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Discussion in 'Politics' started by srgreene, Oct 3, 2020.

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    So from this post, and your ode to freedom of association - I take it that also goes for the freedom of all workers to join, organize, and support unions??? Aren't American workers also American citizens??? Or does the REPUBLICAN view of freedom only extend to those who own and/or run businesses??? Explain THAT ONE away.

    Freedom for all means JUST THAT ........... not only for the chosen few.

    I find it really hilarious that THESE DAYS, the business community is begging Americans to buy local - buy American. "Support your local economy" is plastered up on billboards and online. THIS IS THE VERY SAME MESSAGE THAT ALL UNIONS PUT FORTH TO THE U.S. POPULATION BACK IN THE 1980'S AND 1990'S. But many people laughed off what the union folks were saying ...... "There's those union people whining again." How ironic that soooooo many U.S. jobs went overseas and many of the "laughers" lost their jobs as well. And NOW - The very business communities that made fun of the hard-working union folks are begging for support from working folks to buy their goods and services - LOCALLY, HERE IN THE U.S.A.

    And ............. which political party fought tooth and nail to keep "country of origin" labels from being put in and on products, so people wouldn't / couldn't know where they were made????? Why YES - The REPUBLICAN PARTY. This is a matter of public record. Republicans can't wiggle out of this effort to thwart Americans' knowledge of where things were made. I watched it all happen on TV !!

    I'm old enough to have lived through all these things. I saw and heard them personally - so no jackass is going to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I've studied politics diligently for decades - and who's done what over the years. Study up, look around, check history and Congressional voting records to see who stands with who. The REPUBLICAN PARTY has NEVER stood with avg. American workers.
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    What complete and utter sophomoric twaddle. Certainly people have the right to join unions. Some us even think they have the right not to join unions. Of course, a union and a company should have the right to sign closed shop contracts (where the company would hire only union employees for certain skill sets).

    But yes, in response to your supremely uninformed question, American workers are American citizens. Were you trying to make some sort point about something?o,

    And no, Republicans do not believe freedom extends only to those who own and/or run businesses. Your entire premise is absurd, sir. In short, there is NOTHING TO EXPLAIN.
  4. srgreene

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    If you had a question, I would have tried to answer it. As it is, your comment is pure, unadulterated bilge that affords no basis for discussion.

    I have uttered no lies, you jerk.
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    Sayings of Señora Greene:

    • "What complete and utter sophomoric twaddle."
    • "More of your incessant, boring, disingenuous twaddle...Your logic is totalitarian, which is unsurprising, as indeed you are a Stalinist at heart."
    • "Either that distinction flies over your head (not hard to do, I admit), or, once again, I will note that you are a thoroughgoing, contemptible liar"
    • "I didn't have anything to say about him before the judge issued his statement, now did I, jackass?"
    • "Irrelevant- and utterly meaningless- response. Just about what I would expect of you."
    • "You are an utter, contemptible liar....Such people, like you, are an anathema to me."
    • "I find your thought processes impressively uncritical and self-serving to the point of being jejune."
    • Classic example of the enormous hubris of the left. Your arrogance knows no bounds.
    • "But you are such a hateful, spiteful little man that I may elect not to respond to you."
    • "As it is, your comment is pure, unadulterated bilge that affords no basis for discussion.
    Gotta admit, Greenie has a way with words!
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    (To all of Ms greenes posts) Well, at least you're polite and well mannered.
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    If I go out in the snow, and I see bear tracks passing through ............... no one is going to tell me I'm seeing things - that it was a mouse that made those tracks. The same goes for all I've seen and heard REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS do and say for decades. Don't even attempt to tell me they aren't on the side of big business and AGAINST workers. LOOK AT WHAT LEGISLATION they've enacted, (or rolled back / eliminated to strip workers of their rights, or safety rules in workplaces via slashing OSHA budgets and inspecting staff), and what things they say & push for in the courts. You're playing in my yard here sister - I know what I'm talking about because I've been involved in these things.

    My "supremely uninformed question" was sarcasm - meant to drive home the point that YES American workers ARE American citizens. Seems it flew right over your echo chamber.
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    LOL and there you go lying again – you are known for not answering questions you are unwilling or unable to answer – you are known for running away from discussions that you find difficult (given you stance) to continue with.

    Calling something bilge is not a rational counter argument and that’s the problem you don’t have any rational counter arguments so you resort to petty and rather childish retorts that just make you seem petty and rather silly.

    Think about it – in a discussion who comes across as the jerk, the person that can and does defend their ideas in a rational and reasonable way or the one that constantly evades and obfuscates and calls other people names to cover up their own obvious inadequacies.
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    I can understand srg's problem – the reality is that there is no one Christianity there are many differing versions of what Christianity means, so basically a person can (and is likely) to choose the type of Christianity that most fits in with their own attitudes and opinions as well as biases and prejudice.

    So to try and use Christian belief to uphold and defend bigotry toward homosexuality does not work because not all Christians are bigoted toward those in the LBQT community.

    But without the smokescreen of Christianity someone like srg would have to admit their bigotry toward LGBT people has nothing to do with Christian beliefs and is all about personal and irrational prejudice.
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