Great Spirit and Lovers Intertwined

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    Great Spirit and Lovers Intertwined

    Around the world in a 69. She ate from his plate. He ate from hers. The spirit entered in. Kisses following tears, and quietness of storming passions. They lived as energy intertwined. The rod not spared, and the moist cave entered again, and again. They sought the shower, and with soapy trails began again to wash each other, the places most intimate, and shared. Breaking, and making one they lay side by side, with stars that ran through the skies.

    Have you ever been in love where the center of the passions seek beyond their own needs to the uniting of one such flame as you, both loosing and finding yourself inside. No promises made, just loving of a spirit kind.

    That’s where I stood on the vast ridge of the abyss, remembering what I knew. The clouds kept me focused then all things were gone. I wept, and cried for even one more glimpse of the storm. Self absorbed, and wanting.

    That’s when he came.

    The thin brown man, short, and aborigine in culture. He laughed at me as the moon darkened within the convergence phase. He asked for all I was, and am. I almost hesitated as his eyes pierced my soul. Then yielded. Giving all away. Then He asked for me. But I still had spirit. Then spirit too was gone. Tossed into the void of nothingness. Become nothing so that I might know what becoming was. The heart stopped beating inside.

    The old woman sat alone. The aborigine asked for her nakedness and vulnerability. She rose, and gave him this. In cold air she stood facing all directions, above, and below. Her clothes lay in a heap beside the dying flames. Seven days he shouted. Seven days, and the thin aborigine man was gone.

    Back in time the old woman sorted memories, and found she had not these with clarity it seemed, nor words from which to warm the center of her being. Seven days passed, and truth was waiting inside. She changed.

    Remembering this place where stars are left inside the darkest places to shine. Now embraced with gladness, with respect. How could she ever have understood, or known what this kind of loving could be when she was reborn. Did she know then what was best reaching beyond, what this giving pain would be. The old woman let the tears fall. What is love she asked.

    Quietly the words came back on gentle winds. “Love is a choice to be true to yourself, and whole from deep within. Love is a choice. Not just wrapped in flesh, and heart, but held within the soul and spirit as well.” Anything less is sex. Not loving from the whole of becoming.

    Seven days ended, and the crackling set the energy free. Healing was. Hope shined through the dark. The dreams took you in. Love was also letting go, and facing who you are inside. That place where fire, and passions call your name. The place where centering comes alive. Where knees can feel weak as intimate places call for a vulnerability unseen. There is also a living strength born from this breath of spirit taken in.

    Humbled deep inside the dark, the old woman waited, The thin man with power to take, came again. He smiles and says” Lets make new.” Her center trembles like ripples in a pond. She responds. “Lets make anew.”

    Unsure the words come back with a shyness not her own. This too is new. The answers not the same as the questions when aloneness takes you in. Its then you find the fullness where the depth of the abyss, and the void become teachers through time. Only as you give, so will you see. Only as deeply as you see with truth, will this be made plain. How you love is as vital as the choice to love. The sacred beginnings without ends, respect, accountability, a power beyond their own.

    The old woman stretches, and tries again. That’s all she has. Becoming, and Being true to herself. Off come the clothes with a reverence to the Great Spirit. Her naked vulnerability made whole without time. She stands beneath the stars, and bows to Spirit. The deeper path awakened where now the heart is free. A gift of all things made, and places explored. Trusting beyond all reason. Walking through energy, this place between worlds. Tobacco shared with the winds. Storms are places too. This place where cleansing balances comes through.

    Grandfathers face shows though the dark. His eyes look deep into her heart. He knows she has come into my own. He smiles deep, and ask how new shoes are chosen. Confused she replied, “by how they fit“. He agreed. On the wet grass’s, naked in her strength, the old woman begins to feel her heart seeking a pure rhythm where love comes forth in truth, and wisdoms she never knew. Its just a part of the path. Part of the living we choose.

    There is honor in knowing that when finding your life, you must also know how to live your life, to become whole inside, and all around your worlds. This too is love of a deeper kind. The lover asking for release and understanding of a shared spirit in a life that has changed. We are more for the giving back to spirit what was old and now is new. We are more for the loving around the creations of eternity, the other side, the embrace and letting go.

    Far more whole inside the Avatar stands sure while giving from his center. The lover, the man, the fool and spirit bridled on wild horses, shields, and loving of a different kind.

    So I ask again, have you ever been in love where truth will take you home inside. Break you in a million different ways and standing back watch the phoenix rise from ashes of the heated flames? Without questions, or holding on, trusting the greater work that ask the spirits to unite as one. To make whole within the journey path and not its end. Have you ever been in love of the spirit kind? Do you dare to be that true to yourself that awakens all things inside, tossing you against the mighty winds. Knowing you will fly when healing sets you free from deep within. Watching courage being born, the light shinning from inside. Its this truth that reaches a depth inside the soul where loving made you whole. Then finding you must let it go, not tethering it to your side.

    Great Spirit will seek for nothing less when you have work to do. The heart, body, flesh and soul. The seasons of your lives where trust is a communion, deeper than the caves and lightening rods you know.

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    did the thin man come to you in meditation?
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    I read, I wept and I felt peace.

    Thank you

    *edit spelling...sorry I suck at spelling
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    That's very beautiful!

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