Grind House

Discussion in 'New Movies' started by ravenx25, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. ravenx25

    ravenx25 Member

    Grind House comes out today!....i hope it will be good, it looks awsome
    it's a Double feature ( 2 movies 1 showing, for the slow folks)
  2. passittotheleft

    passittotheleft Senior Member

    It's playing at the drive in by my house so I might go see it there cuz i'm not 17 yet, plus I can smoke at the drive in. A lot of ppl probably arent gonna like it because they wont understand the movie is supposed to be totally out there. I'm looking forward to it though. I love both of the directors' work.
  3. WalkTheSky

    WalkTheSky Member

    I full out LOVED the Rodriguez film, but the Tarantino half was one of the most disappointing things ever for me, especially considering I'm a big fan of him.
  4. Ehoney29

    Ehoney29 Member

    I saw Grindhouse last night, and I totally loved it! Definitely gonna see it again this weekend. I liked Death Proof more than Planet Terror, but they were both GREAT.
  5. hippie_chick666

    hippie_chick666 Senior Member

    Both movies were f-ing great! I loved both of them.

    Peace and love
  6. jimmydean885

    jimmydean885 Member

    no way was death proof better. i mean i liked the parts with stuntman mike, but if he wasnt in the scene than it was really boring
  7. passittotheleft

    passittotheleft Senior Member

    I saw it and loved it. Both were great. I loved how brutal planet terror was.
  8. The_Walrus

    The_Walrus Sgt. Pepper

    I saw it on Friday.
    I really dug Planet Terror.
    Death Proof... not so much, but the car chase sequences kicked ass.
  9. I absolutely loved it! I thought Planet Terror was a little more interesting than Death Proof, but then again, Death Proof was done in a very "Tarrantino" style. You'd have to appreciate his other movies to like this one. (Right, Brie?)
  10. jimmydean885

    jimmydean885 Member

    whats cool about death proof is they used real cars not cgi at least thats what ive heard. i mean i understand that there were special effects but i guess they really tried to limit it as much as possible
  11. Pagan88Punk

    Pagan88Punk Member

    I wanna see it soooo bad kuz they hav great actorz an actresses an they kuz they hav Rose MgGowen from Charmed in it
  12. StayLoose1011

    StayLoose1011 Senior Member

    I agree with just about everyone... Planet Terror rocked, Death Proof had some great moments but I found myself bored at times. It was definitely worth going to see, it's a shame it hasn't done well at the box office. I might see it again, we'll see.
  13. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    my brother said death proof was worth the price of admission alone......
  14. SunStoned72

    SunStoned72 just kidding

    I saw Planet Terror last week and LOVED it!
  15. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    I really want to see this movie but it's 3 hours long [​IMG]

    I guess I'll just have to wait until October to buy the DVD [​IMG]

  16. jimmydean885

    jimmydean885 Member

    they are making all the trailers i guess, and like next year or something they are releasing another double freature and it will be machete and Don't. i dont know how reliable this info is tho just a rumer i have heard
  17. SunStoned72

    SunStoned72 just kidding

    oh! I was so upset when we had to leave after the first movie because of our babysitter... sheeeeeet!

    we basically walked out walking backwards and watching the screen the entire time.
  18. WalkTheSky

    WalkTheSky Member

    Machete is going to be made, the rest aren't, at this point in time.
    Machete is going straight to video, he's shooting it during the filming of Sin City 2.

    But, Weinstein and the production company of Grindhouse are pretty much going to split Planet Terror and Deathproof up and release them seperately in America.
    Due in large part to poor box office performance, in two weeks it didn't even make $20 million.
    It has already been pulled out of a large part of theatres.
  19. lucyinthesky16

    lucyinthesky16 pirate wench

    first let me say that these movies where terrific. both of them. oh and the "coming attractions" in between like "thanksgiving" was so f**king funny! and i like how it was all done in like a 70's style, like a real grindhouse. i think this movie/movies are going to become a classic cult film. it's got all the makings, poor box office sales, yet avid fans. it's one of those love it or hate it films i suppose. but box office sales mean nothing to me, because it was great. i guess not a lot of people have a dark sense of humor in America, haha. either than that, or it's because it didn't have enough "pretty people" in it. feh. and it was long, very very long. i think a lot of people where expecting it to be two one-hour short films, not two full fledged movies. you know how people hate to sacrifice time these days.
  20. jimmydean885

    jimmydean885 Member

    yeah they are totally going to become kick ass cult movies

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