Gun control and genocide

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Glasshopper, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Glasshopper

    Glasshopper Struggling for sanity

    The places in the US with the toughest gun laws also have the highest crime and murder rates."]Gun Control -- No matter what your opinion, you need to see this - YouTube"]Gun Myths Gone in Five Minutes: ABC News 20/20 - YouTube"]Gun Control is Genocide - documentary by Mike Adams - YouTube"]Innocents Betrayed Gun Control History - YouTube
  2. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

    What moron "disliked" this posting???
    What is wrong, don't want to acknowledge facts that don't support your assumptions????
    At least have the balls to post a comment as to why you disliked his post.

    Set emotions aside and review the facts.
    Strict gun control measures have never made a positive impact on crime.

    So let's see if this thread can remain rational and focus on facts and not hyperbole, hysteria and assumptions.......personally with this crowd I seriously doubt it.:(
  3. I didn't dislike the thread. But, anyways, I started to watch the 20/20 video but gonna have to wait to finish any of it til his nap. No matter what gun control extremists off all sorts, mentally ill ppl, etc will still be able to get a hold of guns. There has to be some better way to prevent violent crime.
  4. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

    so are you making the assumption that violent crime only occurs with firearms???

    I personally think that the U.K. should enact an immediate ban on the sale of all meat cleavers, machete's, butcher knives, or any blade longer than 4 inches, because MY GOD!!! they just had some poor guy get his head hacked off with a meat cleaver in broad daylight.
    If the government of the U.K. got off it's ass and banned meat cleavers years ago, that never would have happened!

    What is fucking wrong with those Brits? Can't they see that direct cause and effect between meat cleavers and public beheadings.
    I tell you there are only going to be more until somebody does something about the glut of meat cleavers and butchers knives out there, AND ANYBODY CAN WALK INTO A STORE AND BUY ONE, YOU DON"T EVEN NEED TO SHOW I.D.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Glasshopper

    Glasshopper Struggling for sanity

    Why is it that when some nut job shoots a bunch of people the media is always clamoring to take guns away from those who did NOT do it?

    Yet they NEVER mention the extraordinarily high numbers of them on psych drugs?"]Psychiatric Drugs and Mass Shootings á´´á´° - YouTube

    Notice the part in the beginning where the man calls 911 and says I just shot my two daughters,
    the VERY FIRST thing the operator asks are you on any medication?

    Perhaps people are asking to control the wrong things.

  6. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Money, its the root of all evil today..

    gun control.. :smilielol5:"]The Notorious B.I.G. - Niggas Bleed - YouTube
  7. Glasshopper

    Glasshopper Struggling for sanity

    My wife's 22nd birthday was just a few days after our wedding. For her birthday I gave her the money to buy herself a .22 pistol (it's what she said she wanted) when we got the handgun I told her "now you know that I will never beat you".

    I also got her concealed carry class as a wedding present.
  8. redgingergirl

    redgingergirl Member

    The way to protect the innocent from gun crime is to give them guns and train them on how to use it.
  9. lively_girl

    lively_girl Member

    High crime and murder rates are usually related to the living conditions and life standard, social status, social differences, education, etc.

    I really don't see how that is connected to a gun law. If someone's prepared to commit murder and break laws anyway, why would they care about a gun law at all?

    The way to protect people from crime is to ensure good living conditions for the children, integrate them into society and educate them.
    That way they can become responsible adults, who have the opportunity to be a part of society and who aren't trying to solve their problems with violence.
  10. Perilless

    Perilless Member

    What an amazingly american thread :love:

    Wow, how romantic ...
  11. FlowerMama

    FlowerMama Member

    If the US implemented more safety measures against the use of guns, you'd have fewer deaths.
    I have my gun license/PAL and hunting license. (both took weekend courses, background checks and a 3 month waiting period)
    I own a rifle (SKS) and hubby owns a shotgun - we own them because we hunt deer for meat, and butcher it ourselves.
    NO ONE needs a fully-automatic hand gun.
    IF I wanted one (and by this I mean just a handgun, because fully-automatics are illegal regardless of licensing) , I'd have to take yet another a weekend course and apply for my "Restricted" license and get another background check.
    We also do not allow concealed weapons on anyone at anytime.

    Oh, and I also worked for the RCMP in their Firearms dept.

    Get more laws in place and you WILL have fewer deaths - more laws, equal less guns going out, less guns mean less deranged people being able to get them (because not EVERYONE has one under their pillow) which equals less slaughter of innocent people.

    ...Then again, it's also very cultural.
    I haven't met one Canadian that expects our "guvment gonna get'cha" if you don't keep a gun strapped to your person at all times. *shrug*

    ~ FM
  12. Sig

    Sig Senior Member

    Because prohibition worked well, as does outlawing drugs.
  13. FlowerMama

    FlowerMama Member

    Yes. That is EXACTLY what I'm saying. :willy_nilly:
  14. Sig

    Sig Senior Member

    Really? Because you're talking about more laws.....
  15. Perilless

    Perilless Member

    I don't understand why people feel the need to own devices designed solely for the purpose of killing people. It seems a uniquely American attitude to claim this as a fundamental 'right'.
    What happens if you extrapolate this out to nuclear weapons? (surely a similar principle?) Should every American be allowed to own tactical nuclear weapons? If not ...why not?
  16. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eye salmon

    The only gun control I would agree with is if we get disarmed, then the president and law makers should disarm themselves and lay off their security staff as well. If the president gets to arm himself up to the teeth, why can't we?
  17. Glasshopper

    Glasshopper Struggling for sanity

    If a mass killer wanted to do damage he could do just as much if not even more with Molotov cocktails. Firearms are NOT the only way to kill if that is their desire.

    I would also like to note Kennesaw Ga. where a law was enacted REQUIRING the head of every household to own a functioning firearm and bullets.

    Notice the crime rate went DOWN BY 89%!"]Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World - YouTube
  18. Hilarious - do you even recognize the absurdity of asking for a rational and fact focused debate after deriding folks with inflammatory terminology and accusatory blanket about the pot and the kettle ;)
  19. Why the hell are you quoting me with that stuff? I was agreeing with you and disagreeing with more gun control. So, don't even understand your question.. of course I am not implying that all violent crime occurs with or because of a firearm. I very clearly stated that I believe the prob of violent crime (which very often happens in places like the poor sections of Chicago, just as one example.) would be better SOLVED by an option OTHER THAN more gun control. Since I have to spell it out.. meaning... maybe solving the root cause of violent crime would be a better deterrent to it than more gun control. Example-dealing with poverty and gangs, etc. - Creating a happier, more healthy society for all. Then less ppl would be driven to crime. So, yes, I really don't feel you read my post right but since I wasn't disagreeing with you, that is it.
  20. broony

    broony Banned

    carry a concealed pistol on your side ready to take over 10 lives cause you got over 10 bullets... you carry it cause you looking out for others... nothing to do with anything else..

    then you see a family trying to buy groceries at the store to feed the bunch... and you realize.. you the guy with the gun and the hidden lead is doing nothing wrong but protecting someone with more physical punch than yourself... then you get a grip on the bankers controlling the family life.. cause the dollar is owning this group, taking a part of the child childhood.. and their you are standing... with bullets on your side, and you targeted as the target, but you don't own the money supply, you are protecting those trying to kill for the money suppply.

    bankers, they are the enemy..

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