door after the livestock's gone. still, the vast, overwhelming majority of us will never so much as see a gun, much less be affected by them personally. we're a huge country, you know?
  5. rebelfight420

    rebelfight420 Banned

    I guess you dont believe in the thoreauian tatics of civil disobidence?Why must when a government turns tyrannical most citizens turn for thier guns?
    Now I am no advocate for gun contol because that will basically line the pockets of even more inexorable crminals.But couldnt we make buying firearms a little more meticulous that way it wouldnt feed barbarian criminals it would probaly also decrease firearm violence.
  6. mandell

    mandell Banned

    Guns don't by themselves shoot and kill people.

    It's people who kill other people.

    Unfortunately, if someone wanted to kill someone real badly, he'll find a way to do so, with or without a gun.
  7. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Allow guns on university campus? What a great idea Pressed Rat! Perhaps every student should carry a nuclear missile on their head, too, so that we never have a nuclear war.

    I think that the recent tragedy will still not awaken America to study in detail its inexplicable obsessive fascination with firearms.

    Protect yourself against the Government?

    Are you serious?

    If things are that bad in the US, why don't you cross over to Mexico, or Canada? If the government wanted to bring you down they would send a SWAT team, and put a bullet through your forehead while you slept.

    How far do you think your colt45, or desert eagle is going to get you against your government's arsenal?

    But "that" is the whole point.

    Your "cowardly" weapons are only good against unarmed, and unsuspecting civilians.

    Anyone who is feeling disgruntled, cheated, or neglected by society should not have the temptation and opportunity to create mass slaughter.

    It is inexcusable.
  8. rebelfight420

    rebelfight420 Banned

    "Allow guns on university campus? What a great idea Pressed Rat! Perhaps every student should carry a nuclear missile on their head, too, so that we never have a nuclear war."
    lol that was pretty funny could you imagine if a fight broke out between two students what do you think would happen? Oh yea iam sure your 9mm is gonna hold up against a crews missle obviously you have spetacular aim.
  9. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    Goddamn it Mandell...........I fucking hate to admit it but I actually agree with you! Wonders never cease........keep up the rational ideology ol' boy and I might just have to give ya a cookie :patriot: :cheers:

    White Scorpion..........I'm assuming you don't live in the US.........if you did you'd know why we want to be able to fend off our government........firearms are our last line of defense, and the only thing keeping out of control tyranny from completely oppressing us........though its getting worse day by day. One could also argue (said this in like 3 other threads now...) that if every student on the Vtech campus had a gun, the loss of life would have been far less because the assailant would have been taken down as soon as he began firing outlawing guns not only do you leave the American people defenseless, but you push the weapons trade underground which means only criminals will have guns........gun control is a ludicrous ideologue that does not deserve the slightest bit of creedence. Of course firearm advocates are against murder, but we also realize the much more dire implications of gun have to look at it from a much broader perspective.
  10. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    How can you compare a gun to a nuclear weapon? Doesn't make much sense.

    I think some people have been brainwashed into thinking that anyone who owns a gun is bad and is going to use it inappropriately.

    Or someone who breaks into my home and decides they want to hurt me or my family. I would hardly consider a person like this to be "unsuspecting."

    What happened yesterday proves you cannot rely on the government to save your ass! I would rather defend myself than have to rely on a bunch of fat wimps who hide behind a tree while people are having their brains blown out. I am referring to the pathetic cops that responded to yesterday's massacre at VT.
  11. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    I have the advantage and opportunity of not only just living in the US, but thanks to the nature of my job, "all" around the world, so I get to see propaganda on a "global" scale.

    Gun selling in the USA is a big business. Like the case against tobacco companies, things will get pretty ugly before the public begin to see the light.

    People who own guns are not necessarilly bad, however, their danger to the community increases a thousandfold when they possess a firearm.

    If you are worried about someone braking into your house, purchase a deadlock security door and put bars in your windows. It is dangerous to keep a firearm in your home.

    T-shirt captions are not the best case argument in any serious discussion on disarmament, and the ongoing shooting tragedies that are plaguing America.

    Who has been brainwashed into accepting that guns are part of their culture, and to associate an instrument of death with patriotism?

    Not I.
  12. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    You also need to bear in mind that this is rural southern Virginia. Redneck country. Everyone down there owns a gun of one kind or another. This was a powderkeg waiting for a spark. Nutjobs make the best sparks.
  13. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Thanks, Zoomie. That's exactly what I mean. When you know that a geographial area is particularly in danger due to local superstition then the government has to make extra legislation to make gun control more stringent, and to have psychological evaluations for those applying for gun licenses, which should be renewed annually.
  14. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    What does owning a gun have to do with culture and patriotism?

    Not anymore than a person who drives a car. Cars kill more people than guns. Should we ban cars now, too?

    It's dangerous if:

    1) You don't know how to use a gun

    2) If you leave the gun out where children have access to it.

    If you are a responsible person, firearms are not a danger.
  15. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    I don't think this south Korean kid was fraternizing much with the redneck locals.

    The guns had the serial numbers rubbed off, so were surely purchased illegally
  16. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    Has anyone mentioned that as a South Korean citizen the guns this man had he probably had illegally to begin with? Or the fact that school shootings in general have become a problem in the US only in the past 10 years when in the 60's, 70's and 80's it was easier and faster to legally get a gun, the problem isn't the guns, it's what is making these people behind them how they are, like this shooting, this wasn't just a guy who snapped, going by all the reports this guy was pretty disturbed, I've read one thats said his creative writing teacher was so disturbed by his writings they had refered him to counciling
  17. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    So everyone who lives in Virginia is a redneck and poses a threat to others? Was this Korean kid responsible for the shooting a "redneck"?

    You're not too bright.
  18. Bwaaaahahahahahha Mouwouha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha WAAAAAAh ha ha ha ha !!

    Muwuhu hu hu hu hu haaaarrr Oh please lord forgive me now I'll believe in ya if you just let me stop laughinBWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAA


    I often wonder at the mentality of people in the usa who seem to eat every bit of shit the Gun salesmen and manufacturers throw at them.
    You got the highest gun crime on the planet. It isnt even a joke to say your soldiers are safer in Iraq than in the usa FFS.
    I just want to know how many idiots it takes to keep gun sales high in the usa because the dummies that sell the guns sure aint as stoopid as the people who buy them !
    DOOD you had 10,800 people killed in illegal killings by guns last year
    britain had 28

    populaton of britain 60 million
    population of usa 300 million
    If britain had the same proportion of people to gun murders IE 5 times the population and 5 times the gun murder we are looking at a population of 300 million with 140 gun murders

    and then when you realise what I am saying - just evolve will ya thats all I ask - just become civilised huh?
  19. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    it makes me sick to my stomach everytime I see someone trying to take away even more freedom.........thinking that guns are inherently dangerous is misinformed and ridiculous. You refuse to give any legitimacy to the slogan "guns don't kill people, people kill people" but it is the complete and total truth. How can you sit idly by advocating subversion of our rights based on a handful of school shootings?? That's ridiculous, I for one would rather see the occasional wacko pick up a gun and shoot before I would want to sign away the only thing left protecting my personal freedom. If you want gun control so bad, don't come back to the states, live in the UK or somewhere else without quite as many people who want to turn you into a slave.........but when my fucked up country comes knocking on your door, wishing to take'll wish you had a way to protect yourself.
  20. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    That's not what I said, and you know it. Put your tinfoil hat back on and read it again. You also know I agree with you on matters of gun control and concealed carry so you can fuck right off. Just because I think you're a complete nutcase is no reason to attack me, I thought we were getting on famously.
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