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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Balbus, Jun 2, 2020.

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    But does it show?

    I mean two of the last three U.S. Presidents — Donald Trump and George W. Bush — were elected to their position without winning the popular vote, and notice both were from the much more wealth sponsored and centric right.

    In many places gerrymandering and voter suppression are going on in plain sight been done not wholly but mainly by the wealth sponsored and centric right.

    As to the judicial branch again I’d point out that today court and the appointment of judges have become even more political with many been pushed through by right wingers that are considered unqualified by the American Bar Association. This is not a good sign for the future of the US judicial system. It opens up the possibility that even if ‘the people’ voted in representatives to push a progressive agenda those acts could be struck down by right bias judges as been unconstitutional.
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    Notice how even though the Constitution GUARANTEES the right to assemble and protest peacefully - police from all around the country are tear-gassing even peaceful protesters, shooting rubber bullets at them, physically injuring them and in some instances killing them. The 75 year-old man in Buffalo being pushed to the ground by police is an easily seen example. He sustained a serious head injury as his head smacked the cement sidewalk after the two cops pushed him backwards violently. The man was doing nothing wrong, threatening, or violent.

    So where are all these "judges" who are sworn to uphold and defend the CONSTITUTION????????????????????????????????????????????????? Why are they SILENT??????

    The CONSTITUTION GUARANTEES the right to assemble and protest government policies. I'm NOT defending vandals & looters either. They can all go to prison in my opinion. They're crooks. Peaceful protests are LEGAL - PERIOD.
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  3. FritzDaKatx2

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    I really wish we could stop this bullshittery of trying to tie support for the second amendment and gun ownership to the likes of right winger trumpeteers,,,
    Don't forget who or why gun control first gained any momentum in this country aka Ronny Ray-Gun pissing his pants because the Panthers we're done getting pissed on.

    Some of us own guns because we sense and see social decay pushing this culture towards collapse and are sure as fuck not planning to let looters steal the toilet paper and dried goods we've carefully hoarded...

    Huey P Newton Gun Club

    Socialist Rifle Association
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  4. erofant

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    I can't disagree with that. These days, people will shoot you on the highway because you cut them off or didn't use a turn signal. Daytime break-ins are commonplace.

    The problem with the radical right-wingers is they use the 2nd Amendment fear as a tool to get votes for other purposes MUCH more dear to them. I truly believe that the radical right-wing conservatives don't give a rat's ass if you can keep your guns or not. They want POWER and CONTROL over the majority of citizens - for a variety of reasons. They certainly don't want any political opposition by groups of like-minded individuals like workers, scientists, equal rights folks, advocates for health care for all, or environmentalists. (See voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc.) So in the end ………………….. I can see those same right-wing radical conservatives coming to TAKE YOUR GUNS so you can't kill them when you finally conclude you have NO SAY AT ALL over ANYTHING ANYMORE. (Think Russia, China, N. Korea, etc.) No voice - no opposition - no vote (that counts) - no recourse for change.

    Just let that sink in for a bit. Look closely at history and then tell us "it can't happen."
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  5. Piney

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    I do remember President Obama passing his Health Care without a single Republican vote.

    The wealthy and power addicted round these parts are unhappy with The Trumpster because he capped the tax deduction on their McMansions. They also want a bailout for a public pension shortfall. These suburbs flipped to Democrats in the 2018 congressional mid-terms.
    The wealthy and powerful have made promises to public sector workers that they are unable to keep.
  6. FritzDaKatx2

    FritzDaKatx2 Vinegar Taster

    Russia, China, N. Korea all started as movements intended to empower the Lil guy, labor groups / anti-elite, etc.
    And if you think the blue team has any less desire than the red team to keep a captive audience captive in the grand scheme of things you've spending far too much time watching the clowns in this circus and maybe not even glancing at the real oligarchic ringleader, same assholes Eisenhower allowed to establish themselves while washing his blood hands by warning the public of their presence on his way out
    And no, I don't think voting for either red or blue clowns would be doing anyone any favors ultimately. But I certainly don't think voting for the likes of clown that literally proposed a broad band on semiautomatic firearms a few years back, a ban that would likely prohibit me from purchasing more Colt 1911's in the future let alone an AK, SKS or SVD is in any way going to prevent the red clowns from someday attempting to roll out their agenda,,,
  7. unfocusedanakin

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    Why are no gun owners standing up for Kenneth Walker? The NRA has become very pro white over pro gun. My grandfather was a member but even he says a few decades ago it stopped being about everyone hunting and having fun with guns and became political war.

    His story should be the perfect example for gun rights and personal protection. If he had been white I feel like it would be. Stories like his are why I'm not optimistic about the most vocal gun owners helping anyone but their people.

    No-Knock Warrants Banned In Louisville In Law Named For Breonna Taylor
  8. Balbus

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    Gun ownership is not really a great way of tackling social problems

    I mean if you have a gun for political reasons what are those political reasons?

    Many of these people have to replied - ‘freedom’ – they have the guns to protect freedom

    But what freedom – freedom from want, many people in the US are going hungry, that only get by because of food banks and food stamps even people who are working but aren’t been paid enough to live off it

    What good is a gun in tackling that?

    What about freedom from discrimination, because we now have the ability to film we are actually witnessing what has been unbelieved by many for years which is the high levels of discrimination many in the US have to face often on a daily basis.

    What good is a gun in tackling that?

    What about the freedom to vote, due to gerrymandering and voter suppression in the US many peoples freedom to vote is curtailed or lost.

    What good is a gun in tackling that?


    Thing is I’ve had many conversations about this over many years, and what it always seems to come back to is that the freedom they wish to protect is their freedom to own guns.

    And it seems to me that many of these ‘freedom’ loving gun owners wouldn’t care if others peoples freedoms were curtailed or lost if that freedom remain, many even support those who would take away others freedoms because they claim to safeguard gun ownership.

    So me gun ownership doesn’t seem about wanting a better more free society that is just a story they tell themselves to feel important while doing nothing of any worth.
  9. erofant

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    Balbus -
    Many of the points you make are valid. I've hunted all my life, but I won't carry weapons into a State House and intimidate elected officials with them. Those kinds of threatening people who scream "freedom" are only interested in THEIR FREEDOMS - not anyone else's. They scream and yell "freedom" and wave the flag, but want to point a gun at & threaten other U.S. citizens who have that very same "FREEDOM" to peacefully protest, vote in UN - GERRYMANDERED districts, NOT be purged off voter rolls illegally, etc.

    But those foaming-at-the-mouth, red-faced, veins-popping, right-wing radicals don't give 2 shits about anyone else's freedoms ………………. because they think - in their tiny, tiny minds - that they are the only ones who count.
  10. Piney

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    the less firearms the better. extreme partisanship has made the gun lobby a valuable voting bloc. elections have become all about turning out the base, not reaching out across the asile to the other party.
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    Not all gun owners are NRA members and even the NRA has it's own internal problems with executive corruption and embezzling money. They've lost many members, and not all gun owners are against common sense new gun laws either. All the school shootings & other mass shootings in public places has weakened the arguments against new, common-sense gun laws. You have to take courses and tests to get a driver's license ……….but any old schmuck can walk into a gun dealer and buy a gun??? Mental cases - gang members - even convicted felons have bought guns "legally" (?) in gun stores and private gun sales!!!!!

    Does any of that sound like it's smart????
  13. erofant

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    This hyper-partisanship hatched with the likes of Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck, originally. Then as other loud mouths saw that fat incomes could be made by whipping up the population into a frenzy, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, and other pustules came out of the woodwork to enrich themselves by fomenting hatred and animosity among the population of the U.S. Huge ratings = huge money for them. The more animosity and hatred they sowed, the higher the ratings = higher & higher incomes for themselves. Spreading lies …….. no big deal for them.

    A quote from a certain Someone ……………… " blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God …"
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