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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by dweezil111, Jan 27, 2005.

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    OK I am sure that this has been posted here before but I can't find it. My question is this. Is it really as hard as it seems to grow pot. I read alot in High Times magazine, websites and books and it seems like you need a degree in botany to grow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:)
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    its not AS complicated as they make it seem(i think they like to sound smart), I have one growin strong on some shit me and a buddy found roudn the house, like a lamp,100 watt bulb, nutrients trays etc; have them all around, didnt spend a dime on that shit. But you SHOULD read over a grow guide or else you prolly wont be able to grow it.
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    it's like having an aquarium, or dicking around with computers.. it's a hobby really.. you learn as you go, you need SOME basic understanding.. but it's nothing more complex than grade 9 science...

    anyone can do it.. you just have to have half a brain
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    Just never let a summer go to waste - It grows easily outdoors, and is tough enough to be pegged down. Indoor growing involves more work, but it's fun and you never pay for it again. In fact it's quite an addictive hobby and the plants are really very strong and tough, it's hard to hurt them too much - all the information is just years of accumulated knowledge on how to do it perfectly!

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