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Discussion in 'Musicians' started by Mallyboppa, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Mallyboppa

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    Tell us all about your Guitar / or guitars
    Watched this ( I have a Martin 0028 ) When joan plays the first chords of "diamonds and rust " I just wanna cry !

  2. Tyrsonswood

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    There's a few in the corner...

  3. Ged

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    I just bought a brand new Ibanez Gio. It's not a great guitar but it's functional. And it's got a locking trem which my Yamaha Pacifica didn't.
  4. I found that my Les Paul Studio was way too heavy. I also had issues with the guitar being in tune unfortunately. It was a made in the USA Gibson guitar. But all guitars are like that. One will have tuning issues and another will not. I downgraded to a Fender Squier Stratocaster. I'm happy with the current situation, with one caveat: two or three (i forget) of the tuning keys are a little loose such that when you turn them they take a second to grab the thread or whatever. I had it looked at in Guitar Center and don't think there's much I can do about it. Anyway, I'm satisfied for the most part. :)

    It looks something like this [​IMG]
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  5. Ged

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    When I inherit Buckingham Palace and the Crown Jewels, I might try and get the Alex Lifeson Gibson Les Paul. Delusions of grandeur? No. I am grandiose.
  6. Alternative_Thinker

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    About my guitars, hmmm..... I generally rely on the double-locking system, I like non-glossy necks, not too fat but not too thin. Generally a rosewood fretboard kinda guy. Neck and bridge humbuckers with a coil tap switch combination is a must, high pass filter function preferred. Light weight would be a definite plus. I have five guitars like that, but I also have other ones that don't fit that profile.
  7. Reverand JC

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    Since I got my Fender Steve Bailey Jazz Bass I am all about asymetrical . The thinner part under the upper strings is super comfy under the hand and fits the natural contour better.

    Rev J

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    I Thought All Your Guitars Were Lost In The Fire...??...:confused2:

    Cheers Glen.
  9. Tyrsonswood

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    Except for a few these are cheap replacements for those irreplaceable handbuilt guitars... A couple in this picture are quite burned yet still serviceable.
  10. rjhangover

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    My Gio was my favorite until I got an American Tele, No locks though. I think I'll put down the tele for a while and go back to the Gio, just for S&G's. I got a 5 stand for X-mas. I'm only going to use it for my acoustics, Breedlove 12 string, Guild and Dean acoustic electric. I also have a 1959 truetone, a squire strat, and a epiphone les paul. Now I have two stands I can use for my mandolins.
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  16. rjhangover

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    musical instruments 017.jpg musical instruments 018.jpg musical instruments 007.jpg and I've got a new Breedlove 12 string acoustic/electric, a new Ibanez acoustic/electric mandolin, and some more PA speakers that I haven't taken pictures of yet. But can't find people to get serious enough to play more than once a month.

    If you click on a pic it will enlarge.
  17. Whoa... too much Rjhangover! Lol. You have soo much equipment! :grinning:
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  18. Mallyboppa

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    There is fantastic gordon smith guitar for sale near me ! so I did a search and got this

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  19. Ged

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    I still have my first electric guitar which I borrowed from a friend and never returned. It was a Westone "Spectrum", nicknamed the "Cesstone". He had painted a logo of our fictional death metal band "Infantacide" on the back. I haven't played it for years, but I lean it up in a corner of the room as a weapon to repel any potential intruders.

    It's something like this. I reckon I'd get about £15 at an exchange store for it:

  20. Idlewild

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    I have a '93 Fender Strat Plus.

    I'm in the market for an Ibanez AM93. The one I want is out of stock right now, though. I might go with an AM73, although I'd probably have to upgrade the pickups.

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